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  1. moi

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If @yorkleyblue says so, it must be so.
  2. Wash yer mooth oot, Jimmy, or ah'll gie ye a Geasca kiss!
  3. I do hope you are not calling Glasgow a "horrible little sh*thole" , Muckworth!
  4. moi

    Film Discussion thread

    Of course I know that, after all I know everything, don't I? But I don't understand it, which is not the same. And I don't understand how someone who has a full time job has the time to read so many books! (as well as watch footie and drink beer!) When I was a kid, I read Biggles books and Just William books! That's how ancient I am!
  5. moi

    Film Discussion thread

    You are seriously weird @bluedave! To return to the fray on kids' films or not kids' films, I am genuinely bemused by any adult who tells me he has read all the Harry Potter books and loves them. I usually answer very politely, with a phrase like "Oh, that's nice." or " Mmm, lovely!" I can't get my head round why an adult would want to do that, when there are so many brilliant books for adults around.
  6. Previous was @Boyne Yorkley interrupted while I was typing!
  7. Oh fret not, one way or another I will get there. I could get a bus, I could drive myself or I could get what is known as a "blabla car". This is a service which involves people who advertise their own car journey in order to get passengers willing to share the petrol. I hate the thought of being driven by a total stranger, so for me that is not an option. Driving myself is a viable option but incredibly expensive. My Scottish thrift and my dislike of bus journeys are currently doing battle!
  8. Touring again??? This was supposed to be her farewell tour! No matter. I am getting wildly excited about my trip to Paris to see her on June 16th, but also rather anxious because the blasted train drivers have decided to go on strike on the days I had tickets for the TGV! But it certainly sounds like the concert will be fantastic. Thanks @Boyne
  9. moi

    Will Roman be forced to sell Chelsea?

    Really, @yorkleyblue, how on earth would you know? You always whimper out your safe word so soon after I start, you never give me time to get into my stride!
  10. Given that there is no comma between "up" and "Coco", I suspect Jose is setting the Portuguese mafiosi on our beloved moderator. We need a plan of action to protect Cocolicious!
  11. moi

    New Era

    Oh, the temptation to give lesson on when to use "amount" and when to use "number"!
  12. @Slojo I think you should be flattered that he has put you in the same category as @yorkleyblue and @dkw! I would be honoured to be on the same bench as those two!
  13. You will be sitting on the naughty step if you're not careful, wee man!
  14. Bindippers...Ratmunchers - gosh, I know something you don't! Oh, just seen that someone else has explained it. There's a song about bindipping, if I can find it.
  15. moi

    I come in peace!!!

    No need for you to thank us, Tony! I thank YOU for your courage and kindness. I wish Isla all the very best.