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  1. Why on earth is this a late sunday evening kick off? I hate playing last
  2. I want the whole lot of them out. That's what I want to see. Keep Kante, Azpi and Emerson. As for who's coming in, no idea. Club is a mess right now. Any transfer discussion now is hypothetical.
  3. Even thr 6th placed team goes to the Eoropa League
  4. I wont be surprised if they overtake us. They're only 5 points behind and we have Liverpool and Burnley away to play still. I see us dropping more points.
  5. I've never been a religious person but after yesterday's sh*t show I may convert to Buddhism to learn how to find inner peace in times of despair. Dele Ali the prick, hope to never see his ugly mug ever again.
  6. Morata wants to get sent off. Knocking the linesman's flag off. w**ker
  7. Courtois saves f**k all. Poor goalkeeping
  8. MORATA WITH ANOTHER YELLOW! Jeez this guy needs to be more disciplined. He's got more yellows than Costa at this stage of the season I think.
  9. How did DDG save that???? Bloody hell. DDG himself is keeping united in the top 4 spots.
  10. We can if we get our sh*t together. They lose to Liverpool and City and we will be level on points with them. May come down to goal difference. Top 4 is not out of reach. So frustrating watching us drop so many points needlessly. We should be 4th at least but we're not.
  11. Palace 2-0 up vs United. They're a terrible team and we should have won last week. Palace making short work of them. If we can win our remaining fixtures we may still have a chance of top 4. United are rubbish
  12. This is shocking. The last few seconds with Fabregas stroking his beard and staring at the ball, I have never seen any footballer in my life ever do that. Ever. He just stood there stroking his beard. Are you f**king serious? I never want to see this guy's face ever again.
  13. I am in a state of shock. I can't believe what I watched yesterday. We are abysmal. We looked like a championship side.
  14. Marcos Alonso

    I agree he contributes towards the team via free kicks and his passing is good as well but you expect a bit more from a wingback and he is limited in that aspect. Athleticism is one of the key attributes of a good wingback, running up and down the left flank isn't his forte. Part of the reason why we are so pedestrian in the final third and over rely on Hazard/Willian; not enough support from our wingbacks. But he does play so many games due to a lack of good back-up so I cant fairly judge his overall athletic and physical ability 100% and fatigue affects even the best players.
  15. Now I feel a bit more confident. Hopefully in the latter stages of the game City start to show fatigue from playing Arsenal in midweek and we can capitalise on that. Though we suck at holding the ball when they press us so I still see it being very difficult.