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  1. Ah, dkw has resumed normal service! So like Jon Snow I know nothing.
  2. Space intercourse? Is this a new method of beaming up for a quickie, that even @yorkleyblue hasn't heard of yet?
  3. Or Male Menopause...
  4. Do not begrudge him his little pleasures!
  5. Beautiful. Thank you for posting this.
  6. @Beerqueen Let me know if you decide to put your husband up for adoption...
  7. Wasn't Tom Hardy in Child44? Not as sexy as Tom Hiddleston! To bring this back on topic, I used to think Jose was the ultimate in sexiness, but grumpy is a bit of a turn off. My own theory is that Jose is struggling with the male menopause.
  8. Tell me more, @ForeverCarefree!
  9. And the shaving stories!!!!
  10. Wasn't it wonderful when they had to stand staring into each other's eyes without grinning, while a variety of love songs were played. Frank just kept cracking up.
  11. No!! I shall have to prepare my most potent prick popping spell if he is oozing around.
  12. Excellent summary of the current dilemma, Ashwin! And from another pro Mikel member- that's you, me and PloKoon!
  13. Ah well, say no more!
  14. On the blue line at the top of every post there is a Report Post button - it comes just after the one that tells you when the item was posted.
  15. And did you report them?