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  1. Nobody has even been as close as bad as Bakayoko!
  2. I actually thought Pedro has been the better of a bad bunch!
  3. Bad coaches don't win the league in their first season!
  4. just saying hello

    Welcome on Peter!
  5. Hello

    Hi @teero, Just have a little post around the forum, share your thoughts or opinions, and you'll be good to get in there.
  6. Why Conte Must Roll Away The Stone

    Good to see you @Dorset, have missed your posts of late.
  7. It's not really for new members though.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    This is worth a watch, I think its spot on.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Watching this thread for the 2am meeting!
  10. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    yea, saw that, just edited my above post before.
  11. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Granted, but Carroll, Crouch or Giroud? @TomCFC85 Are you pulling on our pissers? That is a photoshop? Edit: scrap that: Done deal at 18m
  12. Hello from Suffolk

    Welcome on! Good username choice, some would disagree!
  13. Another kicker to it is, like the last game, Arsenal didn't even play well. It shows just how bad we were. Both of their goals were gifted too. They have no chance in the final if they play like they did against us.
  14. Just IMAGINE the state we'd be in without Hazard at the club!
  15. He isn’t scoring just now, but he isn’t an idiot.