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  1. Bornnotatwatblue

    ***Unofficial Brand Survey**

    Thanks CFC Holland, much appreciated.
  2. Bornnotatwatblue

    ***Unofficial Brand Survey**

    Hello Fellow Blues, One of my friends is doing a brand survey about Chelsea for his MBA project and I am helping him to connect with Chelsea fans. He has prepared this survey to understand the preferences of Chelsea fans regarding the club in 3 main areas (brand, content and connection). I would request you all to please participate in the survey. It would take around 7-9 mins to complete the survey. If you would like the final report then please let me know and I will ask him to share the report. Your participation would really make a difference and would be appreciated. https://chelseafcsurvey.wufoo.eu/forms/zer2bk811te22s/ This survey dosen't have any ads or connection with any brands. This would not be used for commercial purposes. @Mods, I dropped a mail to check whether its okay to post this or not, so far have not received any replies. If you deem this inappropriate then please delete the thread.