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  1. moi

    Zlatan on Loan

    In that case, I am sure you will enjoy this.
  2. moi

    What are you listening to?

    Ooh yes @Boyne this was the concert I was at. If you get a shot of the audience and you see a devastatingly gorgeous brunette in the middle of the front row of the balcony, that'll be moi!
  3. But I love the idea of censoring wrongly used apostrophes!! And "I would of" instead of "I would have" deserves a four hour ban!
  4. Bloody help, BQ I thought my favourite Bluebeard had returned. It has always amused me that f**k is asterisked and Bugger isn't.
  5. That's very piggist of you, Z!
  6. Bless you, @bluedave I entered this thread to say the same thing! @Mod Stark @coco Can this be removed, either by us as individuals or by you tech blokes for everyone, please.
  7. Good job Claude Makélélé doesn't play for us any more, then. He'd be in serious trouble.
  8. moi

    Jorginho is a Blue

    How delightfully refreshing to see someone confess to ignorance. You are a ShedEnders gem @Phillip!
  9. moi


    No, no, no @Valerie you've got it all wrong. It's these youngsters that should be in the madhouse. You and I will live in elegant style in the old folk's SANEhouse!
  10. moi


    You make me feel SO old....
  11. moi


    Now I am racking my brains to work out what e2a means!
  12. moi


    @coco Your grandson is very handsome! I bet he inherits that from you!! How wonderful to be able to have such personal memories on video.
  13. moi

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    It is exceedingly kind of you to include "a bit" in your observation, @Scott Harris. Sometimes less is more...
  14. moi

    Last Movie You Watched

    I wish you lived on the same continent as me!
  15. moi

    Last Movie You Watched

    Yes. And there are some realistic war scenes, but the whole premise of the story is absurdly implausible, and the fact that Crowe couldn't resist giving himself a love interest was self indulgent to the point of nausea inducing.