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  1. Oh @dkw I am laughing so hard my bosoms are knocking into my chin!
  2. Wish I'd said that!
  3. 1. I am NOT a guy! 2. This thread is in the Shed End Lounge 3. The title of this thread is "Star Wars - Possible Spoilers" Could it BE any nerdier? I rest my case!!
  4. Bloody aliens, some of them!! So, @Maksimov, what's the singular of Jedi? Jedus????
  5. Spamming replies??? That is a trifle Trumpesque!
  6. Quality is what counts, dearie!
  7. OOH I didn't even know that!! I will try that straightaway!! It worked!
  8. It's good, Zola, but it's not GOT!!!
  9. I'm so glad a decent amount of money was raised for that lovely man's family.
  10. I never ever thought these words would need to be said on the Shed End. But they did, so thank you for that @Ivanov87
  11. Me too @dkw well not on the loo, but lying on my bed in the tropical heat and hence very scantily clad! I instantly pulled my shirt down in case FC's beady eyes were on me. What does following mean on this site? Do you get notifications every time I make a move?
  12. @Upsetter Thanks for posting that interesting article.
  13. Or you could wait till the children have gone to bed before watching adult stuff? I love Netflix - I saw all of Spartacus and could have easily gone right back to the beginning the minute it finished!
  14. Lurk no longer! So glad you have come out into the open! Welcome to the Shed End, microfiche!