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  1. Uefalona

    Barca start as favorites, but the arnt the team of 3 years ago, of course you just can't account for Messi and Suarez , on their day close to unplayable but they can be got at now and chances will come..
  2. Alvaro Morata

    You are correct, he got the equalizer which is still I would daub. Decisive goal.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    I get what you mean though, when the ball falls at Morata's feet and he is baring down on the goalkeeper, i actually give it a 50/50 and it should be 90/10 in favour of the striker, the likes of Kane, Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez, Aguero, missing a one on one for them is like a collectors item
  4. Alvaro Morata

    I think you may be suffering from a syndrome referred to as the "rebound". Morata is you're first girlfriend after you're massive love (costa) (also known as the Avraham Grant Syndrome) If we look at his goals First one against Burnly, of the bench to get us back in with a shot Everton, second goal, so we already had the lead Leicester He got the opener Stoke the opener and a further 2 Athaltico away the winner United - the Winner Westbroam - the opener Newcastle the second goal to take it to 2-1 So discounting the burly goal because we didn't make the full come back. If we weight deadlock breaking goals as significant and match winning goals the same. 6 of his 10 total goals have been very important for us. That is a pretty damd good conversion rate of important goals
  5. Alvaro Morata

    10 goals at this point for a not to clinical striker, not bad at all :) and joint 3rd in the prem. Neither costa and Drogba were super clinical either, both missed one on ones and easier chances, the curse of two much time. I would agree thought that Morata when given time on the ball seems to over think it, yesterday was actually an amazing save, watch it again, he places it very nicely and the keeper does a great job with his foot. Against, United despite getting the winner he would often take far to many touches, just blast it in the net. It's a testament to his movement and overall play that he is getting so many chances though and i do believe he is a top top stiker, but as I said in the other thread, at the moment it's pretty much the Hazard and Morata show, we need another source of goals, if we are going to sacrifice the additional winger we need one for the center mids to be chiming in with about 10 goals a season currently we's be lucky to have 10 across all 3
  6. We played really well but for the end product, lets not take away from the fact we bossed that match. You do feel we are a bit light weight in the goals department. We are one one world class attacking option away from the next level for me... compare it to City who from a best 11 point of view, I don't think are all that much better then us if at all, but if they need a goal they have so much to come of the benhc
  7. It will be PSG - sick to the back teeth of them! Would rather Barca
  8. Well we are going to have to do this the long way around ,
  9. Luke Shaw

    No brianer for me... we need a right wing back, Alonso can't continue at this rate of games in that position..
  10. Because the ref missed a clear corner
  11. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    How fickle we are in football with regards to Ruben, the stats are a bit misleading because if you have watched him you will have seen him put a number of chances on a plate for players to miss sitters ... let's put it like this, Hazard was absaloutly magical yesterday, a pleasure to watch, but he finished the game with zero goals and zero assists ... and if not for willian emulating another famous brazililan he would likely have been on the loosing team.. RLC has stood out in the games he's played, he has dictated play and i expect if we don't get him back in we will eventually be talking about him as we do KDB and friends . how ever I take issue with the Barkley comment, Barkley was scintillating when he bused on to the sceane some 4 seasons back, second coming of Rooney and Gaza and this forum to a man wanted him badly ... for one reason or another he's gone of the boil... he's at the wrong club, and had the wrong managers... not saying we are the right club but he has the talent to play for a top 6 team
  12. Kodi

    Pretty much were I am now as well, when the kodi was new you used to be able to sit on a decent stream quite easily for an entire game, worst case scenario it was in russian. Now just to much demand. Paying a small fee for an IPTV (at you're own risk) still represents excellent value and much better stability.
  13. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Mainly, he just has a manager who believes in him