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  1. I had to watch the second half streaming on my phone, so I couldn't see jersey numbers, and I had trouble telling Kovacic and Hazard apart at times... And I gleefully thought to myself "damn that's a good thing"
  2. I don't think Morata loses his place.
  3. Was discussing with a friend that City is so deep right now, that they could lose any single player and still be favorites for the Championship... well, we'll put that to the test, as I feel that Silva and De Bruyne are their two most valuable players
  4. Skinnedy

    2018/19 squad

    What I had originally read, was that it was for the month. That he wanted a good long look at him before deciding if he should go out at the end of this month. I still think he goes by August 31st
  5. Skinnedy

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    This is Now Official https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2018/8/14/bakayoko-heads-to-milan
  6. Skinnedy

    Alvaro Morata

    This card actually has him with 29 and 39 in all Comps http://www.espnfc.com/player/18727/didier-drogba?season=2009 Season Totals 48 4 44 11 222 89 90 73 8 1 TEAM COMP GS SB G A SH SG FC FS YC RC Chelsea WFC 2 0 2 0 3 3 3 2 0 0 Chelsea Comm 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ivory Coast WCQ 5 1 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Chelsea FAC 4 0 3 1 14 9 8 3 0 0 Chelsea CC 0 2 2 0 1 1 5 3 0 0 Chelsea UCL 5 0 3 0 26 9 11 10 1 1 Chelsea Prem 31 1 29 10 178 67 63 55 7 0
  7. Skinnedy

    Alvaro Morata

    Here's what I found... League Goals
  8. Skinnedy

    Alvaro Morata

    This is what those of us in the industry refer to as an "agenda" We got about 1.5 seasons out of Costa. He'd play great half a season and then take the other half off while he was pining for a move. Let's review Season 1 - starts off pouring in goals. Gets a violent conduct suspension after a league cup game in January and form drops off a cliff for the second half. Pines for a move to atletico, and complains that the English media is unfair. Season 2 - Pines for a move to atletico, form, effort and attitude are still in the tank. Has a decent second half after his manager is sacked. Season 3 - tells his new manager he wants to go to atletico (notice a pattern here?), begins the season pouring in goals. Has his head turned by a January big money link to China, form, effort and attitude fall off a cliff. From January on, it was assumed to the point of being fact that Costa would not be back for the 17/18 season. As he's being subbed off in the final game, announcers are saying "this looks like a farewell of sorts to Diego Costa as well [as Terry]" But yes, this is all on Conte. You don't like Morata. We get it. Nothing is stopping you from staying a Costa fan. He's the guy that had 3 La Liga goals last season.
  9. Skinnedy

    Alvaro Morata

    Playing the bulk of his minutes in the 3-5-2 when he and Hazard were expected to go 2v6 the whole game wasn't exactly the ideal platform for Morata (or Hazard). I think what has caused the most negativity around him is his La Liga breeding of flopping at first contact. If he stands and fights, he'll get much more support from the fans. (That and he won't be asked to go 2v6 all game). We'll find out soon enough.
  10. Skinnedy

    Rate our transfer window

    The difference to me between 5th and Top 4 was Fabergas and Bakayoko in the middle of the 3-5-2. Because they offered absolutely nothing going forward, I frequently referred to it as an 8-1-1. Because 8 players were consistently behind the ball. Long story short, how much financially is Kovacic worth if he is the difference between 5th and 4th this year? That's how I'm looking at him. Could Barkley or RLC fill that role and Chelsea still finishes Top 4? Maybe. Will we with Kovacic? I don't know, but if we do, I think financial gains, the ability to recruit next year increases and it will have been a well worthwhile loan, even if he returns to Real.
  11. Skinnedy

    Transfer Deadline Day

    Might still be time on Zouma
  12. Skinnedy

    Rate our transfer window

    I guess we are grading on what has happened today, but there is still time to ship players out to other countries. So I might give an incomplete on that if I was giving points... I think CHO fills a need as a backup to Hazard. So I wouldn't say either Wing. I'm pretty happy with Hazard/CHO at LW. Looks like you dock double points for failing to cash in on Willian AND failing to address RW. But that's semantics.
  13. Skinnedy

    Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!

    Looks like Zouma to Everton is done. My daughter will be crushed. Favorite player because of Paw Patrol's Zuma... lol... I'll see him in blue and tell here that's Zouma playing for Chelsea. She's easy to fool on that!
  14. Skinnedy

    Rate our transfer window

    Tough to tell depending on what rumors were actually true. I'd consider it a negative if Chelsea turned down £50M+ for Willian without getting a younger player in with potential, including some of the players we were linked with. Bakayoko and Fabergas in the 3-5-2 were just awful. So getting Jorginho and Kovacic to replace those two is a tremendous piece of business. Overspent on a Goalie, but it's nice to know we can still do that. And a 7 year deal makes it look like good business. There never seemed to be a viable striker option we were linked to. I thought £60M for Higuain was madness considering how our board operates. It's not that he wouldn't improve the club, it's just that he's a rental at his age, and it means we lost that money for the long term. I think we're top 4 last year with this club, so hopefully we'll be Top 4 again. I like the 6.5 rating as well. +++ Upgrading the midfield + Getting a long term replacement for Courtois ++ Hanging on to Hazard - Failing to cash in on Willian - Not upgrading the attack
  15. Skinnedy

    Danny Rose

    There are few footballers that I actively root against no matter the situation. This is one of them. Eaten up with little man's disease, napolean complex, whatever you want to call it... and incredibly over-rated. I'm not surprised no one has taken him at his 50M value, because he was never worth 50M. No thank you. I don't want him anywhere near our team.