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  1. So bored of "Championes, Championes, Ole! Ole! Ole!". It doesn't even have a nice tune. Why is it even so popular in England?
  2. I personally thought the send off was superb, and something this elaborate can only be carried off for a "greatest ever" player. It also felt so much less orchestrated than Zabaleta's send off. I quite liked the 26 minute touch as well, this is something that the no 7s, 8s, 10s and 11s can never do I still haven't bothered to read what opposition fans have to say about the matter. JT was happy at the end of it, the rest of the team were happy and the fans are happy! That's the point of a send off.
  3. Scorching 27c I wish it was 27 everytime I played!
  4. He really is the unsung hero of that triumph. Cech's evolution from a world class keeper who could never save a penalty to the penalty saving colossus in 2012 is remarkable!
  5. I keep wondering how Schweinsteiger's penalty didn't hit Cech on its way out. It's a bit like rewatching a great movie, isn't it. You know the result, and the story, but it still takes you on an emotional ride.
  6. Very interesting. From the Jose thread I understood that you can tell others who they should and shouldn't be critisizing. In any case, no more from me in this thread (which is an odd thread to say the least). Only positivity and celebrations ahead!
  7. You really believe this? I wouldn't take this statement seriously except you have said this twice.
  8. While I don't agree with Konakai Blue's assumption, these are the statements that drive him to making such assumptions. "Worm his way into the club"? This doesn't make you racist or xenophobic but simply ignorant/irrational/unreasonable. What do you know about his path into the club?
  9. Well, true. It makes sense but the timing makes this another excuse rather than the noble pursuit of righting a wrong. One problem with this reasoning however is that we should also be questioning the CL entry for the winner (which he is banking on of course). If the winner cannot compete with the poor CL teams, they have no right to play in the next CL.
  10. Nice. Had voted for Eden vs. West Ham anyway as I love a good team goal and that finish was special.
  11. Indian channels have amazing coverage of most matches in every big league...
  12. I knew Sam Hutchinson was still playing somewhere but didn't know he played for SW. It's quite amazing that he has come back from almost giving up the game to playing 120 minutes at this level and becoming a mainstay at the top of the championship. Real credit to him. He missed his penalty though.
  13. The quality of his low crosses is top class.
  14. Thought the same. It all felt quite contrived...
  15. Hahaha Henry - "this is when a team should take selfies in the dressing room"