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  1. Tip tap, flick, trick, loose the ball, start again. Someone take a grip of this f**king game.
  2. I think we are predictable and already running out of ideas. Very boring match. Pleased with how Emerson is playing though.
  3. Might be our best way into the Champions League next season unfortunately.
  4. But Costa lay down after the China talk. That was the end of him.
  5. Ffs not another one. Just go back and look at the history of Costa and Chelsea long before he f**ked off.
  6. Oh my God, getting beat 3 1 in a game we must win and conte makes his first sub. Just f**k off.
  7. I’m getting tired of Fabregas in the team. He really has contributed very little this season.
  8. Ok bad timing but I still think Spuds are there for the taking. There back four are lying very square and can be taken out with a good through ball. Hope to see Fab getting more of the ball this half.
  9. That was all about Moses in my book. Dicking about. No blame on keeper.
  10. Willian is having one of his, ‘ I lose the ball and I’ll throw my arms around a lot’ days.
  11. What’s wrong with Hazard today.
  12. I’d think that would have been sealed up by Christmas. One of my favourite footballers ever.
  13. Following our ex`s...

    It’s all about me with Jose, total w**ker. Glad to see him at his ranting best, wheels are beginning to come off. Man U and Jose deserve each other. Sorry, being a bit hard on Utd there.
  14. Thank god we have Kante, a beast of a player. Moses is good at everything that he is asked to do as a wing back except one fairly 8mportant thing, the final ball, it stinks. The magic went out of Fabs magic hat some time ago. No longer suited to the prem or big European nights. Hope he moves on in the summer. Willian has been playing well of late and he is a lot of people’s darling. I was never a big fan and his attitude sometimes pisses me of at the end of matches when he trail. I lot of gesturing, and arm waving when he thinks he may have been fouled. Still probably one of our best players tonight. Hazard, after a bright start just faded, doesn’t seem to be able to carry a team even with all his skill. Very fusstating tonight. Coutrois has went backwards this pass too seasons. Don’t know what his problem is, maybe just looking out. With performances like this and others recently no big club will come in for him. Overall is was the result I expected but i was generally pleased with the performance as we did attack. Would rather see us setting up like this in a match than the way we did at home in the first leg or against city.