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  1. Forum update Today

    Yea it's still broken, I know what it is and will be fixed soon.
  2. Ignore List

    Yea I think it's the theme, will update that soon.
  3. MOTM Vs Burnley PL Sat 12th Aug 2017

    PedroMendez is having a laugh
  4. Putting this up as haven't seen one posted yet.
  5. Yes! Good to see you about again Tim, albeit without the flat eric av!
  6. @coco How are you getting the game?
  7. Forum update Today

    @yorkleyblue Is the ignore thing working again?
  8. He'll be mostly trained to kick the ball high and far, f**k knows why he was picked to take one so early. I thought his body language looked very nervous since coming on. Come back Fernando :/
  9. Terrible selection of penalty takers
  10. Forum update Today

    It's all responsive now, the mobile version is just a condensed desktop version. Cheers, saw that, I think the database crashed. Lucky we didn't take the cfc-net circa 2000's route of moderating every post before it appeared. Good question, at the moment, I'm not sure.
  11. Forum update Today

    Okay @Michael and @MANoWAR here is an example of how it can get abused and this has happened early-on quite a lot. Say I am a member, I make this post calling yorkleyblue an aged hippie that hugs tree's but has a thing for licking toilet seats in the public lav's on weekends. That's probably quite a weak aggressive attack (and the truth) but let's take that as an example. Yorkleyblue is out of town viewing public toilets in London and doesn't see my post. Neither do any moderators, their watching football, though I should be banned for making that post. Michael then replies along with others after the post. MANoWar reports me. I then go on to make other similar posts that yorkleyblue also has a thing for Rocking Horses. Now I've attacked him twice. Half hour has passed, I can't edit my post, now its certain a Moderator will see it at some time soon. I'm going to get banned. The content that has been reported isn't going to change. ....but what if I can delete it, no trace at all will get me off the hook. Then it's just Michael who replied and others that saw my post, they're word against mine without proof. Also, the posts following mine, will then end up making no sense. A moderators nightmare.
  12. Forum update Today

    Delete comments had been massively abused years ago. The same with Edit. Half hour is ample time surely?