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  1. This side are seriously lacking balls. Not enough of our players have been up for the fight. Morata getting blown over by the wind time and again. How many free kicks are we going to give away just outside the area? Too much indiscipline in our challenges.
  2. Not counting the corner kick?
  3. IPTV - VPN help

    The first edition firesticks won't accept a VPN. I run IPVanish on PC's , 2 fire tv boxes first and latest editions and Sony Android TV without many problems. Not sure on flawless, could be the servers get rammed at match time as its become popular. l still use Kodi without many problems, I'm on 76 down 20 up.
  4. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    He's the type of player, who if you saw his stats whilst playing for an opposing team, would have a debate on here as to why we should be buying him. Only in the flesh do you see his limitations. His lack of movement not only fails to create himself space, it also hampers the decisive runs by Hazard who relies on the half hard to create his magic. As a third striker, he would be perfect coming into a game chasing a goal, similar to Chicarito. As a starter/2nd striker though he fails to do enough upfront to the detriment of the team on the whole.
  5. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Conte correctly identified that Bats isn't good enough to operate within his team framework last season. With this in mind,not upgrading his position looks like a very poor decision that could hurt us big time this campaign. His workrate and in particular the movement is shockingly poor for what is supposed to be a top level striker. Couple this with poor ball control, unable to play with his back to the goal and like others have questioned wonder who thought he was good value for the 33m outlay. Just eight games into the season and we are now seeing why the manager wanted Llorente, he may also have been the player who could have extended Michy's Chelsea career. As it is the decision not to upgrade certain priority positions is now looking likely to hurt us. We have the first eleven to compete at the very top level but once you go beyond that we look incredibly thin on the ground.
  6. Our attitude in some games is our bogey. Apply ourselves against a side low on confidence in the first half and we win. As it was we were a no show first half and got exactly what we deserved out of the match.
  7. Definitely our worst performance this season. Lessons not being learned, players not being picked on merit. Luiz stepping straight back into the side having got himself foolishly sent off at the expense of a player who more than gave a good impression of himself in his absence. Willian starting despite a desperately poor performance the week before and having travelled the longest distance in midweek. Cesc again starting in a two man midfield which we all know just doesn't work. Add to that a CF who has the movement of a sloth up front and we have problems. Hopefully Conte will now look to the squad for answers but yet again we didn't achieve our primary targets in the latest window. I would take top 4 now if it was offered as we may just struggle to even achieve that this year.
  8. Well done Palace deserved victory. We were a disgrace today in the first half. No excuses.
  9. Bet we're first on match of the day tonight.
  10. At least he's good on twitter. His FIFA stats are a bit high mind you.
  11. Bats has been sat on the bench so long rigor mortis has set in. He has the movement of a sloth.
  12. Best football images

    Remember getting some stick at school after that match.
  13. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

  14. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Not even the greatest Argentinean.