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  1. Raff_Sarrista

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    The table is too short to care about it in this moment. Defensively we can improve with training, I'm worried about offensive problems: Morata and Giroud aren't good enough for this system, so I think we can try something different, like 4-3-1-2 with Hazard/Willian behind a couple of strikers, like Pedro, Morata, Willian, without a central one. But I know Sarri and he won't try anything if we are far 2 points to top of the table.
  2. Raff_Sarrista

    West Ham V Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd Sep 13:30 UK

    Sorry guys, in Italia I’m not able to get news easily. Is there someone kind to explain me the situation about Christensen and Pedro?
  3. Raff_Sarrista

    West Ham V Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd Sep 13:30 UK

    What happened about Christensen? The worst thing is losing Rudiger for double match vs Liverpool.
  4. I’m afraid we have to expect next season for a new striker.
  5. Raff_Sarrista

    West Ham V Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd Sep 13:30 UK

    Any news about Pedro’s previous return?
  6. You understimatr the importance of continuity for a team. You can’t change eleven players. Anyway, RLC, Ampadu and Odoi will have their chances, but not in a completely new team.
  7. Raff_Sarrista

    How should we treat the Europa league?

    Obviously it depends on teams out by CL groups, anyway I think that Chelsea will be one of the strongest teams in KO rounds, so we have to do our best in order to go to the final.
  8. Sarri usually doesn’t change more than 6/7 players, especially defensive line. I would say something like this: Kepa, Azpi Rudiger Christensen Emerson, Kante Fabregas Barkley, Pedro Morata Willian I hope Fabregas will be ready to play, because Jorginho has to rest. It’s a pity for Loftus’ injury.
  9. Albiol in first three matches with Sarri and with Rafa seemed awful defender, then he became one of the stongest in Europe. Sarri needs time to improve players, especially defenders.
  10. Raff_Sarrista

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Calm down, but it’s true that City seems more human now.
  11. Raff_Sarrista

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Coppa Italia was stolen by Mafientus in the season 2016-17 as usual.
  12. I would tell the same if there wasn't this Manchester City.
  13. Raff_Sarrista

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    It isn’t the perfect moment to match against a top team, I wouldn’t dislike a draw.
  14. Raff_Sarrista

    Random Rumours

    Fekir false 9? He has already done it. Anyway, it’s so close to the end of the session.
  15. Caballero/Kepa, Azpi-Rudiger-Luiz-Alonso, Kante/Fabregas-Jorginho-Barkley, Pedro-Morata-Hudson. I expect this one. Kante is the only one returning later from WC could be ready to play.