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  1. What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    Your spellcheck has invented a Tyrone Lannister!! I am impressed!
  2. What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    I am shocked to the core. You don't like Game of Thrones or Spartacus. You, @yorkleyblue who for so many years now have headed my Shedenders to fantasize about list! And now you confess to being unmoved by the charms of Tyrion and Gannicus. Alas and alack , how are the mighty fallen. Try Vikings - Floki is a delightful character. There is a New Zealand series called Top of The Lake, which stars Elisabeth Moss ( Madmen and The Handmaid's Tale). It also has Peter Mullan in it, which is always a plus. Now I have a serious problem. Who on earth is going to take your place at the top of my list?
  3. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Repetitive joys is what @yorkleyblue calls multiple orgasms.
  4. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Absolutely Scott. I always buy a poppy, never wear it. Contribute to other charities which give you sticky backed badges to put on. Never put them on either. Don't feel the need to advertise my donations.
  5. Star is back? What does his friend predict?
  6. Cue Johnny Tillotson @Backbiter
  7. Alas, I am currently on holiday in Thailand, and can't post YouTube's from my Kindle Fire. But I shall contact someone who can. The song has been playing in my head ever since I read this thread. @yorkleyblue Can you oblige, please? P.S. Grrrrr! Why has the machine added an apostrophe to Youtubes????
  8. "Scrupulously unfair" gets my prize for the Oxymoron of the century. Lost in admiration. Thank you, Dorset!
  9. Next Chelsea owner

    I now realise I was subconsciously using tea lady as a euphemism.
  10. Next Chelsea owner

    @Valerie Fear not, I also was totally ignorant of this woman's existence. And, @just, if I have to read the Sun to find out who she is, I prefer to remain in ignorance. However... she can wear whatever she wants. Next owner of Chelsea for me could be a Triumvirate of Loz, Mod Stark and PloKoon who have unexpectedly won the lottery, broken the bank at Monte Carlo and inherited from hitherto unknown millionaire relatives. They will be called LoMoPlo. I will be their tea lady.
  11. In no particular order: There is absolutely nothing anyone including herself, could do to make Valerie look foolish. Calling the erstwhile interim manager the FSW has nothing to do with his girth, nationality or occupation. It just hints (?) "You're a twat and we don't like you." In English "offence" has a C not an S. I therefore assume you are perhaps American and don't understand the subtleties of English banter. Valerie though Dutch, does understand it and uses it to great effect.
  12. Sexual Assult

    There is also the question of whether society has any right to go on punishing a person who has already served the sentence meted out by the court.
  13. I think this is what you meant, @yorkleyblue dearest.
  14. Gary Cahill should be dropped

    Never mind "decent" - if he were any.kind of Chelsea fan at all, he would want to give United a hiding