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  1. Tibo Dave Christensen Cahill Zap Kante Fabregas Alonso William Bats Musonda
  2. Barkley

    If we can get him for what he's worth come January...around £8m...then he's worth taking a punt at but my instinct is that he's holding out for a Spuds contract because apparently them and the Dippers are the best places to go for young English talent...err good luck lads
  3. Barkley

    This is an interesting article that says that it was Chelsea who pulled out of the Barkley deal as the medical revealed that his injury was much worse than was thought... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/849137/Chelsea-News-Ross-Barkley-transfer-Everton-failed-medical/amp
  4. Completely agree about Rudiger's distribution but that's something that can be improved...I think the left side of the back three is the berth that's up for grabs...it should be a some fight between Christensen, Rudiger and Cahill...
  5. Tibo Dave SSB Rudiger Moses Kante Bakayoko Alonso Cesc Hazard Morata
  6. Deadline Day Drama

    Interesting to see that Poxy Chamberlain can't even make the CM berth for England...Southgate sees him as a wide player...
  7. Deadline Day Drama

    What has been interesting is that this window has shown that the board are clearly committed to developing our own players and not simply buying established ones...and I'm fine with that...
  8. Deadline Day Drama

    What is apparent is that we need to bring through some of our youth players if we are to demonstrate to other young players that we are the team to come to along with our trophy winning history...
  9. Barkley

    It's quite apparent that Barkley was hoping that Tottenham would come to the party and when they didn't he hit the brakes hard...the only saving grace in this is that Eversh*te will have to continue to pay his wages while he's injured and then have to accept less than £10m in fees in the January window...on another note, I'm not a fan of Drinkwater but I guess he's here now so I'm prepared to be won over...just wish Tierney from Celtic had been looked at...rate that kid
  10. Deadline Day Drama

    Sadly I think Drinkwater will come...and maybe Mahrez...
  11. Deadline Day Drama

  12. Deadline Day Drama

    Forget Barkley he's dead money till January...
  13. Fernando Llorente

    Think Llorente will come but we'll wait until Bony deal is done and then make a move...
  14. Deadline Day Drama

    Happy days...
  15. Random Rumours

    Papers say that Conte doesn't want Drinkwater...good boy