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  1. Most hated opposition

    I dislike Arsenal and Leeds simply because of their delusional, pathetic, embarrassing fans. I think this picture sums up Arsenal and other teams. Leeds don't count because they have no history, their fans just think they do. At Chelsea we like to live in the NOW!
  2. After Azpi scored his penalty kick, it proved that the man can do everything. The mans unreal, not only defending, leading, organising, but attacking too. All hail King Cesar. Long live the King.
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Just another day at the office for Franco. Loved the last goal from Sparky, and Ruuds smile after it went in. Best game of football Highbury had seen all season.
  4. Peter Crouch

    For a big fella he's got great feet. But at his age, those feet should be resting on the end of a sun lounger, not running out at Stamford Bridge.
  5. I stopped them like Ed Goey.(Actually, probably more like Dave Beasant.) Passed the ball like Leboeuf.(Sometimes like Andy Townsend.) Crossed the ball like Dan Petrescu, Bjorne Goldbaek and Scott Minto. Hit long shots like Robbie D.(Probably more like Eddie Newton on occasion.) Dribbled like Flo(In my head Zola always.) Tackled like Wisey. Finished like Vialli with my feet, and Sparky with my head.(We can all dream of that combo.)
  6. An early goal would be nice. In fact, a goal in general would be nice.
  7. Peter Crouch

    I think this sums up our recent transfer rumours and speculation.
  8. Dzeko the Gecko

    Dzeko reminds a little bit of Tore Andre Flo. Big fella with good feet, and of course good in the air. Just got a bit more pace than Tore.
  9. If Barkley starts he'll get Man of the match.
  10. By the time the 5:30 kickoff comes around, I'd be like..
  11. Random Rumours

    EPL champions linked with players who'd struggle to perform in the championship.
  12. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I'd keep Batshuayi over Bakayoko. But let's be honest, there both bang average at best. Batshuayi seems to have a little bit more about him than Bakayoko.
  13. Peter Crouch

    The rest of the EPL be like..
  14. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    Hell of a lot of potential. Speed, Agility, Acceleration, Ball Control and Dribbling. As long as he gets his Mentality right he'll be a good player, has those key attributes required to play the postion well.
  15. Random Rumours

    Dzeko is a good player. Certainly played well against us in the Champions League. Doesn't matter where he came from or why. If he's a baller that's all that matters. At the minute he'd be an upgrade on the sh*te with got up top.