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  1. Ballack & Blu

    Eden Hazard

    Let the conspiracy theorists loose on this one, for Hazard to say that about the man that caused his own downfall over a football injury concerning Hazard, that then started the Dr Eva fallout, and then collapse of the team ensued, something is very strange with that statement, hopefully Eden has been mis-quoted..
  2. I'm At St. Marys, but on the Scilly isles, so anyone got a decent stream?, sorry peeps i thought it was a 1 O'clock kick off
  3. They are coming to the bridge, Jorginho is going to pass the arse of em!
  4. Ballack & Blu

    Eden Hazard

    Well for Jodie to say the most talented to ever play for Chelsea speaks volumes, oh and jodie kept saying WE, love him
  5. Ballack & Blu

    Super Frank's Derby County

    Magic, just magic result for 'Sir Frank', get innnnn, Massive win over the ol boy Jose
  6. Ballack & Blu

    West Ham V Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd Sep 13:30 UK

    This is one of those games where Hazard looked just good, nothing exceptional, and he was wasteful in possession, the difference between the Messis of the world where he is 8.5/10 every week for Barca..
  7. Ballack & Blu

    West Ham V Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd Sep 13:30 UK

    Remind them, we spank them!
  8. Morata is trying and his luck is piss poor tonight
  9. like watching Barca under pep....without the goals
  10. like watching Barca under pep....without the goals
  11. To be fair to Morata, Chelsea are just pinging the ball in little triangles, seen one decent cross towards Morata!
  12. Ballack & Blu

    Eden Hazard

    The Stuart pearce remarks on Sky sports made my piss itch, saying he thinks Hazard would score 40 for Citeh or Liversh*te, because they are a better team, excuse me ya dim ass twat, but we are currently sitting atop the pile, hate it when we aren't getting the credit, and Denigrating our Team which apart from Citeh are a team of bottling losers!!!
  13. Ballack & Blu

    Eden Hazard

    Thats my go to word when describing the lowlifes i know
  14. Ballack & Blu

    Chelsea V Cardiff (PL) Sat 15th Sep 15:00 UK

    Anymore links, my mac don't like to download a new flash player off one of the links, cheers