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  1. From the little I've seen of Lemar he seems more of a replacement for someone like Cesc.
  2. Somebody from the stands uploaded post game celebrations.
  3. I think Conte needs to come up with something new, spring a surprise on Spuds. Like starting someone like Loftus-Cheek in place of Costa or something of that nature. If it works, we may use it in the league. We're very predictable in our lineup and tactics and Tottenham knows how to exploit our flaws very well, we saw it earlier in the season. It's a cup game, so it won't have a direct effect on the league standings, but the confidence either team would get from the win would be very important. The Spuds are flying at the moment, a loss from the itle rival they're trying to overtake could kill their drive.
  4. I'm not sure what you find so funny. Costa when he's focused and playing his best is good enough. Costa of the last few months has been poor, at times shockingly poor. Matic circa 2014-15 season is more than good enough, unfortunately we see that version of Matic once every month at best. Begovic is a solid backup, but nothing more. Zouma is still very raw and while a good athlete, isn't good with a ball at his feet. When players do well, they're being praised, when they don't, they get criticized.
  5. Antonio needs to sort out Costa, one way or the other. It's gotten to the point that his indifferent form, to put it mildly, may very well cost us the title. I think Conte doesn't trust Michy's ability at all and ultimately is left with no other choice, or at least that's how he sees it. I see no other reason why he'd start Diego game after game, considering that his form has been floating from average to abysmal for months now. Either way I'd ship Costa out first thing come cummer. He's a liability and clearly can't be controlled. Hopefully we can get some good money from China and get someone who doesn't switch off halfway through the season.
  6. Costa cost us on more than one occasion but the real problem was buying Batshuayi which turned out to be a mistake. We needed someone if not capable of competing for the starting spot then at least a decent backup that can lead the line and chip in with a goal here and there. Michy is clearly not up to the challenge. As a result, we're totally dependent on a moody diva, praying before every match that he'll decide to actually play football instead of turning the game into a pathetic circus. We needed someone that could potentially replace Costa when called upon and do a solid job. We don't have that option and as a result he knows we're stuck with him and plays every game anyway, even when he's embarrassing the club like today and many other times before.
  7. Costa's mind has been in China since January. Unfortunately, his useless body is still here.
  8. Guillem Balague‏ @GuillemBalague Monaco's Bakayoko has agreed personal terms with Chelsea. Next step is for Chelsea to pay Monaco more than anybody else for the midfielder.
  9. Can't imagine how bad Batshuayi has to be to stay on a bench when this version of Costa is on the pitch. Just sub him off Conte. I can't stand the idea of watching that sh*t show for another 45 minutes, unless of course he gets himself sent off.
  10. We need to improve our central midfield and fullback/wingback options first and foremost. Depending on how Costa situation plays out in the summer we may have to look at new CF, too. I like the look of that Fabinho fellow from Monaco. Was really impressed with him vs Man City. Mind you, I haven't watched him at all apart from the CL appearances and some youtube compilations but he seems to be the type of a player we could certainly use. Can play central midfield and RB positions, very good technically and offers something both in attack and defence. Another one from the same club is Bernardo Silva. I know we have plenty attacking midfielders but he looks special talent. Don't think we've got anyone that can be compared to him in terms of individual ability, apart from Hazard. Would love to have him at CFC. Bakayoko looks a bit raw to me, he may very well become a new Toure but I have reservations about him. We'll need to improve our wingback options, both Alonso and Moses have done well so far but next season we'll need a better deeper squad to compete on many fronts. In a top European club those guys would be backups, at best. Batshuayi needs to leave on loan, he's clearly not in Conte's plans. I have a feeling Costa wants to go to China which will force us to look at new strikers. Never been a fan of Lukaku but we may have to go for him with no better options available. Heard some good things about Bellotti but I don't watch Seria A often enough to form an opinion.If there's a shot at Sanchez, of course we should try and make it happen. Doubt Arsenal would sell him to us, though.
  11. Moses is so bad at crossing, it's infuriating. Costa continues his crappy form where he looks like he's putting in about 60% of what he's capable of. Tired of this attitude.
  12. I seem to remember Costa being off form since New Year in our title-winning season so it's not the first time that's happened to him. I just hope Conte finds the right approach to motivate him because he's a key player for us and we're going to need him down the road.
  13. Conte needs to grow a pair and replace Matic with Fabregas at HT. Give Costa another 15, if he doesn't look bothered, bring in Willian or Michy instead.
  14. Without him we wouldn't be conceding any long kicks. Plus, he's quite average in the air.
  15. I think Hazard is more gifted naturally but Sanchez has done more with what he's been given.