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  1. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Right, understandable view point. Honestly to answer that, I wouldn't know. I don't follow other players from other teams or leagues closely enough to make solid judgments about transfers, I just hope for the best. But watching him (before knee injury) it looked like if he improved his ball skills he could really be a solid defender for us for a long time. But I didn't watch enough of Stoke to see how he did there this past season; I thought I heard solid recaps, but who knows.
  2. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I'm one of those supports who is a big fan of Zouma and think that he has a bright future. Knee injury was brutal but hope he gets his shot and takes it well.
  3. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    It will be nice when this circus is over. I'm excited for that, regardless of who the manager may be.
  4. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Having a manager is so 2017/2018 Chelsea are trendsetters... first the back 3 now everyone will have their manager situation in "chaos"
  5. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Sources have told me that Chelsea have agreed terms with Sir Alex Ferguson and have initial deals with Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi HASHTAG#HEARDITHEARFIRST #WHATATRANSFERWINDOWTHISISTURNINGOUTTOBE
  6. chiefBlueCFC

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    i never understood the excitement over the fixture list reveal. We know exactly who we are going to play. I get the first match, or the first few matches, but after that it is what it is.
  7. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Oh its settled? Alright, holding it to ya M&C
  8. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    And sit back and watch people freak out as Chelsea aren't linked with players. It is quite fun to see the daily implosion on the interwebz
  9. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I enjoy when people speak in absolutes like it CAN NEVER EVER EVER happen... We all have no idea and speaking as if some of us do is ridiculous.
  10. chiefBlueCFC

    Is there an app?

    as also mentioned, i've used the mobile site and it is pretty solid.
  11. chiefBlueCFC

    César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Why wouldn't we kick Azpi out to RB in a back 4 and have Rudi and AC play CB? I realize Azpi doesn't offer a whole whole lot going forward, but A back 4 of Emerson/Alonso, Cahill/AC, Rudi, Azpi seems rather solid to me. I wouldn't mind seeing Moses play more of a RM position as I don't think he offers enough for a RW position and not enough defense for a RB positon. That would leave Zappa as a back up for Azpi in the current senior team. But Reece James could get a look in. I've read positive things about him, but I'm sure it is too early to expect anything from him yet. Just my rambling thoughts on Dave.
  12. chiefBlueCFC

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I would say the back injury definitely played a huge role in his season, and he admitted so. Yeah he missed some sitters this year but when you've injured your back and you're not fully recovered; that injury is lingering in the back of your mind and you'll play more timid in fear of not re-injuring or furthering damage. The inability of Bats to take a hold of any of the matches or get on the pitch was a huge detriment as well. Hopefully Morata stays, remains healthy all year and we will see marked improvement in our attack.
  13. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Haven't heard of Literal Celery, up and comer that hasn't proven it in a top league I'm guessing?
  14. chiefBlueCFC

    Is The Transfer Window Open Or Not?

    Clubs can sign players any time of the year they want. It's the registration of those players that has to fall within the transfer window from my understanding. So if Chelsea wanted to sign, say Seri, they don't have to wait until the window is open to begin talks with Bordeaux. They can actually start that process whenever they please and can reach agreements with player and club , but they can't register Seri as a new Chelsea member until the window opens which would be 9 June if the information you provided is correct.
  15. chiefBlueCFC

    Next Chelsea Manager

    The way it seems I would imagine it is more convoluted than just paying £7M, but we might just be stingy with it and don't want to pay it for whatever reason.