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  1. Emanalo The Problem

    Emanelo leaves and on the same day Pirlo announces his retirement from playing...coincidence?
  2. Emanalo The Problem

    Hello Avram...
  3. I'm sorry to say that this result was all too predictable given the team Conte selected...playing Febregas without two defensive midfielders surrounding him was borderline madness...I get a sense that Conte had written this game off and was really concentrating on the United game at the weekend...
  4. Tibo Dave Christensen Cahill Zappa Baka SSB Alonso Pedro Morata Hazard Cesc and Drinkwater to come on later on...
  5. Big Willy Dave Christensen Cahill Zappa Rudiger Cesc Kenedy Mousanda Bats Willian
  6. Conte picked the wrong team today...should have brought Luiz into midfield along side Bakayoko with Christensen playing at the back...Willian looked knackered so why Mousanda didn't start I don't know? Looks like Moses will be out for a month or so with a hamstring strain or tear so the team will pick itself for Wednesday night...got a feeling that we've already settled for top 4 finish with a complete focus on CL...
  7. Dean F****** Saunders

    No excuse for what PE called him in a text message and yes he left the FA for it, but perhaps there is some mitagation seeing that RR had embezzled nearly £9m from people including his close friend PE...and it was perhaps also more saddening given that PE helped RR to get over the career ending knee injury he suffered at Chalton...
  8. Dean F****** Saunders

    I look at it this way...Paul Elliott has made a significant contribution to football both on and off the pitch...his work on equality and diversity issues within football has seen him recognised with an MBE...whereas Saunders's sole contribution has been as a third rate footballer, failed manager and unremarkable pundit...life has a way of letting the cream rise and the sh*t sink...
  9. Interestingly Mousanda has been on Instagram complaining about his lack of first team minutes...be interesting to see what Conte's response will be to that plea...
  10. No definitive news on him...at best he'll be on the bench...
  11. Tibo Dave Christensen Cahill Moses Baka SSB Alonso Pedro Bats Hazard Or a more attacking option Tibo Dave SSB Rudiger Moses Baka Cesc Alonso Pedro Bats Hazard Think I prefer the first team with Cesc and Willian to come on later...
  12. Tibo Dave Christensen Cahill Zap Kante Fabregas Alonso William Bats Musonda
  13. Barkley

    If we can get him for what he's worth come January...around £8m...then he's worth taking a punt at but my instinct is that he's holding out for a Spuds contract because apparently them and the Dippers are the best places to go for young English talent...err good luck lads
  14. Barkley

    This is an interesting article that says that it was Chelsea who pulled out of the Barkley deal as the medical revealed that his injury was much worse than was thought... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/849137/Chelsea-News-Ross-Barkley-transfer-Everton-failed-medical/amp
  15. Completely agree about Rudiger's distribution but that's something that can be improved...I think the left side of the back three is the berth that's up for grabs...it should be a some fight between Christensen, Rudiger and Cahill...