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  1. Hazard is by far the better Footballer, as a player, thats different
  2. Hazard changed the outcome, Goal, and an assist, don't get much better for a 30 min cameo!!
  3. Costa is proving to be the diametrical opposite to JT Un-f*cking-Professional, "finish ya shift and clock out permanently"!!!
  4. I echo all the above sentiments 100%, but for years i used to bang on about what a brilliant footballer he was, not the warrior defender, but as the kids say his "Tekkers, i remember reading Lamps saying when he joined us, i need to become as good and develop a touch like JT, i personally just love the guy to bits for just being the JT every fan really deep down knows he is.... Love this picture, "i may not be deemed worthy to play, but you're in my heart Chelsea"
  5. He knew that sneaky Argie sh*thead Rojo was going to wind up, and he didn't disappoint, i mentioned a while ago, he doesn't seem to score more than 1 a game, his lack of goals since Xmas has been alarming!!, but Michy must be useless in training?
  6. He looks like a very young Thierry Henry, and he didn't turn out to shoddy!!!
  7. No go, for any show, we aint for selling a Garden of.........
  8. Pedants, don't ya just love em....
  9. Your original post i replied to said the " The days of the big no.9 are surely over"........well aint Costa a big no9??
  10. Travesty if we throw this to the Spuds, we will never be made to forget it......
  11. Really reckon this kid should be looked at, Spunking 33 million on Batsuey is a terrible waste of finances...., and he is ours and for nowt......
  12. Eden by a stretch, props to Moses and Alonso
  13. How would you describe Costa??
  14. Plus his work rate is shocking, Don conte is going to want at least 20% more efforts from him....but he does put the ball in the back of the sack!!!
  15. Being left footed, i see the same as him, and scored a few free kicks similar to that, but he really does strike a sweet free kick, boundless energy, plenty of technique on the left, him and Moses have really been the un-earthed gems this season....