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  1. I pretty much go along with this. If we know its going to happen we need to secure replacements before hand. Once Madrid hand over a cool 100 million the price of every target will go up
  2. I think if we win our 3 home games we are over the line. If spurs pick up all 3 points this weekend then i might start thinking differently but I believe both arsenal and united will take points of them both chasing down very important CL spots, we should all want Jose and united to be dong job on city this week, we need them confident and believing in a top 4 spot. if spurs drop the 4 i predict the best they can muster is 86, win our 3 home games 87 ... BOSH!!! Cost coming in to form at the right time hopefully as well, The man is well known to be a bit of a streaky player but he streaks at the right time.. I have Everton down as a loss by the way, but if we pull something of there I think we are across the line. (PS it was nice to have one day were this sh*t didn't play on my mind)
  3. Beat result for us, always difficult to beat a top club 3 times is a season, city would have been harder. In addition they will be more confident for next weeek , need them to want the NLD
  4. I hate the fact we are loosing 4-0 here
  5. Don't think ake did a lot wrong
  6. Not sure what's not clear in goals to game ratio for you
  7. Regarding bats, he hit 17 league goals last year, mbappe who everyone is Gaga about has 12 at about the same gtg ratio but in a better team
  8. Our youth are easily the best domestically over the last 5 years and have been the best in Europe for the last two years, madness to think that not one of them will Carve out a name for them selves
  9. Not really followed the youth team this year, who is the number 11?
  10. Liverpool concealed over 50 goals that season , by far and a away more then most teams in the top 6 at the time, they were always fragile. Spurs have been winning with out pressure, let's see if they can do it when they are in touching distance
  11. And one of the major failings of conte this year is not trusting a 32 mill summer sighing no way costa should have been unchallenged till now
  12. Sorry, I was confused , I though we were talking about Kane
  13. Didn't he tear us a new one in Jan 2015??