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  1. Giordano_Bruno

    Eden Hazard

    He is such a nice guy, don't be harsh with him. He is obviously trying to be diplomatic - to Chelsea, to the fans, Real, the former managers... and the bloody media is trying to make stories out of his decency.
  2. Giordano_Bruno

    2018/2019 Premier League "prediction" for chelsea

    top 4 and 3 cups. Champions of England - City. Champions league - Juventus or PSG. Carling Cup - Chelsea. FA Cup - Chelsea, Europa League - Chelsea. Premier league - 2nd spot. If we do season like Liverpool's in 2001, I'd be very happy.
  3. Giordano_Bruno

    Eden Hazard

    According to "El Confidential", the sponsors have rejected Madrid for something with the stadium's name, didn't finish it. It is obvious that this club is going down for the next 5-10 years, which kinda makes sense because they were at the top for so long. Hazard will stay as far as it is up to him, I have no doubt about that. Now, what the club has to do is to give him his well deserved money, show some ambition, sign a player or two and let Sarri do his job.
  4. Giordano_Bruno

    Andreas Christensen

    It has also been hard to watch week in week out making silly mistakes but c'est la vie, mon amie. Sell him while he's still worth 30 millions and bring in Zouma. Making constantly mistakes as a CB might be everything but not a bright future.
  5. Giordano_Bruno

    Eden Hazard

    You suggest he starts to leave the press conference and the interviews like Mourinho? trust me, it would have been 10x worse if he had said "I wanna leave, I don't wanna play for Chelsea". He is just trying to be diplomatic and for God's sake, he is the player in the world, he can't escape the media.
  6. Giordano_Bruno

    Eden Hazard

    Actually, it's questionable. With Ronaldo gone, Modric on 33, Benzema 30, Bale injury-prone, Kroos 28, Ramos 32, no Zidane on the bench and a bit more complicated financial environment in the club, I believe it is not even close between those two alternatives. All we gotta do is show him some ambition and give him the goddam money he deserves. to me, it's all about the Chelsea football club right now if he stays or goes.
  7. Giordano_Bruno

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    Nothing really can happen here. Comfortably 3-1. If Pedro, Giroud and Barkley/Kovacic are in good mood, the things can even turn to R-rated.
  8. Giordano_Bruno

    Eden Hazard

    Eden Hazard is acting like a star he, happened, to be. What a traitor.
  9. Giordano_Bruno

    Southampton V Chelsea (PL) Sun 7th Oct 14:15 UK

    Man, what the hell is Andy Grey still doing in tv? What the feck is "he doesn't look like a manager" suppose to mean? He doesn't look like a professional.
  10. Giordano_Bruno

    Antonio Rudiger

    He is our Captain right now.
  11. Giordano_Bruno

    Man of the Match - Southampton Vs Chelsea (PL 2018)

    the usual suspects - Hazard, Rudi, Jorginho - again with top level performance. Special mention for the Geezer, Barkley and Kepa.
  12. Giordano_Bruno

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    these 2 teams are not ahead of us.
  13. Giordano_Bruno

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Liverpool is so overrated team.
  14. Giordano_Bruno

    Southampton V Chelsea (PL) Sun 7th Oct 14:15 UK

    Kepa - 8,5 Finally a good performance from him without mistakes and pressure. Azpilicueta - 2 terrible in offense, outplayed in defense. the weakest link in our 4. Rudi and Luiz - solid 8. Reduced mistakes, no chances for their forwards. Alonso - 7. Not bad, but we used to have better performances by him. Jorginho - 8. Great control all over the pitch, once again. He is a world class. Kante - 6,5. Not bad, but clearly not his position. It's about time to put him on the bench and play Kovacic and Barkley/RLC. Even his defensive contribution has declined. Willian - 7. A bit better than his recent performances but still lacking in ending product. Hazard - 9. Man of the match. the best player in the world Giroud - 7. He always manages to deliver some great assist. His one touch game is just precious for the club.
  15. Giordano_Bruno

    Southampton V Chelsea (PL) Sun 7th Oct 14:15 UK

    If I could change one player on this team right now, this would have been Azpilicueta. tragic in both ends of the floor.