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  1. Munkworth

    Anybody caught your eye at the World Cup?

    Saw a classy Nigerian midfielder today, Mikel Jon Obi?
  2. Munkworth

    Next Chelsea Manager

  3. Munkworth

    WC 2018

    Brana has lost his bollocks, when he was with us he’d have blocked that shot with his face and then got up and murder a few kittens. He’s gone soft.
  4. Munkworth

    Random Rumours

    This is my sort of joke. Thank you.
  5. Munkworth

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Did you not hear? The announcement is coming tomorrow...
  6. Munkworth

    WC 2018

    They look like they’ve got a lot of fight and passion. Maybe we should get a few Croatians in our dressing room?
  7. Munkworth

    WC 2018

    Great goal. Croatia deserve to win here.
  8. Munkworth

    WC 2018

    Willy just being Willy.
  9. Munkworth

    Alvaro Morata

    He’s going to be a father so his dad-bod is coming in.
  10. Munkworth

    Next Chelsea Manager

    We’re just going to roll in to the next season with the same management team, same players and same problems. You lot need to bring your expectations down to a realistic level.
  11. Munkworth

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Championship fixtures are out today so the club won’t want to play second fiddle in the news. Tomorrow I reckon...
  12. I proper love a yellow away shirt!
  13. Munkworth


    Shed upper is the only stand I’ve never been in...
  14. Munkworth


    Upper? Is that so you can look down your nose at the riff-raff down in the lower, your majesty?