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  1. I'm sure he got a stern warning and surely will be banned if repeated.
  2. Thanks Coco. Everyone here is extremely appreciative of what he did for us and has each clarified this several times during the thread. Here's a summary otherwise. The question was whether we get any insights into his personality from his behaviour. And whether his current statements and actions towards us (which haven't been very flattering to say the least) deserve any critisism. And if we don't know him personally, was it alright to appreciate the version we had but dislike the Manc version. And if we do know him personally (to a small degree), do his actions over the past 2 years reflect badly on him? Some people think that these are valid questions, some others feel the questions shouldn't be asked (Kim Jong style) and some others believe they already know the answers.
  3. We JUST spoke about it. You coudn't have forgotten the conclusion so soon!
  4. So I came to understand :) If there cannot be any poor or distasteful gestures, then I am sorry but there cannot be any nice gestures. It is all contrived, isn't it? Everyone agreed on that!
  5. Even the final. Everytime I watch highlights, I feel it doesn't make sense. Such a low probability comeback.
  6. Hahaha I like that. Such irony. I don't think you have ever attempted to read a post completely and comprehend its content before posting. You haven't replied to a single point Konakai blue has made. Do read his posts again and also try and comprehend the inconsistencies across all of your posts.
  7. Ernie some words of advice... You want to downplay stats but you make no attempt to understand it. If you want to be taken seriously here, I suggest you try to understand how the stats websites work. You want to support Jose but you do not make any attempt to be up to date with what he says. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, I again suggest that you arm yourself with facts. Arm waving with no rationale or justification whatsoever is what brought on the Trump analogy. Nobody was moaning about him but using his example. If you refuse to even see why Trump was referenced there, I dont have much hope that you will do any research before forming an opinion even in the future.
  8. Does only Jose act or does every manager and player? We fans don't know anyone personally. We don't know Stan Collymore, John Aldridge, Joey Barton, Rafa Benitez among several others but we love to trash them on this forum. Yet we have our opinions of them and I don't see anyone raising this argument here. Before anyone jumps in to say that these people cannot be compared with Jose, I just used the analogy to show that you don't need to know someone personally to form an opinion about their personality.
  9. I'm sorry but I don't buy that. I'm not sure you do either. He may be a master psychologist and manipulator but not everything he does is an act. Are all his moments of frustration acts? His skirmishes with Vilanova and Guardiola? His calling out the Chelsea doctor? His chest thumping and finger on the mouth gestures? His words after the Inter Barca games? Or some of the Liverpool Chelsea games in the past? Is his entire angry demeanor an act? Did he act his way out of the club knowing what he was doing all along? I guess you mean to say that he masterfully intends to be sent into the stands and miss matches by criticizing FA officials and referees (they deserve it no doubt). You need a productive reason to pull an act in any case. So many of the things he does are counterproductive, especially recently. I agree that many things he says are for the cameras but even the greatest psychologists will reveal something about their personality if they continuously appear in the public eye under stress. If you do want to read about psychological manipulation, a random opinion piece like the one you shared is no place to gain any insight. It is very poorly written with no analysis at all. I'm sure he is a lovely person outside football but that really is irrelevant. If our entire relationship with Jose was devoid of anything personal, why do people have a problem if the 'object' is criticized? There's a clear contradiction here.
  10. One of these subliminal words inserted just for fun?
  11. Fair enough but you still haven't responded to my specific points. See the last sentence of my post. What is your definition of world class? What are your anwers to my points 1 and 2 in the previous post?
  12. But that is no excuse for Hazard no? Neymar well he's doing bad because the team is doing bad but Hazard he's doing bad is independent of the team's fortunes. Doesn't make any sense, does it?
  13. So do Griezmann and Neymar. Why do people even bother to talk about the likes of Dybala when they talk about consistency? Honestly, how often have any of you watched him, or many of the other names bandied about, play?