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  1. theone

    Next Chelsea Manager

  2. theone

    Any game recommendation?

    watching Death Stranding feels exactly like being a Chelsea fan. the more you try to make sense, the more confused you get
  3. theone

    Next Chelsea Manager

    and you agree with the rest of them?? it was just joking
  4. theone

    Next Chelsea Manager

    cause Conte did not play the free flowing football which Bakayoko and Drinkwater are capable of he personally made sure Moratta doesn't score any goals and didn't bring Barkley and Pedro when needed ,who can change the game in an instant
  5. theone

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    its not about cash, its buying players that actually improves the first 11 or at least challenge them
  6. theone

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    he has offer from Man U and doesn't want to be a substitute player he had about 2 good months in the whole season
  7. theone

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    may be cause we had better players last season, Fabregas is slow Baka is clueless if he has to do something with ball we did give up a lot of goals by playing 3-4-3 this season, so he did the best he could playing defensive
  8. i think its more to do with our history than anything else
  9. theone


    who does Sarri think he will be first team manager, he has to work with the players the club provides him
  10. how many chances we have missed (Arsenal, West ham and more) how many times this team had a lead which ended up in a loss or a draw what should he do Conte is not faultless (you know) but you have to look what players he could replace with when the starters underperformed when he gets fired we go to the same cycle again, maybe we win next season and then something like this occurs again, what do you do then youth comes at an expense. when the manager is facing the axe every week why would he take the risk with youth something needs fixing more than the manager imo
  11. that'll be fun to watch, championship here we come
  12. i am not arguing our results have been bad that but players have to take the blame too, some of them haven't been good enough
  13. wat do u think he was said to them that they had a change of heart suddenly today and decided to loose 3-0 after that run