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  1. West Ham away

    I know what you mean but it helps me get over it. On the back burner now so roll on tomorrow eh.
  2. West Ham away

    Well after sulking around for the rest of the day on Saturday after a sorry performance, the weekend hasn't finished to bad for us. Man sh*tty winning has kept us in a shout of finishing runners as I don't think anyone can catch sh*tty. Also the arseholes and the kloppite gobsh*tes drawing games I thought they'd win has not been to bad and softened the defeat a bit. Can't afford any more slip ups though. Roll on Tuesday. COYB's .
  3. We've got to start with the strongest team possible. We have got to win every league game now. Get a few goals then bring players off to rest. 'C O Y Bluuuuuuuuz.'
  4. A must win tonight. Thought we should have started with Hazard, get a few in the onion sack then bring him off.
  5. Klopp is one bitter & twisted red.
  6. Spot on pal. Total agreement. Fabregas is a must start in big games. The change in our forwards when he's there is unreal. They know if they make the runs Cesc will find them. We based our old successful teams on a spine of players. Cech, Terry,lampard, makalele & the Drog . There is a pattern similar to that building now if we can stay injury free who knows.
  7. Yeah,can't agree with you both more. Danny drink & kante in midfield with Fabregas. Cesc hasn't got the legs to run box to box but just needs to pull the strings as he does majesticly & let the other two do the donkey work.
  8. Loadapoo fc will be fired up for this game. They're gonna come at as 100 mph from kick off. Need kante & Baka in centre mid to weather the storm & hopefully pick em off on the break.