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  1. basically we need 2 in mid and 3 up front for most games!!
  2. 0-0 or a narrow 1-0 win for us..
  3. Peter Crouch

    the board seems to enjoy annoying conte by these links...
  4. Alexis Sanchez

    You need to look at the sample size difference - 129 matches v 21 matches.. So he has only missed 21 matches out of 150... Some of those maybe due to the transfer situation unsettling him.. But with the figures reported in media I can understand why we are not going in for him and can see Utd are desperate..
  5. glad its all over and we are through... will morata and pedro be suspended for 1 match only as it was not a straight red? i hope soo!!
  6. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Chelsea have approached West Ham about signing 29-year-old striker Andy Carroll on a permanent deal. (Telegraph) The Hammers are willing to listen to offers of £20m for Carroll. (Sky Sports)
  7. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    lets get him ..better than getting this carrol guy..
  8. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    has didier retired?
  9. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    ha ha true...lets call it gunner syndrome...
  10. oh dear...wud have been the perfect competition for him to get used to us..
  11. i think i wud play morata in this one... he need some goals to get his confidence back..
  12. is barkley fit for this?
  13. Alexis Sanchez

    true...alexis is the answer!!
  14. Alexis Sanchez

    luiz wud be a good swap for both parties!! conte has fallen out and arsenal need someone like him..