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  1. Ross015

    Kenedy Leaving?

    Heard lots of rumours of clubs linked to Kenedy, he was even linked to Bayern Munich I think? I don't think this is actually true but I remember reading it somewhere. Anyway, personally I like him quite a lot and would like to see him in a more attacking role at Chelsea. He did very well at Newcastle in an attacking role and I think he could very-well be a potential starter in the future. What do you guys make of him? You reckon chances are he's leaving or just silly rumours?
  2. Ross015

    Random Rumours

    Yeah agreed, especially when they are not world class. How did Zouma do at stoke this year? I know stoke did poorly, but does he have the potential to be amongst the starting eleven next season? I remember one season when he was an absolute beast but then got that nasty knee injury.
  3. Ross015

    Random Rumours

    I just don't want to see the club spending money on decent/average players like Savic or someone like Drinkwater... I'd rather see them spend more for real top players. But maybe I'm to harsh on Savic, I have to admit I have not see him play as much. But when I saw him I always got a 'meh' feeling. Anyway I agree Christensen has more potential but Aké did not get the chance to show his worth when he was back at the Bridge for that brief period. Anyway, I think eventually he'll return at some stage, he can also play as left-back I think
  4. Ross015

    Random Rumours

    Would you be happy with him? I don't think we need him, I'd rather see Chelsea activating the buy-back clause for Aké, better to give him another season at Bournemouth but he is solid and young. Savic is really meh in my opinion.
  5. Ross015

    Is there an app?

    Allright, thanks Zeta.
  6. Ross015

    Is there an app?

    I was searching the app store for a Shed End app and I was wondering if it existed. I found one however I had difficulties logging in because it could not find the e-mail I used, I couldn't fill in my username because then it said: ''The format isn't right''. So any advice on this or did I download a completely random app? I use an iphone btw.
  7. Ross015

    Film Discussion thread

    Yeah.. I have seen all best picture nominees of the last oscars I think. The Shape of Water was all right, nothing special though. I thought ''Three Billboards'' was by far the best, if you haven't seen it yet, do. It is a Martin Mcdonough movie who also made "In Bruges'' and ''Seven Psychopaths'', in case you haven't seen them, do;). That man is a great director, really cool films. Dunkirk was also amazing, way better than the Shape of Water, at least in my opinion. I really didn't get what the fuss was about to be honest.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm 22 years old and have lived in the Netherlands all my life. For as long as I can remember I have been a Chelsea fan. My dad supported Chelsea and a baby bird doesn't fly far from the nest. All the football related forums in the Netherlands hardly have any Chelsea fans who ever want to talk Chelsea. So I googled Chelsea forum and this was the first hit;) Unfortunately, because I do not live in London I have never been able to visit Stamford Bridge although it is something I plan on doing soon. I watch most matches on the tellie or via a stream. (anybody have good suggestions for streaming Chelsea matches?). Anyway, I look farward to talking Chelsea with everyone big summer coming up hope we'll do well. Cheers