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  1. doctorblue

    Rate our transfer window

    We need to keep Bats this season...we need 4 strikers...2 target men type and 2 willing runners...I genuinely feel that Bats can have a great season if we give him a good run of games and accept that he's still a work in progress...but we have one of the best finishers in the game with Zola so with his tutelage he can only improve...
  2. doctorblue

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    1. Alan Hudson 2. Mickey Droy 3. Frank Lampard 4. Charlie Cooke 5. GF Zola
  3. Kepa Dave Luiz Rudiger Alonso Kante Jorginho Barkley Willian Morata CHO Too early for Hazard and Giroud and Bats is off to Spain...only question is does he play Pedro or CHO...
  4. doctorblue

    Transfer Deadline Day

    Da Silva gone to Bristol City on a season long loan...happy with that move...
  5. doctorblue

    Transfer Deadline Day

    Moses to Wolves is gathering pace...
  6. doctorblue

    Danny Rose

    It'll have the odourous Levy stench about it...no thanks
  7. doctorblue

    What Now?

    RLC will stay along with Tammy...out with be Bakayoko, Stinkwater, Zouma, Mousanda, Bulka (hopefully first choice keeper in Championship)...Aina going to Bristol City...Bats to Valencia...
  8. doctorblue

    Random Rumours

    Zouma and cash for Martial? Matt Law is saying that's a possibility...Martial over Fekir for me...
  9. doctorblue

    Mateo Kovacic

    Duncan Castles this morning saying that this loan deal ain't solid and that City still may still get him on loan or even buy him...
  10. doctorblue


    Got the CB well covered already...also there's Chalobah coming through too...
  11. doctorblue

    Mateo Kovacic

    Has this been officially announced yet?
  12. doctorblue

    Little Fekir

    Rumour is that Jose wants big Kurt...
  13. doctorblue

    Aleksandr Golovin

    Shame for the kid...did he drop his wallet on his foot?
  14. doctorblue

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Look at it this way...we spent £71m on Trig, getting £38m for PP so the nett cost is £33m spread over 10 years of service is £3m a year plus wages...not too shabby...
  15. doctorblue

    Mateo Kovacic

    With RLC getting chances and MM at Derby can't see a problem especially if we can get rid of Babayoko and Stinkwater...