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  1. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    Well, gonna be strange not seeing Italy play in a world cup. Gigi buffon announced after the game that it was his final game for his country. I feel like if this was England everyone would be laughing their arses off!
  2. Most hated opposition

    Spurs. People can differ individually but as a whole it's tottenham. Liverpool are arrogant & pathetic but I'd be more pissed if spurs won the league, my god I'd probably go into hiding.
  3. Andreas Christensen

    Aparrently Danish national coach, Åge Hareide, thinks that Christensen would make a good defensive midfielder. That would at least give us more options...
  4. Our New Stadium

    So if these local residents get 3,000 seats then really the majority of the capacity increase won't be for supporters. Can't imagine then that the atmosphere will get any better in the slightest. That's about 12 - 13,000 seats that won't be going to serious supporters. Those people will be as productive to the atmosphere as empty seats so, at best, there's gonna be at 48 - 47,000 of us. It's going to be a tough 4 years wherever we go.
  5. These half and half scarves are stupid

    Correct me if I'm wrong but i'm 90% sure if you buy a bottle of water in the concourse you also get them served to you with the bottle cap taken off. I say this because, humorously, a few years ago I got to one of those pre season friendlies and payed a stupid amount for some water that I had to put under my seat to avoid spilling it every-bloody-where...
  6. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    And I think back in the 13/14 season, towards the end of November, city were actually something like 9 points behind Arsenal if I remember correctly.
  7. Shame that another international break is probably going spoil our momentum after a massive win. Imagine, as a player, buzzing after beating man u to only have to play a meaningless friendly the next week. And then by the next league game that feeling has probably numbed.
  8. These half and half scarves are stupid

    Any actual football supporter hates them with a passion. When I was there on Sunday I was surprised by the the number of tourists that were taking selfies of themselves holding up a chelsea/man u half and half scarf... I expect there to be tourists at games that don't go on points but I couldn't understand how there was so many on Sunday when you needed at least 22 pts, that's at least 5 games you would have to go to. So these people shouldn't have been able to get the bridge in the first place, I wonder how they manged it? Then again I had to sit in the West Upper (since person I went with had less points & I had to wait later than I would've done to get the seats together) so I shouldn't be surprised but I just assumed there would be more fans in the same position as me and sat there because all other stands were singles/sold out.
  9. Emanalo The Problem

    http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2017/11/chelsea-tv-exclusive--emenalo-on-standing-down.html?extcmp=SOCIA_FB_ENG "It is something I have been thinking about for quite some time now and it is something I have discussed with my family and they understand the reasons and the timing for wanting to step aside. But this is not a knee-jerk reaction or decision, it has been on my mind and it has been thoroughly discussed amongst friends and colleagues that this is what I wanted to do..." Not a sudden choice to quit then
  10. Emanalo The Problem

    Pirlo to replace Emanelo... and Emanelo to replace Slaven Bilić, obviously
  11. Emanalo The Problem

    My question is why now? We are not involved in a current transfer window, and it's been a while since August. My judgement is reserved now but it's never normally brilliant to loose anyone in the middle of a season.
  12. Emanalo The Problem

    There dies the "Emenalo secretly wants the Chelsea manager job" conspiracy theory. I have no clue how good of a thing this is. We have won 3 titles, an fa cup, league cup & CL and EL trophies with him in the role of technical director. He might have appeared slimy but you can't say the club hasn't had success.
  13. Well that prediction escalated quickly..
  14. Apparently Roma have the best defensive record in Serie A, so at their ground I wouldn't be surprised to see another draw or few goals. Feel like as we're going into the game stronger than last time a 1-0 win would be very possible... but we'll probably have to grind it out.
  15. I think we've improved judging by today's performance. Although it felt like we could've scored more I was comfortable this game that we weren't going to concede. A solid performance is what we got & really needed. Very happy. Bring on Roma now...