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  1. Kovacic has scored one league goal in three years, so that's expecting another player to become something he's not. I say we simply put Kante back into his best position, thus provide the defensive cover Jorghino does not do. Just look at how easily teams run thru our lightweight midfield when they do decide to take the game to us Arsenal, Liverpool and Utd all made mincemeat of this midfield when they had a go. That solves one problem if we put Kante back in his old place. Then look for a quicker, more mobile midfielder than Jorghino, one who can actually run into the opponents half, create and score goals rather accommodate a player who does little more than endless five yard keeping the rolling with five yard passes. As things stand we'll have Kante, Kovacic and Jorghino creating and scoring half a dozen goals between them all season. Do you seriously think that is anywhere near good enough?
  2. I'm a great fan of Kante but not in his current position. He simply doesn't have the technical ability, creativity or finishing for a player in that position and he's not going to learn them at his age. He's undropable because of past seasons. If we're ever going to finish above City and Liverpool we're going to need more creativity and goal power from a player in his his position and he will never provide that. Let's remember at onetime Mata was our best player. Jose came in, changed his position and that was the beginning of the end of Mata at Chelsea. Oh how we could do with the primetime Mata we had at Chelsea.
  3. I was thinking some of that. Unlike last season i can't see us having stinking performances against the lower teams, so we should pick up a good number of points no matter what we do against the top six. Need to keep in touch till the transfer window and try and buy a decent striker to see us thru to end of the season. Can't see us getting a top class one in the window tho. Next summer have a clear out of deadwood and also sell Morata, William, Pedro and yes, if he's not going to play in his proper position, Kante as well. That would raise a good bit of money. Then we go all out and spend whatever it takes to get a world class striker or at least one close to it. Not some 30 year plus one tho.
  4. To strongly challenge or disagree with my views is fine. To just resort to personal abuse says much about you. How about just putting me on ignore.
  5. Apart from Morata suddenly finding some form, where can you see this lot of players improving in the next month ? Under difficult circumstances, Sarri drilled them very quickly into a unit. But I honestly don't think there's been the slightest sign of improvement anywhere since the 3rd game of the season. We are already at our liimit with this squad. We're going to have to get by while we continue creating too few good chances, relying far heavily on Hazard and hoping the opposition continue to miss sitters. My fear is what the club will do if we finish 5th or 6th, which is very possible with this squad??? If that does happen then I hope it makes the board finally think before they pull the trigger yet again, and see that the squad needs a major overall that is going to take time and sacking yet another manager isnt the answer this time. We're not going to get away with flying by the seat of pants from one year to the next anymore.
  6. Re the bit about Kante. Agree 100%. I want Sarri to stay for a few years at least no matter what, because he wants his teams to win playing attacking football. However, he's backed himself into a corner with the Jorghino and Kante situation. Sarri has basically taken a player who was the best in the world in his position, to a player who should no longer even be in the Chelsea team. Sarri won't lose face by dropping Jorghino and put Kante back where he belongs and he won't drop Kante either. Jorghino is THE central problem to this team. He offers no protection to the back four and offers nothing going forward. People have become obsessed by his pass percentage but do not look at what he's not doing. Its crazy to build a team around a player who actually brings so little to the team.
  7. The worry is that many expected us to get off to a slow start and start getting used to Sarri's style of play and then start kicking on. However, the players picked up quickly but, imho, unless Morata suddenly turns into a striker, we are already playing as well as we can with this squad. Lots of decent players but clearly very short in real top quality. City are into their stride now. Liverpool not yet at full steam and neither are Spurs or Utd. Arsenal could be surprise top four. I see us between 4th and 6th.
  8. BUT, he's a defender who's not very good at defending! These other points being made on here about the likes of Pedro/ Wilian Morata /Giroud Luiz/Christensen. We can mix and match any you like but its swapping one player who isn't good enough for another. They are all nothing better than fringe squad players. None of them would get on Citys bench. Defo not good enough if we want to challenge for titles! Also, far too many are letting our midfield get away with it. Its not s strong, defensive midfield and its not an attacking, creative goal scoring one either and its not even a mix of the two. Its weak and plays pretty tippy tappy stuff with almost no end product. Sarri could get away with it in the now very ordinary Series A, but it won't work over here. Sarri needs to swollow his pride and see that the player he brought in to build his team around is a major problem for us in this league, a league where you need pace, power, creativity and goal power, not endless tippy tappy give yard passes and bugger all else.
  9. He's not a magician tho! It wont make that much difference who he plays with this current squad! We're a good 6 first choice players short and a couple of seasons from being title contenders. Defence - Alonso is better going forward than defending. Dave's legs are starting to go. Luiz is same old Luiz and has been very lucky his errors have not cost us half a dozen points already. Midfield knocks it around nicely in non danger zone and does feck all else. And then we get to our strikers...eeek!!!!! Sarri is doing as well as anyone could with a team being carried by one player.
  10. Come on guys our dire defence been getting away with murder all season. In front of them we've got the most sterile midfield we've had for 20 years. Without Hazard we'd be midtable nonentities.
  11. Naturally very pleased we've got off to a good start this season but the defence has rode its luck. Even against a very moderate Southampton we should have been a goal down when they missed a sitter and they also missed another fairly easy chance. This defence just does not fill me with any kind of confidence so our best chance is to try and take the game to Utd. I will be dissapointed if we back off and let them dictate play. Sarri is not supposed to let his teams do that. Understandable against a top Liverpool team that can kill you with their pace, creativity and goal threat but not against this ordinary Utd team. I'd take a draw and keep the gap between us and Utd.
  12. Dixon

    Andreas Christensen

    Talk of him being "nervous on the ball". If true, it's a massive problem to overcome in a league like the premiership. That's the kind of problem one might expect from a 16/17 year old, not one of his age. Rumor that Sarri wants another young CB as a top priority, which makes things look even bleaker for Christiensen's prospects at Chelsea. Christensen (and RLC) have been on our books for some years now and this season should have been the season where they pushed on. Sadly, they both look like they're going backwards again and that's something neither player can afrord to be doing at this very important time in their careers. Again, sadly, I cannot see either of them making it at Chelsea now and I think we should be looking to move both on. Time to start looking at the next generation and see if any of them have what it takes.
  13. Dixon

    Andreas Christensen

    I don't see the general situation with young players being given more playing time changing until we stop getting rid of managers ever couple of years. We all know that its highly likely Sarri will be gone if he we haven't won the title by the end of next season. Under such pressure, he might as well go with experienced players and try for the instant success demanded by the club.
  14. Dixon

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Oh ffs grow up! He's a Chelsea player who's had to work long and harrd to get his career back on track. He looks like a hungry player now and we should be getting behind him!
  15. Dixon

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    It's only one fine performancce so lets not too carried away thinkng he's finally arrived as the player he was expected to become. As well as his assist and goal, i was just as pleased to see how fit and strong he looked. It looks like he's now mentally fully over his injury problems and getting stuck into it without holding back and that's crucial for any player who's had a bad injury. Hope he contiues to progress. His signing was a bit of a punt but we might end up with a quality player for very little money.