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  1. Wearyourblue

    We've got a new Kepa

    To be fair we paid 70m... but he only cost us 39m vs keeping Courtois, and I'm not sure what other option we would have had. The year of Courtois was offset by the year of Kovacic
  2. Wearyourblue

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Odd you see it that way. I'm more worried in him playing himself out of a permanent move. I think with the way Sarri plays the left center mid is very demanding - technical enough to combine with Hazard / Alonso, and a good enough defender to cover some for Alonso to make his runs. I think Kovacic has been a very important player. I'd love to see RLC succeed probably more than most here (his brother was very good to me). I'm just not sure RLC is a center mid the way Sarri plays, he's very good on the ball, and the wider he gets the better he looks.
  3. Wearyourblue

    Jorginho is a Blue

    David Luiz sure looks a lot like Willian.
  4. Wearyourblue

    A new striker in January.

    He had a pretty nice goal vs Liverpool that started with his back to the goal.
  5. Wearyourblue

    A new striker in January.

    I can't help but feel if Chelsea were in Spain, we'd see Hazard as a false 9 and CHO with taking Hazards current spot. I also think in part that's why La Liga has seen more Ballon d'or winners. When would Messi's career have begun if he were in England? While I don't see CHO as a Messi... I could see him winning a Ballon d'Or
  6. Wearyourblue

    Our best players

    Hazard Kante Jorginho Odoi Alonso Rudiger Azpi Kepa Kova Pedro Willian Ampadu
  7. Wearyourblue

    Lucas Piazon

    Isn't some of the point of the loan army to meet FFP? At some point, they can go after someone big and have 6-7 extra players to sell to balance it?
  8. Wearyourblue

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    Not a bad analysis... disagree some with him on the cause of defensive lapses being about compactness. Willian just tracks too centrally IMO defensively leaving Alonso on an island. When this started their lines were fairly compact, but Willian got sucked in a little too far leaving the lane between Luiz and Alonso. There's a few other examples, but the Barkley/Willian left side needs to defend better IMO taking away passing lanes, should be fixed as they play together more. That was one area Kovacic made a nice difference.
  9. Wearyourblue

    Fan from the USA

    Long time Chelsea fan (cemented favorite 15 years ago when Makelele was signed) Charlie Cooke - Chelsea player from the 60's was a mentor of mine cementing the love of the blues.
  10. Wearyourblue

    Rate our transfer window

    I think it was a very nice transfer window, but I prefer quality over quantity. I wouldn't trade kante/jorginho for any pair of center mids in the premiership, maybe even all europe right now. kroos, modric, casemiro and isco are great... but I'm not sure any of those 2 replacing kante/jorginho make us better. Jorginho was huge from what I've seen so far, looks to be a top 10 player in the premiership this year. The need for a young attacker went way down IMO opinion with how well CHO played, think Martial would just be in the way. CHO still needs to be signed to a senior contract, so keeping Willian over others... keeps us relevant for now, but keeps the spot open for CHO who I believe will be world class. As far as the GK situation, think it was handled very well knowing Courtois would leave on free next year. The way I look at it is a year of Kovacic traded for a year of Courtois and getting Kepa for 36 mil for 7 years. I'd do that all day. Would have been nice if Courtois would have inked up long term, but that didn't seem to be an option. Getting CHO inked long term is more valuable than any of the wide attackers that could have been signed, all just seemed to be needless blocks. Morata needs to get better or replaced in January, but think he deserves a bit of a shot.