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  1. Incredible that there are no Lampard goals in the list yet there’re two from Kante.
  2. goose

    Eden Hazard

    I suppose RM wouldn’t have to pay a huge fee (Neymar Money) if Eden is in the last year of his contract. Probably 50/60M I’d imagine. Hope it doesn’t come to that. I think we should all forget about where he might go and just enjoy him while he’s here.
  3. Haven’t had time to read through the thread but imagine folks are not happy with the performance which I think was dire, but 3 points all the same. One positive is that I was watching it in a bar in Dubrovnik during happy 3 hours. good goal by Morata, he a better instinctive finisher that someone who has time. Do feel sorry for him at times though in the service to him is predestrian and fairly sh*t most of the time. Anyways onwards and upwards.
  4. I’d say no to Pogba. Too much into his self image, not much of a team player, loses the ball too often in dangerous positions. He has talent but it only shows up now and again and would be a bigger negative than a posi5ive. Now if we got the player Pogba thinks he is I’d be all for it.
  5. goose

    Jose Mourinho thread

    I think this is a big blow for Jose. With the team he put out and his history with the competition it’s obvious that this is a cup that he wanted to win and think it is only this and the fa cup that his team is capable of winning. The EPL and CL are beyond his team without a large slice of luck. this result will drive a bigger wedge between him and the board and also the supporters who are beginning to turn. I think his days are numbered, hoping he gets to the end of the season but he needs some sort of run going.
  6. That’s a good shout with Kepa. Was finding it difficult to pick anyone outfield, maybe Rudi.
  7. Just showing the high regard which I hold Alonso. He wasn’t his usual self down the left and going forward that I have come to expect from him. Very rarely did he get to the line, cut in and played the ball back more 5han usual.
  8. Good last 5 minutes. Some very under par performances. Hazard, Kante, Alonso we’re all poor and as for Willian, well he must be a good player because the pundits are always saying it but I think he is sh*t and have thought it for years.
  9. Don’t like this, rude off
  10. Yeah agree, West Ham have played us very well. Kudos to 33 year old Zabaleta on Hazard, but hopefully he tires second half and Eden rips him a new one.
  11. Didn’t create a lot in the first half, Giroud and Kante having our best chances. Will need to lift it a bit in the second half maybe bring Morata on for Giroud after about 10 minutes. Really not a lot else on the bench that can lift us I feel.
  12. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Kante giving a less than 7 performance. Im confident he’ll turn that into an 8 before the end of the match.
  13. I prefer it when WH are coming into it more, I think we have a better chance of breaking them when it opens up.
  14. First 20 and not too bad. WH doing a good job with Hazard atm. Would look more from Willian, seems a bit out of sorts.