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  1. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I think too, with Fabregas's passes and the physically and technical of Loftus Cheek with behind them Kante, that could be monstrous
  2. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Honestly, I found him very proper, he still kept to ball, he never misses the ball. He set up more opportunities again, he is still above technically. Class very class player. I ask me, why we loan him at Palace ? How a player like him can play with Benteke ?
  3. We have 6 Wins 1 draw and 1 defeat since we play in 5-3-2 and just because we lost yesterday you want change ?
  4. Of course the tired was a reason why we lost today, players missed lot of passes, lack of concentration, even Hazard wasn't good today. Lost this game was not important if we didn't lost against Burnley and Palace, because West ham do a great performance, already last week against Man.City, so for them it's derby, they got 1 week complete for rest, they was ready for struggle. Like a said before the game, Fabregas need to be rest in this game... But Conte keep up, with the same XI, game after game like he didn't a bench with Pedro or Willian, or Michy
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Again another game where he bring up at the top the Palace team, but when you play with Benteke it's no easy to score
  6. You can replace him for Pedro or Willian...
  7. Charly Musonda jr.

    We need to loan him ! He needs to play every week at his age, already that Willian and Pedro don't often play with this 3-5-2, so Musonda I don't imagine... we need to loan him in PL club like Watford, Swansea where he can show all his qualities
  8. I would like see Ampadu do this debut in PL, I think he has the talent, He is already international player at only 17
  9. Yes, but he plays Swansea, Newcastle and Atletico in a row, I don't know if he goes keep up like that at this level with as many game
  10. Stop compare the Crystal Palace game with this of West Ham. The situations are completely different. Against Palace with play with Fabregas and Baka in the middle at 2, and it was the worst mistake of the season. But now it's different we play with 3 middle, we are on 7 games defeatless in row, so of course we can lost a game, that happen in the football, but we are vastly favorites.
  11. I think that Fabregas need some time of rest, he plays lot of games recently
  12. I found, some between of you defeatist, in Champions League every team can beat everybody. If we fall on Barcelona and well we will go at Camp Nou for the qualification, in 2012 we hadn't a big team nonetheless we had won this CL. Because players had big balls and lot of character like our team current, and we are stronger than 2012, or 2014
  13. Ovrebo gate

    - UEFA didn't want again a same english final, Chelsea was stronger than Barcelona, If the game is in 1/4 we win the game with 2 or 3 penalty. - It was the first final between Ronaldo and Messi if Barcelona was going in final.. For UEFA it's a matter of money.. Better for them to have Ronaldo vs Messi in final