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  1. Luis Enrique?

    BIB: What has he won to suggest that?
  2. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    Poor lad. As the saying goes - What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. Good luck to the lad.
  3. Win the FA Cup, then blood some youths for the rest of the season. At least let's get something positive out of this awful season.
  4. Pick your 2018/19 squad

    Would mean one of Emerson or Marcos leaving. Can't see it myself.
  5. Thibaut Courtois

    Disgusting people who are fan's only when we do well I'm not a fan of Tibo, but some of the abuse he's getting on social media is disgusting. By all means be unhappy with his performance, but to go as far as some of those so called fans have is out of order.
  6. Touche. Durham is a pillock, I know. But I'm not going over old ground again, my point still stands.
  7. Eden Hazard

    Comparing him to other players in our squad isn't hard really. Nobody has really stepped up this season in regards to attacking, except maybe Willian in the second half of the season. And even then Hazards stats are not that much better than Willians! When you look at Edens 11 goals and 3 assists in 26 Premier League appearances this season and look around the League at some of the so called "lesser players" who are contributing much more, doesn't it make you wonder why he can't contribute more? If I'm going to be fair to Hazard, there are other contributing reasons that we are not getting the most out of him. I don't think the formation and tactics we currently deploy suit his style of play for starters. And I also think with a better midfield and a decent striker Hazards all round play would improve. But as it stands, if he is to be considered as our most important player, he needs to step up and prove it on the pitch.
  8. Next Chelsea Manager

    This I agree with. Get him involved with the youth, and get Jody Morris more involved in the first team squad.
  9. Next Chelsea Manager

    As a coach maybe, not quite ready for management IMO.
  10. Pick your 2018/19 squad

    Liverpool have added to their squad with some fantastic players over the past few years, even though they spent a few years out of the Champions League. Manchester United did the same. Even Arsenal got Aubameyang without the guarantee of being in the Champions League next season! So that bollocks about players not joining because of the lack of CL football is complete and utter bull. That doesn't mean that we're going to sign any of the above players. Bailey is an option, as as far as I'm aware, he favors a move to us. If we get Jokanovic in as manager, there is a chance that Sessegnon will follow him. But it's all guessing and dreaming at the moment.
  11. Eden Hazard

    This is why, even though he is obviously far more skilled than someone like Salah, Salah adds so much more than Hazard does which is why, if I had the choice, I'd swap them in a second. Only three things matter in football: Goals, Assists and Goals conceded. Hazard is suppose to contribute to the first two, which he hasn't done anywhere near enough this season. I must add a post script to this though. I do think Hazard would thrive much more in a more attacking set up than we currently play. In a team like Real, City or Pool, I believe he'd be far more consistent.
  12. Of course. We have the talent in our squad to give anyone a game, so Spuds and Pool should obviously take notice. However, I do think that part of the reason that we had more of a go at the Nou Camp is that after Barcelona scored, they fell back into a more control set-up, rather than the gung-ho set-up they usually play, knowing we'd have to come at them, leaving them more space for the counter. That's why, even though I was happy with the response we had to going 1 down, I'm not giving us all the credit.
  13. Next Chelsea Manager

    Jokanovic should be on this list. If we can get him I'd be thrilled! If not, why not give Jody Morris a chance. Nothing like having one of our own as 1st team coach. This club needs a massive change in philosophy. We can no longer out spend our rivals, so lets win it all with our youth!
  14. Marcos Alonso signs for Chelsea.

    Congrats to Alonso. Think he'd play better as a left back rather than wing back. But he's definitely earned his call up.