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  1. Yes I love Chelsea, that doesn't mean I have to like below average players. It's not like they are on bad wages, these guys are paid millions and alot of them are not up to scratch.
  2. I think we in trouble anyway! Way too many average players in the team atm. A combination of missing out on good transfers, danilo, walker, Mendy, aurier etc and letting far too many of good players Go, you all know the ones I'm speaking of. This results is players like Moses playing week in week out. Dont get me wrong he has a great engine but he has awful technique, cant cross or shoot. And this is replicated across the pitch atm. Bad signs for Chelsea the transfers have to get better, and quicker. Wheres the ambition? Yes we won the league with Moses etc but thats not enough. The aim should always be assault Europe and win a few leagues. You can't do that players as sub par as Moses, bakayoko and the rest of the sh*tbags