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  1. A cup is a cup. It used to mean a lot. Play to win every game I say.
  2. What game was this? Sent via morse code.
  3. I'll be raising a glass to St George in my local. Maybe I'll keep an eye on the score. Sent via morse code.
  4. Haha, so true.
  5. f**king traitors in the dressing room.
  6. You said it all mike ;)
  7. That's nice Scott!
  8. The squire on Bromley road? Always plenty of mW all in there.
  9. Nice one. Couple of years before my time unfortunately. Have to disagree Lord Ninian, Chelsea smashed Cardiff from the Ninian pub to Doc Graham's. baddest and biggest mob I ever seen in Cardiff apart from Man utd. Me and Dai H always reckoned Chelsea had other cockney lads with them. Most of Cardiff legged it. Mostly old B troop kept the heads in the fire and ultimately we had the sh*t kicked out of us. One of the brothers got stabbed in the head . I can recall they were chanting War! War! War as they bowled down Tudor road wielding anything they could pick up. Some were all bandaged up from earlier scrapping where it was even. I have to admit it was very fooling naughty. Police were no where and I am surprised there wasn't anybody killed. They used to love coming to Cardiff, Hickmott stated Cardiff always turned up. Would only rate them 4 th in London but when they came to Cardiff they were better than any others by far.
  10. I takes a big man to own up to his mistakes. Well done Roman!
  11. Love that pic Cracking picture.
  12. This is not even worth commenting on.
  13. I used a steel comb to dig up a small bit of the pitch after the Hull game when we celebrated promotion. I had that bit of turf growing in a blueband marg pot for years afterwards Haha quality!
  14. Blimey, where do you get these from Carshslton? :)
  15. Lovely place Seville :)