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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    will be glad to see the back of him, but feel like Roman is gonna make him see the rest of the season out. miserable time for the club
  2. get rid of all of them
  3. Luke Shaw

    won't happen as we now have Emerson, but would be love to have him and Alonso as our wing back options. just watched the Mourinho press conference too, can't remember Jose ever being as harsh to a player before
  4. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    shouldn't start another game this season, its doing no one any favours especially himself, looks scared and incapable of doing anything positive. the amount of times he loses the ball because of a bad first touch and for lack of awareness of players around him is embarrassing to watch. thank god we have Kante
  5. moses is beyond pony, so frustrating to watch
  6. can see Morata getting a goal today and hopefully a little break has done Baka some good.. Come on Chels
  7. Thibaut Courtois

    besides Oblak, i'd love to know from the people who want him out who they'd replace him.. he's had a few stinkers this year but overall a great goalie and the best keeper in the prem behind de gea.
  8. Next Chelsea Manager

    I'd love to see Jody Morris given a chance in the next few years, with Frank and JT involved too, would bring such a buzz back to the club, something that has clearly been missing this year especially. Even if it meant a few transitional years, i'd love for them to be given the chance to change the current identity of club. Id like to think we have finally exhausted the strategy of changing managers every year, not to say it hasn't worked wonders for us, but I feel we are at a real cross roads at the moment and need a change.
  9. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    love this. how we could've done with having JT, a proper leader, around this season
  10. Tammy Abraham

    I said the same thing in another thread, but I would prefer to see us invest some time in him next season and slowly integrate him in the first team. don't think sending him down to the lower leagues again will do him any good. if Conte stays don't see why he can't spend the year moulding him into the type of player he wants instead of sending him on to another Swansea
  11. Robert Lewandowski

    don't disagree to be fair but would rather see a bit of time invested in him and him spend the year being integrated into the squad and how we play than sent to lower leagues, and to be fair to him Swansea are proper pony
  12. Thibaut Courtois

    was great before his injury a few seasons as far as I can remember, hasn't quite got back there since but we could do a lot worse in my opinion, but should definitely be Englands no1 at the world cup I reckon
  13. Robert Lewandowski

    don't think his age should put us off, he's still different class. him, Morata and Tammy as our striking options would be too good to be true. saying that we'll probably end up with Giroud, Ashley Barnes and Crouchy
  14. would like to know why on earth you'd start Bakayoko or Luiz I reckon go with the same team as Barca, only change being Giroud for Pedro for me
  15. Andreas Christensen

    mistakes are kind of expected for someone who's 21 playing there first season in the premiership, its a shame he couldn't have a season playing alongside JT and has to make do with Cahill