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  1. There's a basic flaw in your reasoning. Just because one player who shone in the French league is good enough doesn't mean that everyone who shines there is likely to make it in the PL. In fact, all evidence points to a very low probability that a star in the French league will make it in the other top leagues. Just like the Dutch league. Very few Dennis Bergkamps and van Nistelrooys and several Mateja Kezmans and Jaansens (or whoever that Spurs striker is). Given that we know he completely flopped here already, it wouldn't be reasonable to expect him to come back here and do well (ACL or no ACL).
  2. Suarez is the best by a distance for me. I wouldn't have Lukaku anywhere near the top of such a list though. Just doesn't seem to be a team player.
  3. Nice! Good chance to see what else he can do aside from scoring goals.
  4. Exactly, it becomes a matter of subjective personal choice as to how an individual defines the best league.
  5. WHY does any league have to be the "best league"? I really struggle to understand the motivation behind this argument. What makes a league the best?
  6. I agree that Sydney Chelsea wasn't very polite about what he wanted to communicate and Xenophobia may sound like a big generalization and over reaction but he does make some points. Using words like 'Chink' with derision when referring to the Chinese league is Xenophobic and bordering on racist. Unfortunately only one poster said that this was wrong, and in the most polite way possible. We really shouldn't condone such posts (by DrogbaIsKing I think). Perhaps many of you did not read this post. I also agree that clubs in every rich league have been conceptually doing this for a long time now. When good players from the other European leagues join the likes of West Ham, Swansea or Stoke City, is it ambition that drives them? How else do you attract players to a team that is never really going to win anything. I see nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with what China is doing. I really don't understand the need to label EPL as the best league in Europe or the world. Why not just enjoy the league and not try to make undoubtedly subjective judgement calls? We (I) enjoy watching it more than others but that's it.
  7. Ronaldo has earned the right (in some sense) to get away with such behaviour without being ridiculed. Pogba really has a long way to go.
  8. He struck it so sweetly
  9. Agree but you must understand that the context is now different. Zouma has great potential but people have their doubts now (as they had then) about his passing ability which (as the popular perception goes) is integral to our play now. Our defenders have to be composed on the ball under pressure and need to be able to pass out of the back. Let's see how he is integrated into the team. Maybe the optimal solution does include Zouma.
  10. Of course nothing like Southampton winning it!
  11. I would actually prefer a Liverpool win to United. It is really something that doesn't mean much but it might give Jose the momentum to really do something in the league by the end of the season. We don't want that.
  12. This game felt like the first match they played in Shaolin Soccer the movie if you know what I mean (the one against the team with wrenches and spanners).
  13. He was just so likeable, hope he lights up the Chinese league. I just wish we had a chance to say our goodbyes to him on the pitch... Legend.
  14. Well, that was a good run. We were due a bad game, disappointing that it was against Tottenham. Every single player had an off day. Kudos to every player and the manager for the run. We need to pick ourselves up now!