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  1. I find it odd, to be honest. If he is a player in demand, why pick Liverpool? Even in England, they're currently behind us, both Manc clubs and Spuds in terms of overall quality.
  2. Ashley Cole was 176. What is your obsession with height? Maybe we should replace Costa and Batshuayi with Carroll and Crouch and just go look for the tallest players for every position. This way we're guaranteed to dominate aerial duels vs every opponent. Granted, we're going to be sh*t at passing, dribbling, tackling, crossing and scoring, but who cares about that stuff.
  3. Can't see Bayern selling him, he's the most complete striker in the world at the moment. But for a few days, until this rumour is killed we can all dream a little.
  4. You'd be surprised. Bertrand's got four years left on his contract and Southampton don't have to sell.He's an English international and at 27 he's in his prime so he may fetch 35-40m in today's market easily. I agree that 55m is a lot even for a world class fullback but if I were to overpay, I'd rather do it for the for world class talent.
  5. I'd imagine it would be the same message that better players than Alonso are getting in clubs like Real or Bayern when someone even better starts ahead of them. If we prioritize players' feelings over team improvement, we won't get anywhere fast.
  6. I can certainly see your logic in looking to sign world class players for positions we need to prioritize. The problem is, signing world class players in general is a very difficult proposition and we've had our share of failings in this respect despite having plenty of money and top club prestige. So if we have a shot in hell of landing Alex Sandro, we should go for it, simple as that. Same for every other world class player we may land, whether they're a number one priority for the current squad or not. If Real Madrid's success teaches us anything is that you can never have too many world class footballers.
  7. Winning trophies at the youth level doesn't mean much. Name me one player from our youth setup in all these years of winning things in youth competitions who proceeded to become a world class star, whether at Chelsea or somewhere else. I don't know what 'well-trained' means either, nobody's saying they're not training enough. Point is, you'll have to be an absolutely outstanding technical talent with great mentality and fitness levels to become a starter at a top club like Chelsea when you're a young player, because the competition for places is very strong and stakes are very high. That's what the loan system is for. You know what the best sign is for how good our 'elite' youngsters are? Show me how many, if any, clubs are lining up to sign them and I'll tell you how 'elite' those lads are. Scores of PL clubs are knocking on our doors, trying to get Tammy Abraham. That's how you know a player's real worth. It's a noble notion that we should trust the youth more, but I don't see the point of playing youngsters as a matter of principle. Very few footballers at young age have what it takes to start for a top European club. Going on loan where pressure isn't as big and opportunities to shine are plenty is the way to go. Grab your chance like Abraham and Ake did, and I'm sure you'll be rewarded. Fail or do relatively okay, well, then you have found your level. Remember Josh McEachran? Good example of how a youngster with so much promise failed to live up to the hype.
  8. Those youngsters won't develop further, if they keep spending most of the season on a Chelsea bench. I have to be honest, I'm yet to see anything from those players you've mentioned to suggest that they have a future at the club, but the only way for them to prove their worth is to play regularly. It's not going to happen at CFC so they'll have to go on loan, because we're not doing them any favours by limiting them to ten-fifteen minutes of substittute appearances here and there once every few weeks. It's important to assess what club would be the best option for them and demand that they'd get plenty of playing time. If they are good enough to play for Chelsea, they'll be back like Christensen is now, and Abraham most likely will be in the near future.
  9. Them rejecting our bid doesn't mean there's no chance of signing him. Serie A wages are no match to those at the top PL clubs and money talks. Of course, it may end up with Sandro squeezig a better contract out of Juve while professing his undying love for them, but our negotiators must have known something before they made a bid for him, at least his camp probably let it be known that the player is willing to leave if the right offer comes along. “Chelsea made a very big offer for Alex Sandro,” Marotta admitted, speaking to Corriere della Sera. “We said no, but today players are masters of their own destiny.” That to me sounds like the line to appease the fans while giving the player a chance to push through the deal. He could have just said no and added that Sandro isn't for sale at any price, but he didn't do it. As for Alonso, he did have a very good season, but he's no world class player and never will be. Conte's system relies heavily on wingbacks and like any other position, if you have a shot at landing a better player, you go for it. This is a very competitive transfer market with crazy numbers flying around, so if you have to overpay, at least you should overpay for top talent. Don't know much about Ghoulam, but dealing with De Laurentis is a nightmare. Bertrand is solid, but just like Alonso, he's good, not great, and never will be.
  10. You're making it sound like he'll be going to China. He'll be making a move from one top European club to another, playing in one of the best and most competitive leagues in the world, while making much more money in the process. I'm not saying Sandro will join Chelsea, but I don't see how it's a downgrade for him.
  11. We don't need a backup, but rather an improvement on Moses. Alves in his prime would be a fantastic signing, but at 34 I'm not sure I understand the logic behind the move.
  12. Now, that would be funny.
  13. I have a feeling it's the German Messi himself, Marko Marin . He's coming back to prove all you doubters wrong!
  14. Surprised at people criticizing Aubameyang. Every player has flaws, he's no exception, but he's clearly the best option among those available. Tall, athletic, fast, good technique, great finisher, proven in a serious league. Given a choice, I'd go for him over Lukaku, no question. Whether we are in for him or whether he'll be interested in playing for us is a different matter. Ideally I'd love Lewandowski, but that's never going to happen.
  15. With the competition he's got at Bayern he's more likely to be playing once a month, if he's lucky.