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  1. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    It was sad watching our, admittedly limited players, look like rabble last night. Bring back Brian Kerr - at least when we lost under him we tried to play a semblance of football. The only upside is that Valerie's mate is happy.
  2. Handy 3 points. Ratings: Courtois- 5 - Beaten at his near post and lay down for the second goal. Alonso - 5 - First time ever not rating as 6. Luiz - 7 - Decent most of the time but looked afraid of getting hurt. Cahill - 4 - Why take one touch when you can take 96. Looks like he needs to be taught the basic mechanics of running. Rudiger - 6 - Limited but at least he looks as if he's not afraid of getting hurt. Azpilicueta - 7 - Plus one for the goal obviously. Bakayoko - 3 - Scores one point each for the two times he didn't give the ball away and an extra point for having the imagination to give the ball away differently every time. Looks afraid of getting hurt. We can all have a bad day but try not to look so f**king casual the next time. Fabregas - 6 = I don't care if he doesn't run around a lot looking intense I like watching him play. Hazard - 7 - Looked like he really wanted it. We are so lucky to have him. Morata - 4 - Make a decent run, finally receive a pass, flop down on your backside, look aggrieved. Repeat. Pedro - 7 - Looked like he really wanted it. Subs - 9 - Completely changed the game, I mean completely. Wouldn't mind seeing more of Zappacosta despite the murine appearance.
  3. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    Ha, ha that was exactly my reaction too. My daughter wants us to draw Portugal! If we qualify we will grace the tournament with our 268 passes attempted, 189 completed.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You can keep your guff about having to attend matches to be a real fan, We all know that the true test is - did you cry when Jose left?
  5. We've had many memorable European nights but more often than not we've nicked games rather than imposed ourselves. Tonight's performance was the type of performance I've been hoping for in Europe from a Chelsea team for many years.
  6. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    John Terry sheds crocodile tears. There is no media bias against Chelsea.
  7. Media trying to destabilise Chelsea?

    This post was made on August 24. Strider6003 has 434 reputation points and has made 892 posts. 2 + 4 + 6 + 0 + 0 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 8 - 9 - 2 = 23. I'm scared,
  8. Cesc Fabregas

    I too would be sad if he goes. We have to find a place for an artist in our team. Loving watching him ping the ball the ball around the park so far tonight.
  9. We Liams are all connected Moi. It doesn't surprise me in the least that you would describe him as wonderful. I hope you are enjoying your time in Thailand.
  10. Thank you Moi. I couldn't figure out how to like you liking my post. Top o' the mornin' to ya Kev!
  11. Please like my post in the Burnley match thread. Feel free to quote me.
  12. I won''t try and second guess Conte's selection - I have complete trust in that man to make the right decisions, as he has done pretty much all season long. This is sure to be a tricky match but I have every faith in the players to continue their excellent form. Please like this post - I'm trying to improve my community rating. G3.7 is advising me.
  13. Ok. I'll have a go.
  14. I've donated. Can this be used to bump up my "Community Rating" which would seem to be pretty poor? For example I've noticed I have a lower rating that G3.7. I've met him and he's execrable, whereas I am a lovely man.
  15. Do player ratings go here? Are they allowed anymore? I thought the oppo played pretty well and will take that point all day long. Courtois - 6 - A few post cranial-cap-Cech-like flaps and generally poor Cech-like distribution for Petr Cech in disguise Courtois. If you have to be anyone in disguise he's a good choice though. Alonso - 6 - 6 out of 10 for Marcos "6 out of 10" Alonso as I call him. As my fans will have noted, and they are few, in his 18 appearances for us this season, except one, I have rated him 6 out of 10. We can ignore the one, when he scored a couple of fluky goals, as a statistical outlier, giving him an average of 17 x 6 = 102 divided by 6 = 6, hence 6 out of 10. Limited journeyman pro which perhaps every team needs to make the other players look better. Luiz - 8 - Undoubtedly Conte's greatest achievement is turning this clown of a footballer into a defender. I still have no idea how this has happened but pundits appear to think that playing in a back three suits his impetuosity and complete lack of awareness and defender's instinct. When he got injured last night, instead of celebrating as I would have of old, I was fearing lest he be taken off and old cry baby would come on in his place. Has hardly put a foot wrong all season and would also appear to be one the leaders of the team. Walking off the pitch I lipread him say "Who let that Chinese lover take the pen?" Cahill - 7 - I've always liked a centre half as we used to say in old English and Cahilll fits that bill. It helps that he has an Irish name even if you lot can't pronounce it. He doesn't seem to be as popular around these parts as I think he should be. I prefer him to Zouma who always looks as if he is making it up as he goes along. Azpilicueta - 6 - Like an upper middle class Marcos Alonso. Moses - 7 - Looked up for the challenge unlike some who seemed nervous, at least he showed well for the ball. Conte's second best achievement is getting a level of consistency from Moses that looked beyond him. I presume by the end of this week he'll have shown him how to defend the back post. Kante - 10 - Yes, 10. I know he gave the ball away, maybe 3 times, but he won it back again almost straight away. I have never seen his like before - he is almost certainly on drugs. The reason Leicester won the league last year and the main reason we have 30 more points this season than last. Some midfielders can go a season and not make 14 clean tackles, in fact tackles are fading from the modern game. Astonishingly good performance from him all season. Hazard - 6 - Not a great night, but on the extremely odd occasion that someone put their foot on the ball and actually got it to him, the delivery was so slow, there was not much he could do. The oppo had done their homework well and they defended well again. That can happen and will happen again. But we have an absolute gem of footballer on our team for which I am eternally grateful. Matic - 4 - Lumpen, graceless, stilted, and then there was the bad stuff. I presume it was nerves. Willian - 5 - He's usually pretty effective with his back to the play but not last night. Just an off-night. I presume it was nerves. Costa - 6 - Oooh those granite features send shivers down my spine. Spit on me Diego as we say in Wicklow. I'll forgive him for forgetting that he's a "foot through the ball" type player and even for messing about to get more money, he's a once in a generation player. The best type of footballer to have on your team - one that all opposition fans hate and that you'd hate yourself if he played for anyone else. I love those types more than any other. Fabregas - 8 - Is there any way we can get this guy on the pitch from the start? Please? It's just so much more fun watching us when he's around. Conte - Looks like he knows his chips. I'd prefer to see him go bald gracefully but you can't have everything. It seems as if the absence of a discernable personality helps him get his message across. When we are on it, and that it most of time, I have never seen such a well-drilled, seemless unit of a football team. Is there anyone out there who would attribute any of our current success to Jose's steam? I hope not.