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  1. charierre

    WC 2018

    I've yet to see why anyone would pay anywhere near the 100m quoted for Milinkovic-Savic. The Serbian Pogba.
  2. charierre

    WC 2018

    Personally I'd go Spain v Portugal so far.
  3. charierre

    WC 2018

    I think Pele,Jairzinho,Rivellino and Tostao may disagree on this.
  4. charierre

    WC 2018

    Fully deserved win for Croatia. Yet again we saw that there is no I in team. Argies have far too many individuals with little team structure. Messi is frequently compared to Maradona, the difference is that the latter bar being a cheating git for his handball could when faced with being amongst a team of Charlies, grab a game by the scruff of its neck instead of walking around.
  5. charierre

    WC 2018

    Paddy Power @paddypower Just like me after a few pints, Argentina let down by their Willy. #ARGCRO
  6. charierre

    WC 2018

    The group games are all about qualifying. Winning the first game makes it so much easier. We played well first half bar the finishing, second half we lacked energy and perhaps the fear of losing came in, Tunisia grew in confidence to hold on for the point. Stupid by Walker in giving the penalty away but we should have had a couple ourselves. The Germany defeat has possibly opened a route into the latter stages of the competition with them now on collision course with Brazil in the last 16 and it maybe better to finish second in our group. RLC played well when he came on, he could be a good option against tiring legs.
  7. charierre

    WC 2018

    Totally agree Scott, great players show up in the main tournament. Ronaldo dragged Portugal along tonight in a similar way to what Maradona did for the Argies in 86. We need Messi to now do the same,so we can talk about them fully in the same breathe as other greats who have graced the world cup.
  8. charierre

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If the club really wanted Blanc he would have been appointed already. He's able to start immediately with no compensation to be paid and being out of work for two years will be relatively cheap to employ. He clearly isn't the preferred option. One thing you should ask yourself, if he's such a fine catch. Why has he been unemployed two years? Football moves on quickly,even in such a short time.
  9. charierre

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    You lucky enough to have witnessed one of the finest goals of all time, yet don't give it it's just deserves. That goal was up there with Maradona's goal against England,Zidane's goal against Leverkusen and Roberto Carlos goal against France as one of the greatest you will witness in a top level game. Ronaldos is better in that it pays out more money to the leeches of the game who have judged it.
  10. charierre

    Next Chelsea Manager

    We appear from the outside to be a rudderless ship. The manager who has delivered two trophies and still retains the support of many fans despite being a whiny bitch, continues to be in a job despite what the media will have us believe. The board for their part have been deafening by their silence in support of their beleaguered coach if even to congratulate him on our latest trophy. Meanwhile we are linked with a few coaches all who have no playing strategy in common,names plucked from a box with no overall identity to what will be our playing style. Our DoF resigned unexpectedly, a position seen as key to how we run the playing side of the club has as yet been filled. Duties designated to CEO who despite being an excellent businesswoman has no football background. Brian Clough left a blank page in his biography for what directors know about football. The time has come to either support our manager or sack him, we are a club in limbo at present. The directors need to start doing the job they are well paid for,promoting the best interests of the club both in private and public.
  11. One of a few fine teams not to have won the trophy along with the Dutch in 74 and 78 and France in 86. Great to watch going forward but naive in defence. Remember being sad they went out early. The 82 tournament was one of my favourites. The early matches started just as the pubs opened on the way home from work, all the rest were at sensible times. Three home countries,N Ireland beating Spain, England unbeaten but not for the last time were caught waiting for an injured player. The great Brazil team, the cheating Germans and Austrians and the great SF between France and Germany culminating in the Germans getting well beaten in the final. Only let down really was the barmy second group stage they employed that year, that produced two groups of death.
  12. charierre

    Our New Stadium

    Uncle Ken has offered a quid for us.
  13. charierre

    Thibaut Courtois

    You don't know how lucky you are to have a top keeper until you get a mediocre one. Anyone remember Tommy Hughes replacing Bonetti against Leeds?
  14. charierre

    Frank Lampard retires from playing football

    Appointed manager of Derby County, Jodie Morris his no2. Good luck Frank. I think this may work out to be a new destination for some of our youth products. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5790215/Derby-announce-Frank-Lampard-new-manager.html
  15. charierre

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Hypothetically without having any knowledge of Sarri's existing contract, would the compensation reduce? He is reportedly earning at present 1.5m per annum with 2 yrs still left on his deal. So the contract is worth 3m with maybe an added million as a sweetener for Napoli. Probably won't work that way but I can imagine a lawyer arguing that point.