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  1. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Goal scorers are the hardest thing to find and Bats is a excellent striker. However there are many parts of his game which are too weak. Wish he could improve his hold up play and the ability to bring others into the game. Very useful player to have in our ranks but not as a regular starter.
  2. James Rodriguez

    There are many things I like about James game, has got great skills and when on fire he is a fantastic player. Maybe I wee bit too much of a luxury player for us I feel, we would need a bit more consistency. Not sure if he is a Conte player but could see him doing well under Pep.
  3. I’m not saying that the squad shouldn’t have been strengthened more, I’m saying that you cannot blame the squad for today. We have more than enough in terms of quality. As far as the system goes, never,never,never play Fab in a two midfield no matter who the opposition is. Gives the opposition the upper hand straight away.
  4. Didn’t see him go near Pedro, Pedro looked a bit stumped as he seem to hold his hand out and Bats veered away from him. Didn’t see Conte in the shot.
  5. I wonder how Bakayoko and Morata feel. Playing in such dynamic teams as Monaco and Real to playing in and watching this sh*t.
  6. People shouldn't go on about squad depth and board not buying. This performance has f**k all to do with that but rather Conte picking players and a system that was all wrong.
  7. Even worst performance than against city. Luiz has went back to his old ways this season. Hope conte does not stick with him in the middle of our defence.
  8. http://hdhub.live/channel/channel-1-live-stream.html
  9. What a bore that was. Utd Mourinho just ruin football. Out of the ex Chelsea on view:- Salah, loads of tricks and dangerous when running at defences but has brainfade far too often and wastes a lot of good positions. Lakaku, was he even playing. Poor service to him but ffs show for the ball sometimes instead of standing throwing your arms around like a petulant child. Matic, a really limited player but I can see why Jose Mourinho likes him and why he is suited to a Jose team. Glad he’s no longer with us and glad Utd didn’t get someone more useful. Mourinho, same old, same old, negative defensive football but he’ll spin it that it was a good performance away to pool and it was a point gained. He is probably right and maybe at the end of the season he will win the title by a point, but f**k him, I can’t stand his football and so glad he’s away from here. It’s just a pity and the Premiership have to suffer him.
  10. A bit disappointed that Christensen doesn’t start.
  11. We were second best all over the field today. Christensen looks quality. I think I’ve had it with Willian, just not good enough and I don’t think he ever has been. People will hark on about his POTY when we had a sh*t season but that was being the best of a bad bunch. Won it early in the season with a few free kicks and loads of running about. Couldn’t care if I never seen him in a Chelsea shirt again. Come on Jose, do us a favour and make an offer.
  12. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I've a feeling that if Torres had been running into the box running towards goal the penalty may have been given.
  13. I was just about to react to your post, luckily I read it again.