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  1. Our New Stadium

    That's great news!!!! Extra land means there is a possibility of expanding the capacity to 65k rather than 60k. 70k would be a bit too good to be true since I assume the land will be mostly used to facilitate entry and exit from the stadium.
  2. Palmieri

    f**king sign him!!!!! please he looks amazing we desperately need a quality wing back
  3. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    I am not that type of person that wishes any player injury regardless if it is our team or an opponent. But f**k me I hope Carroll fails the medical so this transfer doesn't go through.
  4. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Matt Law just tweeted again confirming Chelsea and West Ham are looking to get the deal done. A new low. There is no logical reasoning behind this signing. He is not going to solve our goal scoring problems, he is not going to make us play better football, he will add no quality to the team. What is the point of this signing? We have wasted enough money as it is on bang average players this season and now to add another one to the list. That's like what £100million wasted this season so far? If we do pay £30 for Carroll. Dear god the investment into the squad is so bad I can't even laugh.
  5. We play dead football. Cant even tuck away a reserve arsenal side.
  6. Welcome Ross Barkley

    He said in the interview that he's been training for 2 weeks recovering from injury hopefully it's not too long.
  7. Welcome Ross Barkley

    When do you guys expect his first game to be? Not today obviously. Maybe in 2 weeks time vs arsenal away (league cup). He needs to familiarise himself with Conte's tactics.
  8. This guy is not set for big matches vs big teams. He is too scared and plays defensively for a draw. HAVE YOU f**kING SEEN THE ARSENAL DEFENCE?????? Bringing in Pedro and Willian and keeping Hazard on would have caused chaos for Chambers and Mustafi. Dear god why cant Conte see how bad Arsenal are at the back. They cant handle pacey attackers. I am beyond livid. If he keeps this mentality in big games he is not going to go very far in compeitions like the UCL and beating Pep (we were lucky last season to beat them twice). The reason why we haven't beaten arsenal for the past 4 matches is due to Conte's tactics mostly, bar the Morata misses.
  9. Alvaro Morata

    Absolutely SHOCKING. We cant even beat a depleted arsenal side. What is going on with this team. Morata has been a major culprit for a few games. Atletico madrid at home, west ham, Stoke, now arsenal. Dreadful finishing and if his mentality is that weak where he loses all confidence he is not good enough. I felt like punching the f**king screen for the first time in my life.
  10. f**kING DREADFUL WHAT THE f**k EVEN IS OUR PLAYING STYLE? Like someone else said, Arsenal Liverpool etc all have an identity in their style of play. Whereas we just either whip a terrible ball into the box which can be headed away comfortably or give the ball to Hazard hoping for him to do some matrix stuff. Conte is lost this this season. We are the worst attacking/footballing side out of the top 6. I'm sick and tired of the board appointing defensive managers. I don't think I can handle another match vs Brighton where they park the bus and we play with 7 f**king defenders.
  11. The important thing here is not about battering them first half and rest players in the 2nd half. They will all be jet lagged from two long flights to and from qarabag. Rest kante/alonso/hazard/morata/azpi as they need to be fresh for saturday. Alonso's legs need to be saved for Salah vs Liverpool.
  12. Man it would make my year if both of those scummy Crystal Palace and West Ham got relegated!!! Hate both clubs as much as Spurs and Arsenal.
  13. ROTATE THE SQUAD: We need a fully rested, not a jet lagged team for Liverpool. Pedro, Willian/Bats, Luiz, Rudiger, Drinkwater ampadu are good enough to beat Qarabag. Mane and Salah scare me to be honest. Alonso will be ripped apart down on the left by Salah. If Hazard/Morata/Kante/Cesc are rested then I'm confident they will perform vs Liverpool and get a win.
  14. Our New Stadium

    I agree it needs to be a complete stadium but clearly this project cannot produce a champions league final venue type of ground. But as long as the interior of the stadium is one that drastically increases atmosphere and viewing experience, then no one will really care. HdM say this stadium will be the best in Europe in terms of match day experience, I really hope that is the case.