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  1. UEFA Youth League

  2. Ethan Ampadu

    Oldham sold Wayne Harrison to Liverpool for 250k in 1985. At the time it was a huge fee for a largely untried kid who was 17 at the time. He had played at a higher level than Ampadu. Wayne didn't train on and never made it at the top. His career was cut short by injury aged 23. The point is we have signed potential, he may go on to be a world beater ,similarly in 5years he could be playing non league on a part time basis. Desire and attitude as much as talent will decide at what level Ampadu finishes. The fee awarded by the tribunal appears to be small judging on what we have seen. They though will only go on known facts at the time of transfer. As a measure of goodwill I'd like to think we could offer Exeter some of our youths on loan as they clearly would use them to good effect benefiting both clubs. Footnote: Wayne Harrison died in 2013, just shows none of us know what will happen in life.
  3. Easy win, without being spectacular. Giroud led the line well and good to see Hazard back in the mood. As for Morata, can we honestly risk him as number one striker next season?
  4. Has Drinkwater disappeared into the same black hole as Luiz?
  5. Don't expect any youth team players tonight, the U19 CL tournament kicks off tomorrow. The whole of the squad were rested for this the other night when we lost our home unbeaten record that stretched back 3 yrs.
  6. Rate the signings

    Rudiger -6.5 reasonable first season room for improvementZappacosta -5 runs fast ,ok going forwardMorata - 5.5 needs to improve his attitude, not convinced he ever really wanted to leave Madrid.Bakayoko - 1piss poor Emerson - 4 for signingBarkley - 4 signed at a price we can't loseGiroud - 7 good backup strikerDrinkwater - 5 EnglishCallabero - 8 free and capable backup who ever signed this motley crew -3 quantity over quality , case of penny wise pound stupid.
  7. Marcos Alonso

    Called it during the match thread. At no point was Alonso going to get the ball and was a 100% red. I've no quibbles with the ban, my biggest problem though like others is the total inconstancy of how retrospective action is dished out. Clearly action is summonsed according to how the media react. The only ex players we have within this circle are Frank( who is making a name for himself and won't want to ruffle feathers ) ,Ruud who could call it as it is, Chris Sutton and Andy Townshend neither of whom could really be classed as Chelsea. Until we get someone fighting our cause we will always be on the rough end of media coverage when comparisons are made with other sinister challenges are made.
  8. Morata will get blown over by the breezy conditions.
  9. Alonso challenge was 100% red it was a bad one. As for who gets retrospective God knows how they decide.
  10. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I would think he'll be required for the u19 Champion League weekend in Nyon. Add to that the youth cup final,will be surprised to see him on first team duty.
  11. We're so great it's unbelievable. Embarassing first half, desire and professional pride was missing. Giroud showed the Spanish pussy what is expected of a frontman. Suddenly the team decides to play. A big shakeup is required in the summer, we need leaders on the pitch.
  12. Morata taking his rightful place on the bench has helped.