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  1. Burnley V Chelsea (PL) Thurs 19th Apr 19:45 UK

    Or ability. Bad combination.
  2. Burnley V Chelsea (PL) Thurs 19th Apr 19:45 UK

    It worked!!!! They were so confused watching Bakayoko tackle a fan after his first touch went into the stands that they didn't realise the ball hit them.
  3. Burnley V Chelsea (PL) Thurs 19th Apr 19:45 UK

    Of course! "Whats Bakayoko doing in the corner flag? Wait! Where did Morata come from? Why is Pedro making run during a when we have the ball?" Death by confusion.
  4. Burnley V Chelsea (PL) Thurs 19th Apr 19:45 UK

    It wont. Bakayoko will run around aimlessly destroying any structure of a formation, Morata will disappear after whining a couple of times and Pedro will run yet not do anything because nobody is there to play him through.
  5. Sarri

    Did not realise that. Big game at the weekend then.
  6. Sarri

    Oh. I missed it entirely. My bad. Point still stands for anybody complaining about him being too idealistic to succeed and how we need to be defensive and pragmatic to win the league.
  7. Sarri

    They wont win the league now. Drew against Milan puts them 4 points behind Juventus with 5 games to play. Juventus are absolutely clinical in that league, especially this season. They have ben an absolute machine. Napoli could be ending the season with 90+ points and they still wont be close to the league title because Juve are so good this year. Not a bad thing is it? Sarri is implementing similar football (If anything his positional game is actually better then Guardiola's) with a lot less money and worse players. What he has achieved at Napoli is very impressive.
  8. Mason Mount new deal

    8 goals and 6 assists in the league now in 24 games. Vitesse best player and one of the best young players in the league. He's a class above to be honest.
  9. Sarri

    He started as an amateur team coach and slowly moved up the Italian league's. Very understated beginning compared to other coaches.
  10. Ethan Ampadu

    Who would we compare him to? I can't think of any 17 year old lower league players that have been bought by a big clubs.
  11. Ethan Ampadu

    How much would you pay for him?
  12. Mason Mount new deal

    Mason Mount is more similar to De Bruyne then he is Oscar. He is very direct and very productive and has fantastic delivery from set pieces. Oscar was just a bit sh*t as well.
  13. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    His defensive work has improved massively this season. I think if we play him on the left of a midfield three with Kante on the right and a holding player in the middle, we would have a very balanced midfield and one that looks very similar to Napoli's.
  14. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    They tend to play with a two man midfield and Loftus-Cheeks workrate is suspect. He plays out wide but is very much operating less as a winger and more a number ten. Kind of similar to Koke at Atletico where he drifts in and operates the half space a lot of the time.