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  1. Warning

    Ungentlemanly perhaps, but probably more interesting than what he did send!!
  2. Do you know that second from the bottom on the left of your keyboard there is a key with an upwards pointing arrow that allows you to make capital letters?
  3. We seem to be getting more and more armchair critics on these threads.
  4. Warning

    I fear I will never rival your irresistible pulchritude, Zeta!
  5. Warning

    Thanks @Zola He didn't even preface his advert by telling me how gorgeous I am!!!!
  6. Last Movie You Watched

    @yorkleyblue I am glad you agree about the film. The only good Tom Cruise I have ever seen is A Few Good men, and that was because of Jack Nicholson. On your recommendation I may now read the first Jack Reacher book at some point. Maybe.....
  7. Warning

    Quite - nothing wrong with new posters, but those who join only as a way of selling to us are not desirable. (methinks)
  8. There is a new member called Wallinho who has sent me a Personal Message advertising his wares. If I have had one I am pretty sure lots of others will have had them too. This is not what the Shed End does, surely. We are not a shop!
  9. Last Movie You Watched

    Well, I had the worst experience of my life last night. I was invited round by friends to watch a DVD that they said was terrific! It in fact plunged to the nadir of crapulosity! (I know that's not a word but it should be.) It turned out to be a Jack Reacher film (can't even remember the title) directed by Tom Cruise, with Tom Cruise in the title role and complete nobodies in every other role. Clearly a vanity project. Implausible, unmitigated sh*te which would have boggled the mind of the most mind boggle resistant viewer. The female of the two offered to lend me her Jack Reacher books. I explained that I already had a huge pile of unread books by my bedside. To my credit (maybe) I must be a very accomplished liar, for they did not have a clue how ghastly I thought the film was!
  10. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    What's more, it's a MIXED metaphor!!
  11. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Do you think he even knows what "hyperbole" means?
  12. Ommm

    Good God! I fell asleep for a bit and have woken up in the past.
  13. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Maybe because so many of them seem to be whinging w**kers who think they are entitled to victory every time we play.....
  14. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    yep, me too! Though someone up above you just posted the most unpopular opinion possible i.e. "Rafa was the correct appointment blah blah blah!" Wash your mouth out, Argo!