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  1. Random Rumours

    Cresswell looked to be the English leftback of the future a couple seasons ago, but now his form has dropped off considerably in the past two seasons.
  2. January Window 17/18

    Any truth in the Zaha rumour? I think he would be an excellent addition to the squad.
  3. Gritty win. They won’t all be a work of art, but we got the job done and were the better team all game.
  4. I’m predicting another comfortable 3-1 win.
  5. They are battered both physically and mentally, but will be up for this. If we score early, the London Stadium will continue to be the tomb that it is, get off on the front foot and this will never be close.
  6. Greetings!

    I’m new to the Shed End and just wanted to say hello.