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  1. Any game recommendation?

    played for about 2 hours, loving it so far the game is hard, combat is different but its really fun
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    our starting 11 this season is weaker than last season. we sold 2 starters who played key role in the title run and Luiz is out i think Conte was pissed how he was treated even after winning the league and they ignored everything he said, he has been moaning since pre season when started saying he just a head coach not a manager as he has no say whatsoever in anything we spent money on average players which he never wanted to do Costa fell out with Mourinho, first day of Conte he told him that he wanted to leave and then moaned again in January. and what do u think Conte would have done after all that is Conte blameless no not at all but it was coming given how bad things have to between the board and him that rather he and them sitting and sorting things out he went public to make his message clear. under Carlo we weakened the squad after winning the league same happened under Jose we didn't improve. there is a pattern here
  3. Antonio Rudiger

    does Conte usually tell other players when they are dropped, i doubt it i don't know what point u are trying to make, we can make countless theories without knowing the facts it will be more clear in the coming weeks lets be patient.
  4. Antonio Rudiger

    and we were winning games when Rudiger played what happens if he plays next game, as i said before if he is being frozen out in future games then it is something to worry about you know as much as i do regarding this, i am saying lets not jump into conclusion without knowing anything Conte stopped moaning about the board so media starts with the narrative that he's started picking fights with the players
  5. Antonio Rudiger

    but we ended up winning for a change ;) people have have problem with him not rotating players and have problems when he do rotate lets wait and watch how this plays out
  6. Antonio Rudiger

    and how can one interpret what he said a shot at Conte? what he said is right and could easily be saying about his teammates the press has a habit of making something where there is nothing lets wait a few weeks, missing one game is not a big deal imo
  7. Antonio Rudiger

    he's dropped from one game and people are making stories. he has played a lot what's wrong in resting him if he never plays again or dropped for long time then we can talk
  8. Eden Hazard

    he's been double marked at times, its the other players who failed to pose some threat
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    can we sign them on loan, given they won't last more than 1-2 seasons ;)
  10. are u serious, he has barely played this year
  11. we should have been up 3-4 but i don't know what they are doing in final third the only thing on Conte is he keeps playing Fabregas, the guy is slow and have no positional sense in defense
  12. biggest test of this team the SECOND HALF
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    he used 3-5-2 earlier this season against big teams with great effect, and i don't know what happened he just stopped using it
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    its a click bait headline did you actually read the article, he said that the club should accept that we'll playing in Europa league next season i don't know what he said is wrong