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  1. I think the international break helped Manure more than it helped us. But Sarri can still outsmart Jose, specially since their defense is a lot more shaky than ours.
  2. That Hazard-Ramires and Oscar-Hazard goal was so special...
  3. Gol15

    Zlatan on Loan

    Biggest rent boy of all time Zlatan to Chelsea? I hope not.
  4. Gol15

    Eden Hazard

    If Hazard leaves in the summer I would regard him as one of the legends of the club and if it's true that he needs to leave the Premier League in order to get a Golden Ball or whatever he wishes then I wish him all the best in that pursuit.
  5. Really getting annoyed by these international breaks!
  6. That draw is only good for Chelsea if our boys beat at least one of them later on.
  7. It does feel that they get easy points too many times doesn't it?
  8. Well he also doesn't have a big bench to work with, Kenedy that couldn't play for us is one of their best players at Newcastle
  9. And somehow Alexis the £350k per week player needed to come as a sub in this game...
  10. 5 games without a win though...who knows there is a chance.
  11. If it ends in a draw Jose might still get sacked.
  12. Rafa's Newcastle 2 up at half time at Old Trafford...This must make Jose mad.
  13. Gol15

    Roman ready to sell?

    No problem then, my own mistake coming here I'll just be quiet from now on...
  14. Gol15

    Roman ready to sell?

    As if the point is to be 100% correct, it's not. The point was that a person on the previous page clearly implied that Roman just by having links to Putin had something to do with what has been an issue between the UK and Russia lately but later said that he has no stance on the issue at all even though he clearly supports everything that the UK government has been doing, well some people tend to disagree: We all lost a new stadium and maybe a lot of reputation as well, and Roman might be a spy working for Putin or he really might have done some serious crimes in England as the owner of Chelsea, nobody knows but I didn't win anything that I'm sure about. Maybe this is not the place where people can openly discuss about this club then, sorry that I thought otherwise.