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  1. Did you mean "heroin"? Is it from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?
  2. @Boyne I totally agree with you about Children of Men. I was very disappointed in the film. I haven't read Mary Shelley's The Last Man, but will make it a priority. Have you read Percy Shelley's poem Men of England?
  3. Ha! One of my finest typos! I had a great time. I was staying with a pupil from a long time ago, who is now his country's Ambassador to Europe. He and his wife gave a party for me where they invited THREE other Ambassadors! Their thoughts on Trump are unprintable. Sorry, off-topic I know. I shall go and sin no more.
  4. Any poke from Yorkley will bring me out of hiding! Actually I've been away visiting friends in Brussels so have been busy being whined and dined.
  5. Objectionableness? If YOU need there to be such a word, then of course there is such a word. Or you could substitute c**ticity or f**kwitability?
  6. You are supposed to answer the previous question before asking one of your own, @youlots.
  7. Oh dear, I'm going to have to start giving hints. Here's another quote from the same film. "Why did you sting me, Mr Scorpion?"
  8. Excellent idea! Fight Club? If I'm wrong just ignore my question. Have you ever picked up your teeth with broken fingers?
  9. That would have been perceptive if you'd said it yesterday!
  10. @Scott Our Extra Special One has a good ring to it!
  11. No, Spudulike was a thoroughly decent chap. I am convinced he is ill (or worse). He would never have left us without giving us an explanation.
  12. hahaha!! I have to confess that I am terrified of gambling! a couple of Euros on the lottery is my idea of gambling! But men I have known who have been heavily into gambling have told me that the real buzz doesn't come unless you are betting far more than you can afford.
  13. On the other hand, @undertow, gambling doesn't really become exciting unless you stand to lose far more than you can afford.