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  1. Haha that's a new one! Spring came early this year, immediately after the 1st leg result.
  2. But I must say that Wenger's behaviour is really arrogant. Can't he do their fans the courtesy of an explanation or an apology or something about future directions? Just like a politician.
  3. I actually feel bad for the Arsenal fans. Snatched out of the jaws of victory
  5. I don't think any team other than possibly Real have had as many big game goal scoring defenders as we have in the last decade or two. I don't know how they always save their goals for the big/difficult occasion.
  6. To be fair, that shouldn't have been a penalty and he almost never makes such mistakes in the box. I have been quite a critic of his in the past, mostly because of his composure on the ball and passing ability, but he has done superbly this season. His passing is still a bit limited and somewhat wayward but this 3 man central defence suits him perfectly. He's the real old school defender we have to complement the ball players. Looks good for him in this system but someone like Christenson will hopefully gradually move into his position with greater effect eventually!
  7. Reads quite similar to Pogba's stats :) except for clean sheets!
  8. Haha another ridiculous miss.
  9. Yes because Costa has already been scoring big goals in tight games. How many points has he won for Everton, that is the question. How many winners? I don't know the answer and I may be wrong, but my feeling is that he will not have scored many. He did get a great assist and credit for that but there were several situations yesterday when he went for goal instead of finding a teammate in the better position. At 1-0. There are lots of flat track bullies around. Lukaku, De Bruyne, Ozil, to name a few. Harry Kane is miles ahead of Lukaku in terms of overall contribution to their teams.
  10. Just to add a little more information. He scored both his goals after Everton were 2-0 up in stoppage time when the game was won.
  11. Also I felt Alonso was amazing today. Excellent performance. Very important player for us.
  12. Hammering them. Great watch!
  13. However bad the ref has been, Costa's behaviour is so counterproductive