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  1. anything similar to tonights performance then we are awaiting a hammering
  2. embarassing smal club mentality playing tonight what have we become. roman needs to spend big just to stay with the others
  3. joey69

    Race for Top 4

    we are a joke and falling behind our rivals 300m needed just to get close to city not to mention liverpool utd pulling clear too
  4. Fancy Christensen to get off the mark in a comfortable victory , 4-0
  5. joey69

    Alvaro Morata

    Money well spent but the salah deal stills irks me given we sold him last season. If we had both we would be ahead of City
  6. lets catch utd first before we get ahead of ourselves, they are on another planet at the moment and will continue spending obscene amounts to reach their goal.
  7. wish liverpool hadnt capitulated in mid-week as theyd be on their toes now ready for us, Willan must start especially if Morono starts
  8. joey69

    Eden Hazard

    150m upfront. Might aid the new stadium build as its clear Roman isnt bank-rolling us further. Talk of stadium prices reaching 1B now.
  9. joey69

    Eden Hazard

    He might fancy a change at this stage of his career moreso than a powershift having anythting to do it.
  10. joey69

    Our New Stadium

    Arsenal already upgrading the corporate at the emerites now with spurs state of the art corporate features taking it to another level. Liverpool close to pushing ahead with further epansion beyond 60k. We are fallin g behind off the pitch as the bridge looks small-time compaired to our rivals. Thing is will Roman bankroll us futher ?
  11. must win match. Set piece could decide this
  12. joey69

    Most hated opposition

    i fear we might take a pasting if were not on our Agame at anfield
  13. wud happily take a draw here. With mane and coutinho back they will cause all sorts of problems and we might not cope if they click.