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  1. Had a sneaky feeling Brighton would pull it off!!! EVEN BETTER next week Spurs play Manure so one of them or both will drop point for sure haha. Good to get a head start over our rivals and build a gap.
  2. Brighton upset vs united !! lets pray, ill be watching that game. united and spurs are the teams competing for the CL spots since the other two spots are a given.
  3. 2 games in a row where we scored 3 goals. Scoring goals wont be a problem this season :) Pedro looks on fire.
  4. f**king amazing game!!!!!! Kovacic clean and tidy and dribbles exactly like Hazard, same technique, Alonso always divides opinions. So good at one end and average on the other. If he can defend he would be world class at LB
  5. PEOPLE STILL COME ON AFTER THE MATCH 'HOW CAN U CRITICISE ALONSO HE IS SO GOOD' he is terrible at defending always was. horror of a 10 minutes
  6. zes

    Our New Stadium

    Kind of jealous seeing Spurs getting a new stadium. All of our rivals have bigger capacities right now. If we do not proceed with the stadium development plan then we should at least try to improve the atmosphere inside our current ground. Crystal Palace manage to be loud as hell its always fun when we play them away. Wish we could produce that level of vibrancy.
  7. lmao this is brilliant. Hopefully it unsettles them for the start of the season allowing us a head start in points.
  8. Kepa - Azpi - Rudiger - Luiz - Emerson/Alonso - Kante - Jorginho - Kovacic - CHO - Hazard - Willian Please I need to see CHO take on and humiliate Bellerin again. Morata is invisible all game anyway rather play CHO and have fun watching Bellerin falling over.
  9. Cech almost scored an own goal lol shocking
  10. Arsenal are terrble at defending. We dominated them first half in pre-season. I am more confident in us beating them next week if we can attack them like we did in pre-season but this time with Hazard and Kante back in the team.
  11. People will get carried away again. Remember last season when united started their first 3 matches winning 4-0 or something. We managed to beat Huddersfield 3-0 with a team transitioning to a new style of play and without the likes of Hazard and Kovacic starting for us. Liverpool always get overhyped.
  12. VAR next season will stop these goals being gifted. Just one more season of Liverpool being awarded offside goals.
  13. Need to improve our pressing. Seems to be half-hearted. Sarri said we have 1 month where we only play 1 game a week so lots of time available to spend on the training pitch for learning and improving. Will be harder once we play 3 games a week.
  14. Our defenders are in lalala land. No one marking for that corner got so lucky. Alonso and Luiz have been dreadful.
  15. Dear god what is this defending