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  1. That would have been perceptive if you'd said it yesterday!
  2. @Scott Our Extra Special One has a good ring to it!
  3. No, Spudulike was a thoroughly decent chap. I am convinced he is ill (or worse). He would never have left us without giving us an explanation.
  4. hahaha!! I have to confess that I am terrified of gambling! a couple of Euros on the lottery is my idea of gambling! But men I have known who have been heavily into gambling have told me that the real buzz doesn't come unless you are betting far more than you can afford.
  5. On the other hand, @undertow, gambling doesn't really become exciting unless you stand to lose far more than you can afford.
  6. sh*t! I have to go out now!! I will be putting out vibes for Willian to score a hat trick!
  7. I do hope you are not calling EdinburghBlue a fool!
  8. FFS!!!! The game hasn't even started yet!!!!!
  9. My life has been a wee bit hectic, sir.
  10. Thanks! That's 6:15 where I am and I have to go out at 7. Still, I'll see the first half. Saturday afternoon matches should always be at two o'clock!!
  11. Moan moan, nag nag! why is kick off time not in the title of this thread?
  12. Well, she's the most convincing transvestite I've ever had lunch with!
  13. Hello Musa Abbey. Has something happened to your post? tell us a little bit about yourself, please. How old are you? Have you been supporting Chelsea for a long time? What made you decide to support Chelsea?
  14. Ah, dkw has resumed normal service! So like Jon Snow I know nothing.