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  1. kitsale

    Looks too good to be true,they've tracksuits,jackets the lot.
  2. kitsale

    Anyone used this or know anything about it ? Some good deals on it,this years tops down to £16.90.
  3. Need to get a top class finisher in,we're dropping too many points through missed chances.
  4. Yeeessss,go on Chelsea,
  5. Bakayoko worse than a man short, he's been awful.
  6. Get in, come on Chelsea let's win this.
  7. Need the win as draws are no use if we are to get top,going for a Chelsea win by the odd goal.
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I had one of them back in the day.
  9. Rangers Match Thread 2017/18

    Tavernier easily man of the match ,consistency letting us down,play ok against so called bigger teams and struggle against the ones at bottom of the league.
  10. Rangers Match Thread 2017/18

    The Bleachfield is doing well,next to Curlys as well,we'll have a pint or two when you come up.
  11. Rangers Match Thread 2017/18

    Full Sash bash mate,we always get a dj in for these games pub was jumping and packed out.Second half performance was great and I think we could have sneaked it.Just wish we could play like that against the so called smaller teams that we've dropped points to all season.My big mate Smiggy reckons he knows you,went to a Scotland v England game years ago with your uncle's.
  12. Rangers Match Thread 2017/18

    Just heading up to Curlys to watch game,wouldn't pay £49 to sit in that sh*thole,as carrickblue said ,will be a tough watch and best we can hope for is a draw,all the same as the saying goes It's A Funny Old Game.
  13. I'm watching on a site called he'sgoal.com excellent stream