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  1. @coco You are so delightfully tactful!
  2. Didn't prevent Trump from being elected! Conte must go!
  3. Bloody Hell. I am not happy!
  4. Do we have a date for Season 7 yet? I spent the week from Christmas to New Year binge watching seasons 1 - 6 to remind myself of all the story lines. And here is my favourite GOT man
  5. And I got over it very quickly!! (with the help of a wee dram!) SEE - you turned me to drink!
  6. I remember being totally mortified the first time YorkleyBlue whooshed me!
  7. Chortle...that's not a nice thing to say about Bobby Tambling!
  8. Long shorts! This is what shorts should look like...
  9. It's now saying Charles Ryder is top!
  10. If the Great Reaper wants another victim for his scythe before the end of the year, there is an eminently deserving one in the Fart Meister of America.
  11. Do you normally drink IMproperly?????
  12. George Michael??? Good Lord, he was just a youngster! The sooner this year is dead and buried the better.
  13. And a Very Merry Christmas to you, coco! I hope Santa has been good to you!
  14. @Carshalton Blue (why is this not working, I wonder?) I hope you won't find this an inappropriate comment, CB, but what a handsome man your friend Wurzel was! Truly gorgeous - with a very attractive smile!! I have donated a wee bit of money for Lily. What a tragic shame that she will only ever know her Granddad in photographs.
  15. Alas, Droogba hasn't posted on here for ages. I miss him very much and worry that something may have happened to him. But I wish you a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS, Krc!