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  1. Highlight of the match for me was Morata's assist, beautiful.
  2. Studs up lunge at the ball. Not much contact but it was reckless. Red IMO.
  3. It gets worst Val, next week I root for Liverpool.
  4. Have to come clean and admit to having picked Arsenal for week 1 of my 'football burster', so was hoping they'd win. Now I just feel dirty.
  5. I usually give people a few weeks before putting them on ignore. AshB your the first one to go on after first post. FACT.
  6. Alvaro Morata

    Wants him to fill in at LWB until Sandro arrivies.
  7. Roman and wife separate

    I don't think his first divorce resulted in his wife getting half. I'd imagine prenups In place.
  8. MOTM vs Arsenal (N) (CS)

    Fairly easy one to start off the season. Would be surprised if Kante didn't get close to 100%. Mentions also for Luiz, Cahill and Courtois only for that dreadful pen.
  9. Another one for ignore. It's beginning to fill up.
  10. Must admit that I thought Bellerin could have been sent off in the first half with a studs up challenge on Alonso but I also saw why it could have been a yellow. ref I think must have a 'f**k Chelsea up' agenda.
  11. Matic

    Who's being booted out. It appears that he wanted to go and the board in their generosity let him go to the team of his choice even though it may come back to bite us. Matic was a good enough player for us but was never outstanding. Did a job but I think others are capable. Don't get me wrong I think he did well with us and he was a part of a squad that won 2 titles, but him going for £40m does bother me that much it's not that I don't give a sh*t.
  12. Matic

    I think he realised that he wasn't good enough or hasn't the energy to play in a conte team and it's not like he's Cesc who brings something extra to the team. He's been band average with the exception of a few months at the start of the season and when it was obvious the Conte was looking another for that position he wasn't prepared to stay and fight and knew his time as a starter was up. he will probably improve Utd a bit but he's hardly the second coming. You must be one of the only ones to think Utd favourites apart from there supporters. Every bookie has them 3rd at best.
  13. I'm afraid you'll just have to sit it out. A bit like last year after they signed Pogba. Come Christmas after 19 games unbeaten in the league including 12 draws and they are languishing 15 points behind us in sixth place, they will start to crawl back into there shells.
  14. I know nothing about the man, but he's a business man who saw this as an opportunity, wether he supports these hunts or takes part in them, I've no idea. More worryingly is that there is obviously a demand for the channel as it would have been researched before launch.
  15. Don't think SSB will catch on, thank god.