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  1. In a slump? We can help.

    It's getting to a time when teams like that will be checking the fixture list of when they play us.
  2. Alvaro Morata

    Yea definitely start with Bats next game. its like watching Torres again, great work rate but not much threat at all in front of goal.
  3. Virgin vs BT

    No idea about Virgin, but I know Sky is daylight robbery.
  4. Hi everyone

    Welcome on!
  5. Greetings!

    Hello steg!
  6. 100% agree with you @mickyg I find I miss a lot of current news on the player, etc because it gets lost in amongst the topic. If you go to the latest post unread and haven't visited the topic for a while, you see posts from way back when all you want to do is read up on current stuff. You then go to the end of topic but it then misses a lot of posts. Another one is if we're on the verge of signing a player, you go to the end of the topic and the talk is about what position they'll play in, etc so you are still none the wiser whether we signed him or not. It is annoying. We did have issues a while ago with it, and a new rule was added "Give posts generic titles i.e. Do not just start a topic titled 'Mikel’, title it accordingly like 'Mikel to sign for Inter?" but it seemed it got ignored and then was too late to split posts into new topics. The only way to stop it is for people to create new topics with current stuff as you mentioned, as going through thousands of posts and split into different topics would take years. I'll move the topic into announcements.
  7. So what you are really saying is that it is deterring you from using the 'View new content' link where you have it set to display only certain things? All you need to do is raise the issue buddy, you don't have to threaten to leave. I'd rather lose the sidebar than have people using adblock that will hinder contributions to next years hosting fee's. I'll lose it. @coco It only displays on desktop, mobile/tablet it's not showing
  8. I didn't realise it was that much of an issue.
  9. Hello!

    Welcome on Phil
  10. He should have started for sure.
  11. Alvaro Morata

    Just adding that I was more meaning goal-scoring ability and confidence in front of goal than technical ability.
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    This was the one, right next to the entrance to the Bridge.
  13. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    First Sport for me in the 80s, or the little Chelsea shop on the corner of the main opening to the bridge. It used to be packed cause only fit about 10 people at once.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    Remember Batshuayi steps up in the Champs League too, he can beat Atletico!
  15. Alvaro Morata

    That's the thing though Davey, it's easy to forget about the player once they've moved on (or it went sour with the club) in which, I think most are doing with Costa. How many games did Costa step up when we needed him, and win the game like Morata vs Utd. I'm not taking shots at Morata, I like him and hope he becomes a striker that is up there every season for us, but for me, at the moment, he isn't as reliable or confident in front of goal as Costa was for us, not by some stretch. Yes I saw the same yesterday in the champions league