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  1. Don't know if Costa was a highly popular figure in the dressing room or not. Maybe a lot are saying 'thank f**k that prick's gone'.
  2. I don't know about this popular in the dressing room. I'd admit he may be a different character but I imagine most are probably embarrassed by him and just think 'w**ker'.
  3. Good call, we need a hard man in our midfield!!!
  4. Aubameyang is 28 in a few weeks. Some of the figures quoted like 70/80m seems too much. I know it's not my money but at the end of a four year contract he'd be worth next to nothing.
  5. Before match yesterday I was hoping that it would be the last time I'd see Costa in a Chelsea shirt. Although he had a decent second half yesterday my mind has not changed about him. As well as his terrible control and his lack of ability to play on a par with Hazard, Pedro etc and moves breaking down, I'm just sick of his antics.
  6. I think you might be Andy. For me a clear dive in order to win a pen. Blatant cheating which needs to be stamped out of the game. Second booking was right decision and ref was ballsey enough to carry it out even in a final. Doesn't excuse his complete f**k up over the handball first goal.
  7. Was looking forward to the match because I thought we'd go out and boss them. To get bossed by arsenal is embarrassing with the likes of Ozick in the team. Terrible ref decision on goal and that sort of set the tone of the match. Although that does not excuse our lethargy, and when you start like that it's hard to pick it up again. Just so disapointing not to turn up at a fa cup final.
  8. That all come from David luiz determination. About time
  9. Perfect timimg. Just in through the door from hols, set down with a cuppa and turned the tv on just for the start of cup build up. Good on the fa for calling the late kick off. Come on you blues.
  10. Abroad on hols ATM and couldn't get a stream to work. That sounds like a bit of luck.
  11. I think that is going to change. Even with a lot of signing, they have to bed in and they're just too ordinary at the moment. The magic of Mour is well and truly buried.
  12. Tend to agree. He's good for 20 a year which is a hard striker to find but as a person comes across as a bit of a knob.
  13. Eden V Arse for me.
  14. Can you imagine John Terry allowing that to happen at training. Hope it never comes to Chelsea, I think I'd stop watching football.
  15. When you're desperate you'll cling to anything.