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  1. Bonzodog29

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    + vision, work rate, heading, long passing, shooting, tackling and intercepting. :)
  2. Bonzodog29

    Hello All

    Ah fair enough, glory hunter after trophies :) honest answer, didnt really follow any team as a kid as there wasnt much footy on telly just the cup finals, then as I got into my late teams got drawn to the 93 chelsea team under Hoddle I follow quite a bit of the Italian football having lived out there as a kid (only briefly but went to san siro) then when Ruud joined that cemented it... so a glory hunter from 25 odd years ago
  3. Bonzodog29

    Alvaro Morata

    The thing is we now have an experienced option b striker who has shown he can get double digit goals a season from the bench in Giroud,
  4. Bonzodog29

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I like the idea of nobody, the democratic peoples republic of Chelsea... get the players to sort out who is on, rolling subs... jumpers for goalposts :)
  5. Bonzodog29

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Would it be an idea to get Steve Walsh back? I know he made a pigs ear at Everton but did a great scouting job for us and Leicester
  6. Bonzodog29

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Add to that, if he stays doesnt get his targets and we start next season poorly where do we go then? better to make a clean break now and plan with signings under a new manager however it is, than run the risk of him having another strained season and going after 2 months... then getting Hiddink in to save the seaon
  7. Bonzodog29

    Eden Hazard

    new here but butting in... would he honestly be a first choice starter at City with their current system and players. I am not so sure.
  8. Bonzodog29

    Hello All

    As a newbie I believe it is customary to say hello here how are we all