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  1. Love the line up, whatever the motivation. Hope the players are up for this!
  2. Sigh. Do you mean to say that he has done that with every club against a former club? If not then it is not the same thing at all... What he did there was typically classless.
  3. Worrying... Alonso is so vital at the moment. Just hope our defence stays fit for the rest of the season. All others have good replacements at the moment.
  4. I have a major dilemma here... I can't stand the football team but really like Catalunya and Catalans!
  5. Wow that team looks so poor compared to our present one! We will not have got the likes of Pogba though...
  6. So does your mother deserve to die? (sorry for the morbidity but this is a morbid subject and you did say that someone else deserved to die which was a ridiculously ignorant statement)
  7. Because of drunk driving, or having an accident? Or is the combination worse than just drunk driving without an accident? Or should every person who has ever driven being even marginally over the limit be banned from driving? Just trying to understand your thought process here.
  8. I insist that the person next to me wears a seatbelt if I am driving (when I remember) but of course, the driver often has other things to think about and can easily forget. The responsibility for their own lives really lies with each person and I do not agree that the driver is in the least culpable if any passenger does not find the need to be safe. Modern cars have simplified this with the incessant beeping...
  9. I know this is serious but is very different from a premeditated offence. Everyone deserves a second chance. Judgement post judgement like the comments below yours make a mockery of the concept of justice.
  10. I gave him motm.
  11. What a clean strike that was by Alonso.
  12. Absolutely not. Costa has fight. Lukaku has none. Can you give me one occasion where Lukaku has shown real spirit? Suarez has fight and is a genius. No other striker even comes close to him in my opinion. Barca's front line is some distance ahead of every other.
  13. The basic difference is those were one to one match ups. Here our paths are independent and one cannot directly change the fortunes of the other.
  14. Sure, maybe they were poor decisions. That wasn't what we were talking about. The commentators questioned the TACTICAL correctness of the move and I don't see any thing wrong tactically with the middle of the three having the responsibility to come forward.