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  1. Mod Stark

    Alvaro Morata

    Yea that, and Malouda never passes to him either!
  2. Costa? Seriously? He in no way warrants being in the same list. By far, our best striker since Drogs banged them in for fun and even better than most prior to Drogba.
  3. Mod Stark

    User profile label question

    It's a 'not guilty' from me Strider. ....but I do know a man it could be.
  4. Channel 5 ? oh I just seen BT Sport, my, how the Europa has stepped up.
  5. Mod Stark

    2019 match times

    I think it’s announced around the first week of December. I could be wrong.
  6. Mod Stark

    Any game recommendation?

    Is Forsaken just another expansion?
  7. Mod Stark

    Any game recommendation?

    It really is and I think it's 5 levels per expansion, 25 for Osiris and 30 for Warmind.
  8. Mod Stark

    Any game recommendation?

    @dkw are the expansions worth it? I see you need them for level 30.
  9. Mod Stark

    Any game recommendation?

    Too right, found this out the other night after playing first game there! Just about spawned each time until some same player was wiping me out. I think I managed to get a 25 point shot off all game. Went back to solo/co-op promptly after.
  10. Mod Stark


    I think you could be right Zeta my ol' fruit! I'll see what we can do.
  11. Mod Stark

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Let’s relax, Scolari started well too!
  12. Mod Stark

    Chelsea edits/wallpapers

    Good work!
  13. Mod Stark

    Little forum update today.....

    A small update added today, if anyone wonders why it looks slightly different.
  14. Mod Stark

    Is there an app?

    Yea that app isn’t us. As Zeta said only Tapatalk or your phone automatically displays mobile version which is good enough. Not a fan of Tapatalk myself, the normal mobile/tablet version is much faster and easier to use.
  15. Mod Stark

    Premier league winter break

    Is it over Christmas, or have they not said when?