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  1. chiefBlueCFC

    Another defender or two in January?

    I think we should give Sarri a tad bit more time than 2 prem matches before we start going crazy on how many players we should sign in January. The defense was exposed against Arsenal and growing pains are expected. Let's wait and see how the first half of the season goes before we start clamoring for multiple signings.
  2. Really think Christensen should play with Rudiger... think he could help cover in our back 4. Luiz seems to really struggle in a back 4. Would also like to see Emerson play as LB. Other than that, I don't know if Kovačić will be ready for a full 90, but Hazard should be ready to start. Can't wait to see what this team is around Christmas, if we sure up the defensive side, should challenge for the title.
  3. chiefBlueCFC

    Marcos Alonso

    Going forward, Alonso brings so much but he needs some help defensively. I think Luiz starting ahead of Christensen is problem no 1. Another issue is when Kovačić starts in our midfield, we won't lose the ball as much as we did with Barkley in the middle. But his defensive work rate needs improving as well. If he makes improvements defensively, then he will be a great asset. We can obviously use him against the smaller squads, but against bigger sides that aren't going to sit back, he could be a liability.
  4. chiefBlueCFC

    Marcos Alonso

    I heard somewhere that Coutrois is pretty good at playing with balls.... yeah yeah I'm a 10 year old..
  5. Had to relive this for a bit on here and read the game thread... what a f*cking night
  6. chiefBlueCFC

    Too many midfielders?

    Completely agree, win the EL and get into the CL. Obviously we want to finish top 4, but EL should be taken very seriously. Nice thing, group stage should have a home game that we should be able to play more depth, but that doesn't mean we should play out U-23 squad.
  7. chiefBlueCFC

    Alvaro Morata

    As positive as I am about Morata, man i freaking wish we still had Diego
  8. chiefBlueCFC

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Only way that goal would've been better was if Coutrois would've been in
  9. chiefBlueCFC

    New Big Willy Song

    oh yeah I can get down to this
  10. chiefBlueCFC

    Super Frank's Derby County

    Mount's goal
  11. chiefBlueCFC

    Following the kids

    Mason Mount scores again and at this time Tomori also with a goal
  12. chiefBlueCFC

    Too many midfielders?

    I thought I read somewhere about RLC playing as RW (IDK if he has the finishing capabilities to play as a winger however) so maybe that is where the depth thins out a bit. I agree with the majority that DD should not be in this side. But its nice to have the depth in case the worst happens, but ugh I'd rather him not be here.
  13. chiefBlueCFC

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    I think he will come off the bench like Saturday. Allow Arsenal to tire and then bring on Hazard and wreck havoc as he runs at Bellerin and Mustafi and whoever else in that side these days. Let Pedro and Willian (would rather they don't start together but they played well mostly Saturday) run at them for 60 minutes. Also would like to see Kovacic get a run in as well. Don't fancy him starting either but would like to see him get some time in blue. Also wouldn't mind seeing RLC come on for Pedro and play on the right (that is if CHO is still hurting). Otherwise CHO would cause all kinds of issues for Bellerin as we have all already seen. Granted we would need about 36 subs to get everybody I mentioned some playing time
  14. chiefBlueCFC

    Alvaro Morata

    The goals are going to come. The more this squad adapt to Sarri's system, they're going to create more and more chances and Morata is going to get every chance to score those chances. He just has to find his confidence again and I think he will
  15. chiefBlueCFC

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    He was profoundly bad for parts of the season, making mistakes that that I would make if I was out there (granted I would've made a lot more mistakes than him) and the fact that there was parts of his game that could be compared to just the average person is not a good thing (duh). I really hope he finds his form again in Serie A and turns it around for himself.