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  1. f**k me what is it about ex blues
  2. Gone past the cutoff point for 10 bookings its now 15 for a three match.
  3. I can't believe how poor we are at defending corners.
  4. Not sure were the idea of dropping off has come when we are unable to defend. Attack attack attack
  5. Good selection, 3 in midfield should give us control and negate the effects of a hard game at Wembley,which will have been draining.
  6. Not a time to be gambling,we're in a serious title race with one ' get out of jail free card' to play. Three points is a must barring injury I'd expect the usual suspects to start.
  7. Great game, Messi out of this world tonight. Whilst not a Barca fan, there something nice about seeing white shirts trudge off defeated.
  8. Bristol City aren't getting relegated.
  9. 52 minutes ago, candygram for mongo said: Honestly, how good is this kid? His hold up play is brilliant but what was more apparent today was his "geeing up" of his team mates. He is 19 years old, on loan and could easily just coast through games but there were 2 occasions today where I thought , mate I could not love you any more. Not sure what the score was, possibly 1-2 when he was visibly encouraging everyone to up their game and secondly when Brownhill cut in from the right and hit a poor shot off target, Tammy went straight over to him to offer more encouragement. This lad is a credit to his family, to Chelsea FC and more importantly a credit to himself. We are so very lucky to have had him this season Clearly he has given a good account of himself as the fans think so much of him. Having taken good care of him, playing and resting him at the correct times I hope we look to send more of our young starlets there to gain experience.
  10. when the Spurs go marching out
  11. f**k me we just beat the best team since Brazil 1970 or so we were led to believe before the match. Great team performance all around. What is about Spurs fans doing a runner before the match ends again?