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  1. Pardon me for being captain obvious, but if posts are not getting reported, then how are we going to know? Serious question. Things can't be swept under the carpet if you don't see it on the carpet first. Loz has stepped down from the forum now and it's only 3 of us, with coco doing the majority of it on his own. It would be a full time job for 3 people to read every post, which is why there is a report button that we get alerted to when its hit. Nobody gets paid for this, revenue and donations go back into the kitty to pay for hosting, forum upgrades, forum license etc. We do it out of our own time, therefore we can't be in every topic watching certain people and reading every post, especially on a match day. Hosting expires at the end of January, I'm not sure it would be fair to people like coco to have to deal with all this nonsense for another year. People get offended and instead of reporting it, blame the moderators for sweeping it under the carpet. Over the years, this forum has gone to lengths to fight racist posts that included o2 disconnecting one blokes broadband and banning him from the network, police visited 1 or 2 others and a university were contacted where they had to act before it went public. Moderators are not to blame for an upsurge in racism and xenophobia. Nor are they cowards. They also cannot be blamed for Harvey Weinstein sticking his fingers in places they shouldn't have been. Let's settle down a little.
  2. Help!

    Well, they are cheap are quite reliable, use them for all websites and took some years before finding a hosting company that didn't go down more than a Dutch hooker (no offence Val)
  3. Help!

    A lot of hosting companies have one click installs of things like wordpress (which is the best thing to use for blogs and cms I think) For instance, if you click that vidahost banner at the top of the forum, you can buy your domain name, then pick a hosting package for it and install wordpress via your hosting panel. Will take about 20 minutes in all.
  4. That's such a compliment to be still regarded as 'youth', Thanks ol' git!
  5. The server is up a tree in Hampstead Heath running off a car battery, 90's Pirate Radio style!
  6. Yes I did have to google the word
  7. Hi! Advertising Query

    Will get in touch a bit later.
  8. Maybe this would be the thread for 'it' then Val?
  9. Massive credit to our fans, they were amazing, proper loud.
  10. The server is being physically moved by location tomorrow night, so the forum will be down for a while. The server will be shut down, moved location and put back online again. This will happen between: Tuesday 26th September 2017 23:00 - Wednesday 28th September 2017 06:00 so it will more affect overseas members visiting overnight GMT. Hoping everything is good again once it's back online.
  11. Cheers ears, Kodi has become a pain in the ass.
  12. @coco Have you got a stream link bud?
  13. Warning

    Perhaps this could be the thread for 'it' @Valerie ?
  14. Warning

    When registering to try and get into Ticket forum, so replying to anything, it's probably not a good idea to PM spam (in-between all the posts) a job lot of members, trying to sell fake autographs. I don't think much thought went into that.