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  1. The result is ever important, the performance was secondary, we were missing some key players, Bakayoko had his first start since coming back from surgery and Morata is still not 100%. Not to mention the fact that we're still waiting on more signings before the window closes. Our second half performance against Burnley and the reaction to an own goal should be proof enough that all that talk about problems in the Chelsea dressing room is emanating from the British journos' arses. As long as we demonstrate this type of mentality, we'll be OK.
  2. Candreva

    I remember him being one of the key players for Conte at the Euros until he got injured.
  3. Random Rumours

    Don't you all think that one of the reasons our youngsters do better for other clubs because the pressure to deliver a quality performance isn't as big as it is at Chelsea? At Chelsea their errors would be maginified too, while when we watch them somewhere else we tend to mostly look for positives. I'm happy they're getting playing time and an invaluable experience but it's a long season. Let's wait and see.
  4. Candreva

    Cancelo is apparently moving to Inter on loan which probably means they're ready to offload Candreva to us.
  5. Joao Cancelo

    On loan to Inter.
  6. Alex Sandro

    Forgot about Courtois, but as for Hazard, the only two players he can replace in their starting eleven are CR and Bale and that's not going to happen.
  7. Alex Sandro

    You can't be serious. Real Madrid have the best squad in the world, they're the only club to win the CL back-to-back. They're so good they can afford to lose the likes of Morata and James Rodriguez and still not skip a beat. If we had a squad anywhere near their depth and quality I could live with missing out on players on occasion, although that doesn't happen to them often. We currently don't have a single player that can break into their first eleven and their former backup striker is our best option upfront. We, on the other hand, have Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso as our starting wingbacks. I like them both and will support them as long as they wear CFC shirt but there isn't a single top club in Europe that would have them as starters.
  8. Cédric Soares

    Chelsea dealt Cedric Soares blow as Southampton demand 'silly offer'. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea-dealt-cedric-soares-blow-southampton-demand-silly-offer-a3614576.html
  9. Alex Sandro

    The first time we were linked with the player was June 7. The link is on the first page of this thread. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/06/07/chelsea-place-riyad-mahrez-alex-sandro-wanted-list-antonio-conte/ From what I understand the world record fee was offered and turned down yesterday or day before yesterday. It's 16th or 17th of August. Even if Matt Law found out of our interest the very same day we decided to after Sandro, it's still pretty much the whole summer. If we end up without Sandro, then it makes sense to ask: why haven't we got it over with earlier? We had all summer to figure out the plan of action and we ended up doing the same stupid sh*t we did with the players already mentioned here, just drag it out till it's too late. The high profile transfers you're referring to weren't completed early. Early is when the player starts a preseason with his new team. We know Conte wanted Walker and Danilo. City got both. I'm sure Lukaku was our first choice to replace Costa. I'm not a fan, but it was obvious that we have missed out probably because we were overly confident he'll be ours anyway. Now this Sandro saga, that looks too painfully familiar, because we go through the same ordeal summer after summer.
  10. PSG sale

    Have you watched Krychowiak a lot? He looks a bit slow and lumbering on Youtube. I feel we have our own Lucas in Musonda, great dribbler but lack of finished product. And I don't think they'll sell Kurzawa.
  11. Alex Sandro

    What makes you think so? If anything, our recent struggles demonstrate that whenever we chase the player for a long period of time, we end up with nothing.
  12. Alex Sandro

    Couldn't they figure it out a bit sooner?
  13. Apparently it was QPR's Under 21 side.