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  1. Sexual Assult

    There is also the question of whether society has any right to go on punishing a person who has already served the sentence meted out by the court.
  2. I think this is what you meant, @yorkleyblue dearest.
  3. Gary Cahill should be dropped

    Never mind "decent" - if he were any.kind of Chelsea fan at all, he would want to give United a hiding
  4. PloKoon, I am struggling here with the intricacies of the English language, in which two words (f**k Mourinho) can either be an exhortation urging me to have carnal knowledge of the delectable Portugeezer, or a command to all to dismiss him from our thoughts. And the worst thing is that I can't actually decide which I want to do!! Oh woe is me!
  5. Well said, Val. The mods all have jobs, they don't spend all day scrutinising every post in case it is offensive. Coco sometimes spends all day racing around from one gig to the other, doing a lightning change from his policeman stripping costume to his sailor boy suit! He will do all he can to help us in here, but we have to help him too!!
  6. RIP Tom Petty

    OH! @yorkleyblue How can you not love this? Is it because you are not old and grey...YET?
  7. RIP Tom Petty

    I confess to having absolutely no idea any more what people mean when they use the word "Legend". But I do know that Tom Petty has two Ts in his surname. So @coco please could you edit the title of this thread. And I think Tom Petty is great!! Rolling another joint is a superb idea!
  8. True enough, except I'd rather do the techy stuff and let him do the housework!!
  9. I would much rather have a man who makes me laugh than a man who makes me drool! You can laugh all day - it's a bit exhausting to drool all day!
  10. Nor would a male stripper! With your striking good looks, @coco, you should consider that as a career option!
  11. Make sure you use it frequently!
  12. There should be a verb "to unction" then you could tell us how much you wished Yorkley were there to unction you!
  13. Possibly...or I might have to resort to using unctions!
  14. You have to love a man who uses the word "unctions"! And thanks, Mod, for warning us. I will have to find something else to occupy me during those hours.