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  1. abramovich

    Hazard - The inevitable bids and who to replace him with?

    The only players that are good enough to replace him are unattainable. Losing Hazard, even for a lot of money would be a disaster.
  2. abramovich


    Tom, when I finally sell the club and retire to live full time on my Eclipse yacht among bottles of Cristal, bowls of caviar and high class escorts, there'll always be a place for you there, my friend, for you are a joy to be around.
  3. abramovich


    Fat, old and past it. Thanks, but no thanks.
  4. abramovich

    Aleksandr Golovin

    I doubt we can find a player of similar or better quality for that kind of money in today's market.
  5. abramovich

    Random Rumours

    While RLC does have a brilliant physique, I'm yet to figure out where exactly he belongs on a pitch. Both at Palace and in the national team he's played futher forward and not in the midfield two. Both Hodgson and Southgate clearly rate him very highly but neither seems to trust him in a role that demands first and foremost postional awareness and defensive responsiblity. He doesn't cover a lot of ground without the ball, rarely presses the opponent and quite often looks static. Golovin is the opposite of that. He is quick, fast and works extermely hard on both ends.
  6. abramovich

    Aleksandr Golovin

    He is a very talented player and can potentialy turn into a top class signing. For the money quoted he's absolutely worth the risk. Plus, Sarri wanted him back at Napoli so he knows how to use him.
  7. abramovich

    Falling behind in the Transfer Market?

    This year the transfer window opened May 17, so you're wrong about the timing of the thread. As for our transfer dealings being done in the quiet, I'd say that may be what we're trying to do most of the time, but not always (Stones). Plus, I couldn't care less if we're very vocal about how we're going after or very secretive about it. The only thing that matters is the end result. And since the summer of 2014 when we bought Costa and Fabregas, our transfer business has been for the most part quite underwhelming , Kante signing two years ago being the only exception.
  8. abramovich

    Falling behind in the Transfer Market?

    1. No CL next season. 2. Ownership status unclear. 3. Managerial situation is still unresolved. All those factors plus our recent track record shows we're not willing to spend big on a single player who's in demand and proven quality and instead prefer to spend the same amount on 3 other players who aren't a sure thing, hoping they'll prove to be a bargain. Sometimes it works (Alonso, Rudiger), but most of the time it doesn't.
  9. abramovich


    If they miss out on Maurizio, they'll be Sarri.
  10. abramovich

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    I doubt him not being present in the country would affect the club business. It's not like he has to conduct deals personally.
  11. abramovich

    First team squad outgoings?

    To be fair, Lampard, for most of his Chelsea career, also had better players around him. Not to take away anything from his legendary status, but I'm sure that helped his stats. Against current Chelsea side, you take Hazard out of the game and your chances of getting a good result increase dramatically. Lamps had the likes of Drogba, Ballack, Robben, J. Cole, Crespo, Essien, Eidur etc. around him, so the pressure wasn't just on him to make something happen, and he had more freedom. Doubt he'd be breaking midfield scoring records if he kept playing for West Ham. As for Hazard, we simply cannot afford to lose him. It's virtually impossible to replace a player of such caliber, and given our recent struggles both on the pitch and transfer market, the club should do whatever it takes to convince him to stay.
  12. abramovich

    Will Roman be forced to sell Chelsea?

    I'll post my account details shortly, thanks.
  13. abramovich

    2018/19 squad

    Forgot about him. Yes, he's been solid.
  14. abramovich

    2018/19 squad

    Looking back, it's just incredible how poor our transfer business has been lately. There's literally not a single player since last summer that made the team better. Giroud may be an exception, since he's a more reliable back-up than Michy, but that's about it. Our first eleven (Costa/Morata, Matic/Bakayoko) got worse and instead of upgrading RB position we bought someone, who's even more average than Moses. Emerson and Barkley are still question marks, but they came in injured and really haven't featured enough to be judged properly. I had some hopes for Drinkwater, given his Leicester connection with Kante but he ultimately failed to make the grade. Bakayoko, with the exception of the last couple of games looked like a total disaster. Morata started promising but soon his weak mentality got the better of him. Being the focal point of the attack in a very physical league where refs allow far more than he's used to seemed to crash his spirit. Probably the biggest disappointment, both due the price tag and my belief in his ability.
  15. abramovich

    2018/19 squad

    Giroud is more than a capable back-up.