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  1. Topic Credit to @Van Butsen
  2. Now everyone is skint from Christmas, what a perfect time to open up the begging bowl for forum donations for 2018 How could anyone not want another year of moi's musical connections or to debate whether Cahill is good enough for Chelsea after 6 years at the club? If you plan on downing 18 pints for the new year, do 17 and buy the forum a pint! Easy to do, hit donate at the top of the forum, then the donate on the side and go through the easy screens to paypal. You can use your card securely if you don't have an account. or JUST CLICK THIS LINK What do you get? You get a little forum donator badge, it doesn't do much but apparently is quite appealing to the opposite sex. You also would have rights to a warm fuzzy feeling when you see the website load up, knowing that in some way, that is down to you! Cheers folks, Happy New Year.
  3. Just IMAGINE the state we'd be in without Hazard at the club!
  4. He isn’t scoring just now, but he isn’t an idiot.
  5. kitsale

    Exactly, cloned crap. Go the official route.
  6. Massive respect to him for coming out with that too. Makes the ref look even more of a chunt!
  7. kitsale

    Cheap company in CA by the looks of it. Shirts listed with an authentic stamp You are likely to get better from Del and Rodney down the market.
  8. I agree, we've had a few of these time's this season and it's crap.
  9. No real Chelsea fan ever wants us to lose!
  10. BBC1? I'm surprised they even have live matches these days. What an awful channel.
  11. Alexis Sanchez

    Where has Sanchez gone then?
  12. Who would you take over Andy Carroll?

    I'm quite surprised to see at least 4 people think Emile Heskey is better up front than Peppa Pig!
  13. Hello from Bristol

    Welcome on!
  14. Alexis Sanchez

    Retired in January 2012, probably a better option up front than calling back Guus to play these days.
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    Was it this source over dinner?
  16. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    £30-£35 million? It could be Sanchez in a Carroll suit? With one of those stick on ponytails from Del boy.
  17. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Okay, can Emenalo come back now please!
  18. Alexis Sanchez

    It's coming....
  19. If anyone is good on photoshop or similar and wants to help out, send me a PM, looking at updating the banner up there.
  20. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    One thing alarms me after watching today's game (and the few beyond) is that the players are playing like Conte has lost the dressing room. It's the same sort of thing we saw in the later Jose days (AVB, Scorlari, 'add another manager here') in those tiresome no-passion performances, where we barely scrape out a draw. I'm not being a drama Llama and saying that's the case, it's just our play is reminiscent of when it happens. Great players look mediocre and no hunger.
  21. Alvaro Morata

    Come on, it's not just those three, say it.... C-O-S-T-A
  22. Alvaro Morata

    I'd take him for sure at the moment, even on loan.
  23. Guy Laurence - The New Scapegoat?

    I'll change that! Ever tried writing Sc**thorpe!
  24. We were crap, Arsenal were worse!
  25. Alvaro Morata

    You could see how often it happened barak by the amount of videos you found of Costa blundering it. You had to chuck in a Nando one because obviously couldn't find any others of Costa! Also, look at the scores on both of those videos. The first video he was blown offside and the second he went in with someone else. Let's see some videos of the ones he didn't miss, I'm sure there are plenty. As far as goals are concerned (and mostly anything else) - Costa was streets ahead! Will that ever change? Will the fanbase and club wait while Morata settles? I highly doubt it!