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  1. I swear, Chelsea fans baby Morata so much. The team has to basically force-feed him goals.
  2. Super Liquid

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    Hazard and Kovacic are really good at keeping the ball. I'll be really disappointed if both of them just up and left for Madrid next season.
  3. It wasn't a criticism on Alonso. (I suppose I used the word "conceded" incorrectly. What I meant was he won the penalty.) Im saying our goal scoring opportunities are coming from very unlikely sources and our attacking players seem rather ineffective.
  4. Unpopular opinion: Fabregas is essential to making Sarri-ball work. The fluid quick short passing that we saw in the pre-season (in particular the first halves of the Inter and Arsenal matches where we dominated) was created through Fabregas and Jorginho being on the same wavelength, (Plus Hudson-Odoi providing an attacking outlet for us.) These are the ingredients to the secret formula guys.
  5. Goal scored by our D-Mid. Penalty conceded by our left back. Our attack needs some tweaking.
  6. I'm grateful for the goal but you know it's bad when we have to be relying on our D-Mid to give us goals.
  7. http://neolive.info/7282-huddersfield-town-chelsea-streaming-live-2018.html
  8. Call Fabregas slow all you want, but whenever he's playing, the passing is a lot more fluid and purposeful. When it came to passing, he complemented Jorginho better than any other player we've seen so far. We saw evidence of this in the first half of the Inter and Arsenal matches.
  9. Super Liquid


    The substitutions disrupted Chelsea's rhythm. Drinkwater replaced Fabregas last game and the same thing happened.
  10. Super Liquid


    I just realized Chelsea has 3 third choice goalkeepers....
  11. We won, but fvcking hell... please dont make this be reason enough to make Conte remain as manager for the next season.
  12. It's sad watching Hazard trying singlehandedly to do the work of the midfield and the attack... We'll be really lucky if he stays. I can imagine how frustrating it would as an attacking player playing this kind of football.
  13. Cesc plays well when he actually has attacking options to pass to. Right now Chelsea's tactics is basically playing everybody deep behind the ball and hoping for Hazard to perform some magic. Even though we're leading, we're playing really poorly (story of the season).
  14. I wanna defend AVB by saying he inherited Mourinho's team which was a pretty defensive unit which weren't really suited to his style of play.