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  1. Home Office said in a statement: "The immigration rules clearly state that non-EU nationals who have received a custodial sentence of less than 12 months within the last five years will be refused on criminality grounds." There is no right to appeal against a visa refusal.
  2. The SF is probably as good as it gets for England until we find a way of getting our youngsters competitive minutes in the top flight like Spain and Germany manage. A quick look at the eligible players for the next competition in 2019 suggests not many will achieve this goal.
  3. Chelsea Youth‏ @chelseayouth 7h7 hours ago Predictable observation: This time last year, Bakayoko (Aug 94) had played less pro matches + mins than Chalobah (Dec 94). Experience...
  4. It's to teach and develop young players to a standard that they can make a career in football. Occasionally you unearth a gem that will make it right to the top with the club. The players who aren't upto that quality find their feet lower down the league structure keeping smaller clubs alive. This is a reverse to how things were before the influx of foreign players,when larger clubs looked to the lower leagues for recruits. The money made will be miniscule and the profits will be sunk into the next batch of players, which in turn keeps the football ladder alive.
  5. Typical England opening tournament fixture. Abraham had a couple of half chances in the first half, Baker didn't get into the game and Nat had more of the ball but also made more mistakes.
  6. kodi
  7. He starts along with Baker and Abraham for England U21 v Sweden at 5pm
  8. I've heard the Cayman Islands have a decent league.
  9. Whilst agreeing in principle with this, wages for players have gone up exponentially. The money coming into the game via the enormous tv deals added to increased sponsorship deals have made a lot of clubs (even less successful) very wealthy. This in turn has players asking what about their share, without them the product is worthless. Yesterday we see Leicester City agree to sign Harry Macguire( the Micky Droy of today ) with wages just shy of 21m over 5 yrs, these amounts are unrecognisable to the average fan. Tibo is widely recognised as one of the top keepers within his profession and as such is asking for a wage that is in keeping with it. I agree that 200k a week is an obscene amount of money but wealth is what now drives the game.
  10. We will have Champions League Fixtures directly before Arsenal, Man City and Man U at home and directly after a trip to Anfield.
  11. We play three direct rivals in the first few weeks plus Everton without Eden and probably Costa, could be important to get our incoming transfer business done early to help them bed in. You can't win a title in September but you can lose one.
  12. England U20 world champions. Congratulations to JCS and Tomori ...and Solanke.
  13. Dzeko or Manolas up for sale now?