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  1. moi

    New Big Willy Song

    If there were a Willy Moderator on this site, Valerie would be my first choice!
  2. moi


    I won't necessarily need that option.
  3. moi


    @coco I apologise for leaving you a blank message earlier. I was on my Kindle Fire and it suddenly ran out of steam. What I wanted to say is that the elite article knows nothing about women's sexual peak. I intend to reach mine at the age of 95!
  4. moi


  5. moi


  6. moi


    But you're only a youngster. How can your driving licence have expired years ago?
  7. moi

    Rob Green

    ' Oh @yorkleyblue, my sweet summer child, in the interests of historical accuracy, I have to confess that I stole it from Stephen Fry, who used it to describe The Da Vinci Code. This gave me immense satisfaction because I had been trying for some time to convince friends that aforementioned book was recipe written drivel. Stephen Fry put it so much more succinctly.
  8. moi

    Eden Hazard

    Excellent! That'll save me putting an evil spell on him!
  9. moi

    Eden Hazard

    @Chelsbear Who was banned? The oddjobbyman, I hope, not the eloquent drunken Jedi.
  10. moi

    Eden Hazard

    In this instance what dribbles off your pad is arse gravy.
  11. moi

    Eden Hazard

    Dickywuh is a young lad! I second that. After all age is relative! @dkw concentrate on being a young lad, and ignore the rest.
  12. It's like hearing your spouse murmur another man's name in her sleep, isn't it, @coco
  13. moi

    WC 2018

    Oh Krc - je t'aime à la folie!!
  14. moi

    What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    Like you I hate most hospital series, but I made an exception for Green Wing, which though based on a hospital was not really about that. Hilarious!
  15. moi

    WC 2018

    @Krc-fan You have the right to gloat! Make the most of it, it might not happen again for a long time! X