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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I don't like this situation at all but now feels about the right time. If the players were still giving 80-90% then perhaps another miraculous change in system could do us the world of good but sadly it looks like the players have turned there backs on another manager. I would love Conte to be given the time and maybe some backing from the board but top 4 seems so crucial for the clubs finance, Tibo and Hazard that to get a fresh face in now could get us top 4 (3rd/4th). Then in the summer a bit of an overhaul with the squad, we need some leaders back in the team that are strong mentally and feel pride wearing the shirt and don't simply see us a pay cheque.
  2. Think we have issues all over, starting with the head of the snake in Roman. How he's let Marina or whoever is in charge of transfers go about the last few windows is clearly not working. That leads onto the board themselves who continue to undermine conte's efforts, not supporting him after last season is a joke! Then there's conte himself and his stubbornnes with tactics and starting 11. Without getting to in depth I'll say one name Bakayoko!! How he starts still is beyond belief. Lastly...the players themselves need to take a long hard look in the mirror and stop spitting there dummies, not many look worthy of wearing the shirt right now. There's so much mess in the club I'm not sure where to go, I like conte but a change in manager might save top 4 but the club needs sorting from top to bottom if we're ever to defend a title and maintain our status as a top European club.
  3. I know the players are poor and don't have much of an excuse regarding their performance but is anyone else starting to worry slightly about Conte's team selection? How Cahill and Willian start I don't know. Thought he would have learnt his lesson with team selection after the Arsenal game!