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  1. I haven't seem much of him but I hope he's more Essien style box to box then Ramires , basically I hope he has a touch and can pass the balla bit.. still think it's a matter of games for our boys but almost given up on us ever producing from the youth again
  2. I think Gus had a chance with RLC, he should have told him, look you have 10 games, I'm going start you in 10 games and unless you gass you wont come of, 10 games to dominate and prove you're self. If a player thinks he has one game he will usually struggle to show his best form
  3. Just to back some of that up, Harry Kane, rummord to be worth over 100 million right now and maybe one of the best center forwads in the game today. 5 goals in 18 for Leyton Orient 7 in 22 for Millwall none in 3 at Norwich 2 in 13 at Leicester. I would hardly refer to that as doing well, in those leagues etc. The loan system is very hit and miss, coaches and teams don't tend to over invest in a player that won't bring them future prosperity, i think most of the time they are looking at them as squad fillers in-case the worst happens. The championship is a bit difference is because these boys tend to be good enough to be difference makers, see Nate at Watford for example. But in the prem, the gap is smaller and these players need investment in development. Which as stated previously, managers don't seem that keen to do. I personally don't see the point of Tammy going of to swans.
  4. I think there are so many more factors to that, Ali's movement was second to none, lampard esque Erricson should not have been given that much time to get a pin perfect cross in There is an argument it should have been moses picking up
  5. As long as we get 60 mill plus for him I don't care where he goes, from a goals ratio perspective he's right up there so he should be fetching that amount
  6. I would rather spend 100 mill on this kid then 70 mill on lukaku
  7. Sonsome stats... take away lukakus goals and Everton still finishe 7th. He was responsible for I think 7 points this season from a goal scoring perspective, costas goals in the other hand have contributed to the most PL points of any striker
  8. Half our players can stand up and every second ball being lost right now, main hope is keep the score to 1 untill half time
  9. All the actions down south Jose
  10. Yap, he's gone... if we are smart we will buy before the deal becomes public knowledge, I would be closing that morata deal now. Hope we go no where near Lukaku, and give michy his chance
  11. As good as costa is I just can't make a case for him over drogba, till today is there a better big game player in the Pl
  12. a small mistake on their second goal, should have shown the player outside but that aside looks very good
  13. Probably about right, zouma is clearly behind Ake and probably will be out on loan next season
  14. It's a glorified friendly at this point
  15. I can go along with you if the games are tight, nip and tuck, but 2013 they lost 5-0 on aggregate to Real Madrid. At this time Bayarn had a squad at there peak and most players would be called top level if not world class. In 2015 they lost 6-2 on aggregate to Barca Last year they lost marginally to A.Madrid. That's fair enough, but they would have gone in to the game strong faviorest. in 3 attempts with arguably the one of the top 3 squads in Europe I would have expected at least one final in the only real competition they are in from the best manager in the world Compare it to Jose In 2004/5 under Jose we got beat by a ghost goal from a team we dominated prior in the season, loss but we are talking a game that could have gone either way, if Gudjonson converts that volley at the end very different story Second season we lost to Barca, the first leg was pretty controversial with the sending of and we out played them, the away leg meh.. but we didn't get battered, one goal i think. In 2005/6 we lost on penalties in the semi i believe. I think that period is the only time I can say that Chelsea arguably could be considered the best team/squad in Europe, regardless the point is we were at least competitive!