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  1. Take a bow Eden. A joy to watch him play.
  2. Needs to spend more time practicing his crossing and less time on his celebration. Well in though, lets keep this clean sheet!
  3. Now I wouldn't be playing hazard in the role he was in tonight but.. if morata had missed some of the chances he did tonight he'd be put to the stake. We looked so poor going forward, seems only kante or hazard are able to take a man on. With so much possession we created very little. I think 3-0 was flattering but the nil under our name looked about right.
  4. Random Rumours

    When will it end, oh please just let this window end. I don't even think Giroud is a bad player I just can't stand waking up each morning to hear about our 'next target'. Never known of such a headless pursuit or 'depicted' headless pursuit. Who knows what's going on..
  5. Yeah let's be honest the winner of this game won the grand prize of being embarrassed at Wembley.
  6. Man, how much I'd give to see the camera pan past Diego warming up on the sideline right now.
  7. Stand out performance so far for me, just didn't want to say it and jinx him :x
  8. Felt like our goal killed our momentum. Not sure why that happens to us.
  9. f**k me did baka just play that pass??
  10. Bright start, hope we don't just dig out trenches now.
  11. Makelele, leboeuf & desailly. Remember the first match I went to was rained off but I got to see Zola come out to applaud the crowd, was worth the 2 hour each way trip just for that. Was too in awe of Gianfranco to ever try and emulate him on the pitch, plus I was never much good going forward anyway!
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Ha, I was discussing this exact point today actually regarding the Willian pen shout. The opposing argument was that he was going down before the contact was made, however, whether he had gone down or stayed upright he was always being fouled so was always going to be a penalty. Wonder if you could give a penalty whilst booking the player for diving? Probably not.
  13. Alvaro Morata

    I think the time out might do him some good, he was clearly frustrated last night and now he's vented it maybe he can focus on his own performance rather than why every tackle isn't a foul. He's a good player, makes the chances but you could see last night the finishes were met with a lack of conviction. All players have slumps and unfortunately his has also been met with the team as a whole going off the boil, hope he shows some character and comes back with some fight and a clear head.