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  1. Mod Stark

    Is there an app?

    Yea that app isn’t us. As Zeta said only Tapatalk or your phone automatically displays mobile version which is good enough. Not a fan of Tapatalk myself, the normal mobile/tablet version is much faster and easier to use.
  2. Mod Stark

    Premier league winter break

    Is it over Christmas, or have they not said when?
  3. Mod Stark


    Hopefully you can still login okay @Eight Times it was just the display name that changed, nothing else!
  4. Mod Stark


    I thought of you today!
  5. Love my club, were there when we were sh*t, etc etc but this current form scares me! I think we’re going to get more f**ked tomorrow than Meghan Markle!
  6. Mod Stark

    Mobile site advert hijacks

    @Phillip @bluedave See how you get on with it now, there’s been a few changes.
  7. Mod Stark

    Chelsea 2018-2019 Home Kit "Leaked"

    I didn't mind it until I saw the neck on it, I don't know what that's all about.
  8. Mod Stark

    Hi from Gibraltar

    Hey welcome on Philip!
  9. Mod Stark

    Mobile site advert hijacks

    cheers @bluedave @Phillip can you clear your Safari cache and see if it still happens. I'm surprised an Amazon ad would hijack the browser.
  10. Mod Stark

    Mobile site advert hijacks

    @Phillip Are these just normal adverts you are seeing in amongst the forum or actual pop ups over the top of the the forum or being led off to different websites? I can't seem to re-create it on my phone.
  11. Mod Stark

    Mobile site advert hijacks

    Cheers Phillip, there is someone looking into it now. We can't have pop-ups and the website leading elsewhere automatically.
  12. Mod Stark

    Mobile site advert hijacks

    I’ll sort it later today dave, we can’t have that!
  13. Mod Stark

    Mobile site advert hijacks

    What exactly is it?
  14. Mod Stark

    Little forum update today.....

    It’s done now, there might be a few new things, who knows!
  15. So the site might look and work a bit messed for a few hours.