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  1. P’sh, you shouldn’t, there’s humans out there!
  2. An hour until kick off and only a 2 page topic?
  3. Alvaro Morata

    Was she putting him off then? ....I'll get my coat
  4. Any game recommendation?

    I still play GTA and cockstar are really bad for pushing micro-transactions. Yea the DLC's are free but done perfectly for pushing the whole shark card thing. I'm guessing being the same people, RDR2 will be same. They lure you in, then hammer you with extras that mean you need to grind the sh*t out of the game or buy the virtual currency.
  5. ^^ I see the Tottenham fan got banned. The guy is actually a Maths teacher but yet pretends to be a Chelsea fan to get access to an internet forum. No wonder a lot of kids grades are sh*t these days! (Edited to remove picture of his mum)
  6. Auto refresh

    @Kev56 If you have notifications switched on in your browser and topics have replies while you are in it, it notifies you and you click once to load the new posts in topics. So no auto refresh but one click loads the new posts since reading the last post.
  7. I can't Tom but I'm on it now! It could've been worse I guess!
  8. Good riddance courtois

    Carlo or Hilario could always throw a shirt back on? Failing that, we could give Guus a call and see if he's any good between the sticks!
  9. Good riddance courtois

  10. Good riddance courtois

    Come on Fitzy mate, this ain't Twitter!
  11. Marcos Alonso

  12. We didn't deserve to lose that one, a draw at the very least, am more pissed off than the Bournemouth game!
  13. Carefree

  14. How does it all work!!

    What was your old username, I'll merge the memberships.
  15. How does it all work!!

    About 12 years!
  16. How does it all work!!

    It should be fine to post on anything other than the Ticket Forum. You don't need to donate to post, people only choose to donate if they wish to contribute to server costs. If you can post on the Newbie forums, you'll be able to post anywhere else (other than the Ticket threads for a while)
  17. Then how would we know what brush to use on who? What brush has tar and what brush has magical unicorn hair for those with 46 points on their membership? Not taking the piss, serious question.
  18. Saying hi From Australia

    That's exactly what I thought! He might be able to sell that on here
  19. He's not in goal? Wow, The Guardian know their stuff!
  20. Saying hi From Australia

    Welcome on sport!
  21. Nobody has even been as close as bad as Bakayoko!
  22. I actually thought Pedro has been the better of a bad bunch!
  23. Bad coaches don't win the league in their first season!
  24. just saying hello

    Welcome on Peter!
  25. Hello

    Hi @teero, Just have a little post around the forum, share your thoughts or opinions, and you'll be good to get in there.