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  1. Osgoodwasgood

    Eden Hazard

    Love Hazard, but until he can show his form on big stages like tonight, he will always be in the shadow of Messi and Ronaldo. I would have put my house on him having a quiet game tonight.
  2. Osgoodwasgood

    Thibaut Courtois

    He's been awful this season, he looks like an accident waiting to happen with the ball at his feet. If Madrid or any other club want him I'd get shot in the blink of an eye. Not a patch on Cech. Sell and go for Oblak
  3. I made my first post on here after the City game a few weeks back and was heavily critical regarding our desire and attitude towards that game, going as far as to say it was the worse I had seen. Tonight was a million miles from that,i thought we played without fear and intimidation and deserved a lot more than we got. Poor goalkeeping, and a mistake cost us dearly as it did in the first leg, I thought our approach play was excellent, but as all season, we've got no striker or focal point to finish off our smart play. Hazard awol again when it really matters and the sooner we get a creative midfielder to replace Fabragas the better. Kante and Willian both outstanding. I don't like losing, but when we perform like we did tonight its a whole lot easier to swallow.
  4. Osgoodwasgood

    Alvaro Morata

    There is no escaping the fact that he has been a massive disappointment, and after an optimistic start too. It's very difficult because of our position, do we play Morata in the hope that he comes good, a goal could transform him, or do we go with Giroud. Playing Giroud ahead of him is going to do nothing for his confidence, but for the good of the team Giroud looks the more likely to produce. I desperately want him to succeed as 70m is a hell of a lot of money, as someone said previously a new manager could revitalise him but we need goals now. I think Conte should give him a start on Wednesday, he's familiar with that environment and a good performance or a goal might restore the confidence that he's been clearly lacking.
  5. Osgoodwasgood

    Leeds Away

    I think im mistaken Bluehaze, it was definitely 1-1 so must have been the promotion season, I also remember us having the whole of one side and the seats above
  6. Osgoodwasgood

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I remember going to this game, I went on a coach with the Oxford Supporters Branch, I think Speedie scored for us, we stopped off in Ripon for a few beers on the way home and on returning to the coach found that the windows had been bricked in from the back halfway down to the front. F****** freezing on the way home. Great day out though and amazing atmosphere.
  7. Osgoodwasgood

    Leeds Away

    I've been reading a few threads about our excellent away support in past years, one example of this was an amazing following at Elland Road in 1983. If I remember rightly we were mid table with little to challenge for but still turned up in vast numbers. The game finished in a 1-1 draw, but the buzz was incredible#Carefree
  8. Osgoodwasgood

    Worst in 35 years

    I believe this was the season we were in serious trouble, We played Bolton away in one of our few remaining games and won 1-0 thanks to a Clive Walker goal. I was 13 and followed the game on the radio while at my Saturday supermarket job, closest we've ever come to dropping into the third tier. I could be mistaken though
  9. Osgoodwasgood

    Worst in 35 years

    Exactly Scott, that's what I meant to get across when I initially posted "WORST IN 35 YEARS", not the misplaced passes, or poor ball retention, it was the demeanour of the players,manager etc, it was very strange. Like I said, we've played better sides than this City side, and beaten or at least given a good account, Barcelona, Bayern PSG ect.
  10. Osgoodwasgood

    Worst in 35 years

    I was talking more about the desire and belief the players showed, not the actual performance, although that was Dire. To me it felt as though we went out there with a "lets get this one out of the way" attitude. Especially when we went behind and still no pressing the City players. Ive never seen that from a Chelsea side, it was very strange.
  11. Osgoodwasgood

    Next Chelsea Manager

    What a player Gullit was, even at 33 he was like a Rolls Royce in Centre Mid for us. What we could do with someone of his ilk now to play alongside Kante.
  12. Osgoodwasgood

    Hi There

    Thanks Strider, that was a great side, Wee Pat, Johnny B, Spackers, McLaughlin, Pates, and the goal machine up top. One of my favourite all time days as a Chelsea supporter was our first game back in the old Division 1 at the Arse when we packed the Clock end, Still sends a shiver down my spine when I watch Kerry's goal on Youtube and the End erupts. Happy Days Mate
  13. Osgoodwasgood

    Next Chelsea Manager

    It all depends on whether Roman will allow any incoming manager to actually do a managers job and not interfere or undermine him. If we want to continue with the recent trend of high profile managers then Massimiliano Allegri. If you want to buck that trend then why not give Eddie Howe a chance at a big job?
  14. Osgoodwasgood

    Eden Hazard

    Agreed, playing him as a false 9 completely nullifies his threat. Hazard is, and always will be a threat from deep wide areas. Its no coincidence that he suddenly comes into a game(that we've started without a striker) when a striker is brought on and he reverts to his naturel role. It baffles me why Conte persists with this formation even though he has admitted himself that he has made a mistake going with it. Surely the best option against City would have been to go 3-5-2 with Hazard playing just off Morata, as we did to great effect away to Madrid.
  15. Osgoodwasgood

    Hi There

    Hi there to all fellow Blues, Im new to the forum. Ive been a Chelsea boy since I was about 12, the team I supported way back then included players like Clive Walker Mickey Droy, Mick Fillery etc and strutted there stuff in the old 2nd division. I followed them from my Oxford home everywhere, Home and Away for several seasons up to and including the Dixon/Speedie era before family commitments took precident. I still love the club religiously, even though I can no longer afford to attend matches, and defeat hurts now just as much now it always did. My two sons are both Blues and go when they can. I look forward to sharing posts and conversations and promise to respect others views even if I don't agree. Lets get this disappointing season out of the way and hope that the future with the New Stadium can bring more good times#KTBFFH