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  1. Quite definetely, it's noticeable how many United players are hmm hmm ' injured' or excused international duty. Whilst the rest of us have had players play two hard matches.
  2. @Zeta I always quite liked this one
  3. charierre

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Good win, any match in Spain is hard.Luis Enrique now knows what its like to be a Chelsea manager, chasing a game and all you have is Morata to turn to.
  4. charierre

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Good interview. At least we now know why he is probably a better football manager than banker,
  5. charierre

    Random Rumours

    Being reported we're in for an Italian kid, Sandro Tonali. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/7482315/chelsea-to-bid-for-sandro-tonali-brescia/
  6. charierre

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Ridiculous decision by UEFA to play the match behind closed doors three years after the indiscretion. The two matches should have been played in front of a crowd but with all gate receipts going to charity, the Jewish holocaust society of something similar. Chance missed by UEFA to educate the crowd.
  7. OptaJoe‏Verified account @OptaJoe FollowFollow @OptaJoe More 31 - There were 31 passes made in the build-up to Alvaro Morata's goal for Chelsea against Southampton; the most of any goal in the Premier League this season. Slick.
  8. charierre


    or better to not say anything at all, Footballers in general are a very privileged bunch, have been born with a skill that earns them vast amount of money a lifestyle the majority can only dream of, but still find something to whinge about. Most of us find work interferes with our family lives but guess what we get on with it.
  9. charierre


    Good first half, a little dodgy in the second with misplaced passes and control though this was his third start in a week and maybe getting a little jaded.
  10. Decent performance today, despite a couple of chances for them I never really felt like we were in any danger once we got the first goal. The third goal capped off a fine move, good to see Morata get on the scoresheet. Kepa again produced a couple of fine saves.Twenty pts and in second place after Sarri's first eight games, can't really ask for more.
  11. Had time to think. Useless.
  12. Good set piece, now to cement the win.
  13. Eden, great play by Barkley
  14. charierre

    We've got a new Kepa

    Was good tonight, without his saves Vidi get something out of this game.
  15. charierre

    The Mutu saga continues

    Totally agree, every sportsman/woman knows how important it is for their sport to keep clean be it performance enhancing or recreational drugs. They are a no no. Mutu got caught, he was disciplined as per club policy, the right message was sent. In asking for monies back it should be remembered that we paid Mutu a nice signing on fee plus will have paid agents fees too for both signing on and sacking him on top of the transfer fee. We went trough the proper channels to obtain payments owed. Meanwhile Juventus sign a player for free that we technically still hold registration for and also manage to pocket 8 million in transfer fees. Mutu has continued to earn a living from the game but still didn't learn his lesson, being banned for drug taking whilst in Italy. We will have to agree a settlement eventually but lets not forget he brought all this on himself, no one forced him to take the stuff in the first place.