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  1. Enjoyed Drinkwater's performance today, felt much more comfortable with him in the middle. Looked a very similar game to when I saw Newcastle play Man U, they scored probably too early and sat back allowing us to play, they couldn't live with our attacking options. Nice comfortable game, on to madrid! COYB!!!
  2. Damn you city, not a great performance but three points. Can only keep winning our games and hope city drop points...somewhere...somehow...please....
  3. Take that all things considered. Mane looked pissed at the end haha
  4. f**k, alonso should do better there
  5. This, always seems off balance and uncomfortable in his movement
  6. Poor performance again from baka. One too many for me, needs to sit out.
  7. looking at that Liverpool team I feel we should be taking all three here. COYB!
  8. I'll be watching from a rammed pub in Manchester, so please boys, silence the place! Strangely have a good feeling about this one, what better way to bounce back and make a statement!
  9. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Must admit Bakayoko was the player i was most looking forward to seeing play and had great hope for. Not saying there isn't hope but man have I been dissapointed in his performances so far. Poor distribution, elementary passing seems to be a big ask. Heavy first touch, he's usually in our half of the pitch which puts us under immediate pressure. Constant silly fouls, maybe needs to get used to the league and reffing but you'd think he would be told. Defensive and offensive play just seem to be lacking in general and I'm not sure exactly what he's providing most games. I get he has to settle and didn't have pre-season but some of this stuff is basic and is killing us in the middle of the park. I really hope he grows and becomes the player I thought he was going to be. Was sold to me as a more mobile younger Matic which is a lot to live up to.
  10. Can't believe i'm going to watch bake off right now. genuinely a better option.
  11. We make Roma look world class
  12. On a side point.. did anyone else notice how many times the commentators got our players names mixed up today?
  13. What a strange game. I'm emotionally shagged now, it's too much to start a weekend like this. Feel like I've just done another week in work. Gotta be happy with that in the end!!