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  1. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    The team still looks unorganized on the pitch our midfield often looks empty. But hey, we have Hazard to bail us out when our tactics are crap... seriously, without him our team is ridiculously average. If West Brom was a team that pressed us on the ball, we would've had a lot tougher game.
  2. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    The 3-4-3 formation hurts my soul because the midfield will always lack something because Conte opts for a midfield 2. 1) Either it's Kante + Fabregas, where Fabregas' lack of mobility hurts us. Or.. 2) Kante + Bakayoko, where neither of them possess the creativity necessary to help the team connect the ball from defense to the attack. Taking out one of our 5 f*cking defenders and going for a 4-3-3 so that we could have a balanced midfield would be ideal, but obviously Conte won't ever do that.
  3. Chelsea's system is basically, having the 3 center backs pass it among themselves because there isn't really an option to play it through the midfield since our midfield is pretty empty with 2 players who can't move the ball from defense to attack. Then eventually either they play it to the wing or they just make a speculative long ball and hope that it finds someone. This makes me mad because I know Hazard is on the field thinking, this isn't the type of football he wants to play.
  4. I've been saying it so long how our 3 at the back doesn't work. Conte's system is set up so that it's the wingbacks that have the most freedom out of every other player on the pitch, and that strategy is really ineffective especially when we have no real target man on the field.
  5. When I see the defensive tactics that Conte uses every week, I can see that Hazard definitely isn't happy playing this type of football. I completely understand if he wants to leave.
  6. Pedro has been making runs, but there isnt any inventive passing to attempt to find him. Our midfield is made up of 2 defensive players. So it's not really his fault that we lack creativity. Blame Conte.
  7. Conte's formation makes it so that we have 5 defenders on the field just sitting back and waiting for attacks to come at them. No real bodies or pressing in the midfield... smh
  8. Moses has no end product and it looks like Iwobi has his ticket.
  9. Why do people like seeing us line up in a 3-4-3 formation? The formation gets exposed so hard when teams press us because we dont have any bodies in the middle and worse since we don't have any good passers in the middle now that Fabregas is out. Goddamn I f*cking hate Conte's 3 man backline so fvcking much. It's such a waste of a man! A man that could be added to the midfield to keep us from getting pushed back so much.
  10. We barely had any attackers on the field in the first place... but, Hazard off for Bakayoko? Really!?
  11. Every match Conte plays 5 defenders even though it's not necessary, and opts for wing play even though we have like only 2 attackers on the field, one of which is Hazard who is only 5'7". I'll be so happy when either Conte takes off one of his 3 centre backs in favour of an attacking option.... or he leaves the club.
  12. Exactly. We're playing a false 9 too, so I really dont see why Conte is going for wing play over playing Fabregas who would be better suited to making through passes through the middle that our attackers can run at.
  13. I pray the day will come when Conte stops using 5 defenders every match... Seriously, take off a centre back and put someone in the middle who can actually pass and connect the ball from defence to attack so that Hazard and the other attackers wont have to drop so deep to try to win the ball.
  14. Well we won, but objectively we played poorly.