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  1. Gol15

    Random Rumours

    The rumors are that Juve wants to buy Milinkovic-Savic so maybe they would actually offload someone else...
  2. Gol15

    WC 2018

    Even when they won in 2010 they played like this, 1:nil wins throughout the whole tournament after the groups...
  3. Gol15

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Basically 1 month after our FA Cup win, things are still the same...
  4. Gol15

    WC 2018

    Russians are scoring goals easy compared to the rest of the teams playing, didn't expect that since they didn't do well in the friendlies right before the WC started. 2 games 8 goals scored, wonder if Uruguay can stop them...
  5. Gol15

    WC 2018

    Kane became a hero, Spuds must be so proud.
  6. Gol15

    WC 2018

    I'm so happy after this game...also when are we getting Chucky Lozano?
  7. Gol15

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Luis Enrique is garbage my little nephew could win in Barcelona with the squad he had, many past managers of that team did 0 before and after Barcelona.
  8. Gol15

    Premier league winter break

    It's mostly for that I think, the Champions league disadvantage compared to other leagues at the late stages... Though I don't like the fact that all it took for them to make the break a reality was Pep complaining about it, even after he spent over £200m each transfer window...
  9. Gol15

    WC 2018

    @robdog No problem mate, from what I read their own fans don't know if they should praise Ronaldo so that he comes back to them or if they should make excuses for De Gea
  10. Gol15

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    He is a real beast but as a player he has one of the worst attitudes, maybe for that type of a striker it goes hand in hand but if he was just a bit more nice maybe Conte would never let him go...Conte is from that Lippi old school where they don't tolerate any ego or bad mentality, sadly our replacement Morata is far too soft so we went from almost one extreme to another
  11. Gol15

    WC 2018

    That doesn't take away the fact that Ronaldo just entered the G.O.A.T discussion after this performance with his hat-trick, thank you very much.
  12. Gol15

    Kenedy Leaving?

    IMO it's better to keep him as the backup for Hazard and develop him and sell Pedro instead.
  13. Gol15

    WC 2018

    Like I said, considering that De Gea has been amazing for such a long time, it's beyond ridiculous to flame him after CR7 scored. And I'm not a brit either.
  14. Gol15

    WC 2018

    Honestly it doesn't take away anything from Ronaldo, lets not be stupid enough to talk bad about De Gea that has been insane for such a long time, it's not like some scrub scored 3 against him it was Ronaldo, one of the all time greats.
  15. Gol15

    WC 2018

    Ronaldo is the best scorer of all time, an insane freak of a player.