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  1. @Boyne sounds great. No I was unable to get tickets and next year won’t suit either. Will be in London for a wedding the week before too, pity it didn’t work in. The Stones as well, brilliant. There was a tv programme on recently about Richards, very very talented man.
  2. Liverpool have so many average players. Was Henderson even playing. Milner is so poor, embarrassing really that he is playing in an EPL team that made the CL final. Lalana seems to run a lot and almost play a good ball, or nearly gets on the end of something. They rely totally on Salah and his goals, shouldn’t be anywhere near the top four.
  3. You have to go out with the attitude that Liverpool might slip up, unlikely as it is. I can imagine the reaction here if we fail to win playing a load of youth and Liverpool lose.
  4. Bit low I think Phillip. At least a worthy 7 but I’d happily stretch that to 8. Looked a capable footballer today, much more assured on the ball.
  5. Moses had a good game today and looked comfortable. Baffles me.
  6. That just seems wrong to me. Fab looks wreaked.
  7. goose

    Alvaro Morata

    That sounds fairly typical Conte, someone else’s fault. Nothing at all to do with the managers sh*t defensive tactics and let’s get one up and retreat into defence. Ball bag.
  8. Tip tap, flick, trick, loose the ball, start again. Someone take a grip of this f**king game.
  9. I think we are predictable and already running out of ideas. Very boring match. Pleased with how Emerson is playing though.
  10. Might be our best way into the Champions League next season unfortunately.
  11. But Costa lay down after the China talk. That was the end of him.
  12. Ffs not another one. Just go back and look at the history of Costa and Chelsea long before he f**ked off.
  13. Oh my God, getting beat 3 1 in a game we must win and conte makes his first sub. Just f**k off.
  14. I’m getting tired of Fabregas in the team. He really has contributed very little this season.
  15. Ok bad timing but I still think Spuds are there for the taking. There back four are lying very square and can be taken out with a good through ball. Hope to see Fab getting more of the ball this half.