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  1. Good first half and the match was over. Disappointed in the second, looked sloppy at times. Of the 3 youngsters on show I thought Ampadu was very solid and looks confident when on the ball. I think against better opposition he might get caught out at times for being over cool but we must expect that and he will learn from mistakes. Scott did well enough but was a bit rash and nervy looking at times, but it was his debut. CHO, although he didn’t get a lot of ball the way we played second half, seems to have a great first touch and like great players he looks to have time on the ball. His awareness of team mates and his choice of passing looks on another level and has great pace.I haven’t seen enough of him but from what I’ve seen he looks to have everything to reach the top. Hope I’m not getting carried away here.
  2. Football on the iPad, Chelsea 4 up at halftime. Golf on the telly, beer in hand, wife at her mums. Life is good.
  3. Good to see that Zinedine got his reward for making positive subs even though PSG were putting them under pressure at the time.
  4. Ridiculous that Bale didn’t try to use his right to dink that ball back to Ronaldo.
  5. Like the way Ronaldo took that penalty. No f**king about with stuttering run ups. Just pick your side and run up and plant it.
  6. Agree with all of that Just, also hope Dave gets a bit of form back. He hasn’t been his usual dependable self from about Christmas.
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    20 billion is only sheikh Mansours personal wealth. The family wealth is many many times more than that.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Shouldn’t be that surprised if he has lost the players. All he talks about is work, work, work. When he came here players who played under him always referred to his work ethic and how hard a task master he is. Players can only go so long with that but eventually they get worn down and when the fun goes out of it performances drop off. Conte has been serving up some sh*te this season as far as attacking entertaining football goes and personally I’m fed up watching such defensive football. First Mourinho, then Conte. Conte must go I think but I hope that that we bring in someone entertaining and please please please not Simone.h
  9. I think Conte is gone. Will be glad to see the back of him, f**king useless.
  10. Brilliant footwork and finish Salah. sh*t defending spuds though.
  11. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/25093/Chelsea_vs_Bournemouth.html good so far.
  12. Riyad Mahrez

    Opening offer of 50 probably means they will go to 60/70. At That sort of money I think they’ll probably get him. Really hope Leicester f**k them off and wait to the summer.