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  1. Old Shaggy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I'll just put this out there for those going on about signing players that Sarri wants: “I talk with our Sporting Director once a week, but he can do whatever he wants. I’m an unusual coach, I don’t care about the transfer market”.
  2. Old Shaggy


    What is with certain fans, this obsession with player sell-on value!? We've (maybe) purchased a player to improve the squad, not for future profit! If we buy Jorginho for £65m and sell him on in 3/4 years for £5m, then so be it! It's what he does for us in between that matters ffs!
  3. Old Shaggy

    Eden Hazard

    Deary me.
  4. Old Shaggy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Now I'm really looking forward to the new season. Welcome Sarri, here's to a successful future with Chelsea!
  5. Old Shaggy


    Au contraire, I see it all the time on all of Chelsea' forums. Our fans are just as bad as every other clubs fans (maybe not Liverpool) when it comes to transfers. I've seen it for years from all fans. No club has better fans than any other!
  6. Old Shaggy

    WC 2018

    Worse result of the tournament so far. Heartbreaking for Japan!
  7. Old Shaggy

    Anybody caught your eye at the World Cup?

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMbappe. Probably the best individual performance of the tournament for me so far. And at 19!
  8. Old Shaggy

    England vs Nigeria (Friendly)

    RLC has been ok since he came on as well.
  9. Old Shaggy

    England vs Nigeria (Friendly)

    Boring boring England.
  10. No thread for this even though we're in the second half. Boring match mind. Been like watching Chelsea last season.
  11. Old Shaggy

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Wow, this thread is more RAWKish than RAWK!
  12. Old Shaggy

    Our New Stadium

    My Spidey senses are tingling now. Something isn't right at the club.
  13. Old Shaggy

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Arsenal won the FA Cup the season before, did that make them better than Spurs City and Liverpool? We all know the best teams don't necessarily win in the Cup competitions, we even won the Champions League while finishing 5th in the League! Anyway, I feel like all I've done on here today is argue 1 pointless argument after another, so I'm done today. I'll put you all in your place another time perhaps.
  14. Old Shaggy

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Well unfortunately the game of football is not played on paper. And as they were above us where it mattered, I'd say judging by this season just gone, they were better than us. So now we start again next season and we'll see who is better all over again.
  15. Old Shaggy

    Next Chelsea Manager

    We finished below them because they were better than us last season. It's as simple as that! We don't know what happened behind closed doors between Conte and The Board. And we have no idea what's happening now with regards to Conte/Sarri and The Board. P.S. Explain to me what you mean by "We are above them in almost every regard".