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  1. I think its vital we play 343 with hazard as the 9 with Everton being likely to sit back like they did against Liverpool. Don't want a repeat of what happened at west ham after a midweek game.
  2. hclundgren

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Seems very odd to me the way we spend £30 million on drinkwater while we have this guy out on loan. Drinkwater has played well since arriving but it would have been interesting too see how ruben would do for us this season in danny's role
  3. hclundgren

    Qarabag on Tuesday

    Hey guys, New member on here, what are your thoughts for the game on Tuesday regarding team selection; should we go out full strength to keep the momentum rolling or should we rest some key players to let some other youngsters shine? H
  4. Ah thought that was the case, cheers