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  1. Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    Surprised no one has mentioned Eden Hazard so far. I feel its the first time he's going in to a game of this calibre as our leading light and world super star- (Im aware he was an important part of the team that got to the semis a few years back) but he's at the peak of his powers now and properly world elite. Barcelona train with the only guy in the world better than him at dribbling but hopefully he's got the marbles to really turn it on Tuesday. Can't wait!
  2. Eden Hazard

    Can't stand him in the false 9. He's way too good on the ball to be the final link in the chain. Put him absolutely anywhere else so he can see a lot of the ball and the ball will get up to a proper 9 much quicker and more often.
  3. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Terrible yesterday, terrible since we bought him except for maybe two massive performances (home to united sticks out) but the fans having a go at him isnt going to help.
  4. Luis Enrique and Belletti(DOF)?

  5. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    From ornstein
  6. Dzeko the Gecko

    Really wanted him when he left city. Quality player and scored a blinder against us this city. Im just slightly worried about his age.
  7. Everyone confident Dave will start? Played 120 mins mid week. Never misses a game but I need to know for Fpl purposes.
  8. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Whose his agent? Could be a 'if you take x now I'll make sure you get y in the summer'
  9. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    I can't recall a signing met with such hostility and confusion. It's not like it's even the right type of player whose being bought in to strengthen depth but isn't good enough to lead line (demba ba) It's the wrong profile of player who is not very good at a bad price and is always injured.
  10. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    I've always rated him from afar. He's a good option and a real handful for defenders when fit. But I can't think of a more terrible fit for us. I just wonder if someone at Chelsea is trying to think this (and Barkley) is necessary because they think post Brexit English players will be the way forward? Probably not, but just throwing it out there
  11. Alexis Sanchez

    Oh I hate when we are linked to a player I really want. Is lizzie cundy related to Jason?
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Had a reputation in Italy and Spain for missing glorious chances and missing easy ones but I'm not complaining if he keeps this strike rate up. I think he's one of those strikers who needs less time to think and better on instinct. Really like his link up play. I consider him an upgrade to Costa in all departments except he's not as 'in your face', tenacious even, which was Costa's best quality.
  13. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Bit of a stretch as it requires the plaintiff to prove intolerable work conditions. Not sure how that is possible from that text. Either way, his behaviour is disgusting. I would presume he would argue the mutual implied obligation in a contract of respect was breached. If my boss text me on a Friday saying 'thanks for your work, you're not in my plans from Monday' I'd say thats a pretty good reason for me not to come in. It's a good argument both way.
  14. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    He's already breached by not turning up this year. He will argue Conte's text forced his constructive dismissal