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  1. Is no one talking about Valencia's 2-footed tackle?
  2. Courtois Dave SSB Cahill Moses Matic Kante Alonso Willian Costa Hazard
  3. Rushford starts for them...Mourinho mind games continues...Fellani on the bench
  4. Social media reckons that Rushford is fit and that he joined the rest of the manure squad on the train south at a station further down the line...JM mind games?
  5. Don't always believe the news...manure players have travelled separately to games in the past...I think we should play our strongest team like Arsenal and the Spuds have...
  6. With Carroll being declared fit for the hoofs, time for Zouma to come into the back 3 and move Dave to RWB...
  7. And no dithering at the back please Gary...
  8. See that manure have copped a Russian side in the next round of the Euro Disney cup...travelling back from Russia a few days before our FA cup meeting...shame really...not
  9. With SH going in the summer, I wonder if Renee Moulensteen might be worth a shout?
  10. Let's hope Tibo is fit...he had to cancel a TV appearance in France on Sunday owing to gastro-enteritis...get well soon Tibo
  11. Lukaku still hasn't signed a new contract...despite his agent saying that it was imminent...
  12. Don't think Liverpool are now interested in of Bayern interest...just hope the boy looks at himself and does himself a favour and rejects the rubbish advice he's being given...
  13. The loss of Dyer for the season and injury setbacks for Ki Sung Yeung and Montero is a blow for them...but Leon Britton may be fit enough for the bench...even with these injuries they have played really well under PM & CM, so I expect a good competitive least they will look to attack and not play thug, 2 banks of 4 Burnley football...3 1 to Chelsea
  14. Thought JT was really solid at the back...especially good given the limited opportunities he's had this season...Zouma settled in the second half...and Ake was good throughout...Hazard was disappointing and Moses's crossing technique seems to be limited to hitting the ball as hard as possible at the first man...overall though a good effort against a spirited and well backed Championship team...come on who fancies Millwall away!!
  15. Don't think we'll see KP today...he picked up an ankle injury against Leeds in early February...and according to the local Yorkshire press, he'll be out for 2 months...