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  1. We won, but fvcking hell... please dont make this be reason enough to make Conte remain as manager for the next season.
  2. It's sad watching Hazard trying singlehandedly to do the work of the midfield and the attack... We'll be really lucky if he stays. I can imagine how frustrating it would as an attacking player playing this kind of football.
  3. Cesc plays well when he actually has attacking options to pass to. Right now Chelsea's tactics is basically playing everybody deep behind the ball and hoping for Hazard to perform some magic. Even though we're leading, we're playing really poorly (story of the season).
  4. I wanna defend AVB by saying he inherited Mourinho's team which was a pretty defensive unit which weren't really suited to his style of play.
  5. The formation has always been the problem. 3-4-3 makes us vulnerable in midfield because the 2-man pivot is expected to take on too much responsibility of both defending and connecting the ball from defense to attack. Conte always plays 5 defenders every game regardless of the opponent and always opts for wingplay while our midfield suffers.
  6. We could be some much more potent if Conte would just take out one of our 3 CBs in favour of an extra CM in midfield so that Fabregas can play in a free role in the middle.
  7. Im just here waiting for next season for Conte to leave so we can go back to using a more optimal 4-2-3-1 formation.
  8. For the people who don't like Fabregas being in the starting 11, I just want to say that when it comes to picking key passes going forward, Fabregas actually plays his role very well. The problem is that he cannot work in a 2 man midfield which Conte insists on using. If Conte would only switch to a 4-3-3 formation taking out one of the 5 defenders and putting an extra man in the midfield to cover the defensive duties that would allow Fabregas to have the creative freedom to do what he does best, we would see a way better Chelsea. "Don't judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, that's not what they were made to do."
  9. Super Liquid

    Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    I feel like Zappacosta would offer much more of an attacking AND defensive presence than Moses. All our attacks basically coming down Alonso's side.
  10. Super Liquid

    Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    Caballero is a pretty decent Keeper, but he can't hold on to a ball to save his life...
  11. It's been a while since i've enjoyed Chelsea's playing... such a shame that Conte is gonna lock away this attacking Chelsea in favour of the defensive one we had against City for the Barcelona game.
  12. Give Fabregas the props for that goal. His pass to Alonso was brilliant.
  13. We won't need to worry about top 4 if we win the Champions League guys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Put an extra body in the midfield to press!!! We dont need to have 3 centre backs waiting to get ran at!!