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  1. Retiring numbers is nonsense in my opinion. Celebrate the number by having others play in it.
  2. Definately not, with Rashfords pace.
  3. And a good question it is too. Something I've been thinking about and I don't really think either costa or lukaku really complement Hazard or Pedro. Sanchez would be the best option imo.
  4. Was never a big fan of Costa because of his attitude, always fighting, angry etc but when on form he can be a beast. At the moment when he a not hot in front of goal he still offers the harassment of defenders and I think sometimes his reputation goes before him in unsettling other teams. However I get so frustrated with the number of moves that break down with Costa. If the like of Sanchez as playing up front with hazard and Pedro, with his tight control and scoring ability, I'd think we would be by now home and dry in the Prem. if Costa moved on in the summer I wouldn't be that disappointed.
  5. Don't despise them, better half of that scum city.
  6. This will give mourinho yet another opportunity to whine on about his fantastic, beautiful, unbeaten run. Can't wait.
  7. It's just rude and classless, which sums the man up really.
  8. Watching this makes you realise how much more Kante is as a player than someone with just high energy who runs round getting in people's faces and breaking down the opposition. He's a very clearer player who sees forward passes and can deliver with either foot, and is better at taking on players than he gets credit for. What a signing.
  9. Maybe took I while to settle in as it often does with players joining a new team but since Christmas he has been going from strength to strength and contributing more to going forward as well as tightening up his defending. At the moment I think as far as our wing backs go he is the stronger of the two.
  10. I remember having a discussion with a mate of mine, who happens to support Arsenal, about 10 years ago. I said then that they should get rid of Wenger and I blamed it on Wengers arrogance. His arrogance of having great teams, with the likes of Adams, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, Cole, Petite and Vieira, and thinking that he could move them on and replace them with youth or cheap buys. Part of his problem maybe was his success story in buying Henry. Henry was bought as a good but fairly average winger and turned out to be a world class centre forward. Wenger, I believe, thought that this was because of him and that he could turn the average players that he bought into world beaters. His arrogance made him believe that he was the making of Henry when in fact Henry was the making of himself. Werger is an arrogant prick and always will be. I will be sorry to see him go but unfortunately it's looking more and more likely. Dont see much of my Arsenal mate these days but will be meeting up with him in a couple of weeks. He was a very staunch Wenger supporter back in the day, it will be interesting to see his view now.
  11. One of those matches were I didn't think there were any standouts, the whole team played well. Kante, Alonso and Luiz were best I think and I'll go for Luiz as I don't think I've give him a vote this season and he has been outstanding for us.
  12. Too early to say, give it about 10/12 years.
  13. Disgusting dive yet again by deli, put his foot out to cause contact while on his way down.
  14. Good strike by Erikson
  15. Can see him staying and getting loaned. At the moment I can't see anyone paying the money we'd want back for him and personally no one else will pay the wages we are paying him, thought to be about the 90K mark.