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  1. Mate you are a special one.
  2. Are you having a f**king laugh? Look up the word hypocrite, and then cross reference it with all your posts abusing people for having a differing opinion on Willian to yours! f**king moron of the highest order!
  3. Are you one of those supporters that only come on here to slag off players? f**king moron supporters on here sometimes!
  4. Rudiger and Barkley I'll agree with, the rest have been average.
  5. Willian has been one of the best players on the pitch, but that's not saying a huge amount tonight. And just as I'm typing this, he goes and passes the ball out of play...
  6. Come on ffs! This is frustrating.
  7. Fabregas is brushed off the ball far too easy compared to Jorginho. Although their passing range is about the same.
  8. Must admit, this is a bit boring at the moment.
  9. Old Shaggy

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    But of course they're 1 up now. f**kers!
  10. Of course we could do better. But right now, for the system that Sarri wants to play, he is the best fit out of all our CBs, despite his defensive frailties. Your original post that I quoted asked if another poster was confident with Luiz in the team with games coming thick and fast. My point is, that I far more confident with him in the team than any of our other CBs.
  11. It has been seen.... many many times.
  12. And watching Gary Cahill and Christensen try and play out from the back is the stuff of nightmares. He is the best of what we've got, for what we want him for. Replacing him would damage us more than keeping him in the team.
  13. And many Chelsea supporters see what he gives us in the way we play. Without Luiz, we lose a massive piece of the puzzle in regards to playing out from the back. No-one in our reserves can replace that, which means we would be far more susceptible to the press. A lot of what people see in Luiz seems far too one dimensional to me.