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  1. Did think the 'Nationa'l sounded really good, don't get the Ed sheehan stuff at all, The XX now i like them, and Kris Kristoffersen should of played 20 odd yrs ago, like a carbon copy of the great Johnny Cash..
  2. If by some chance he is our starting striker, what are the chances of him kicking off when Atletis transfer embargo is lifted in january?
  3. Radiohead are a very 'Marmite' band, thought the last 1hr was good though, tbh i wasn't that impressed with Glasto this year, a few gems, Chrissie hynde, Nile rogers, the Jacksons, DJ shadow.
  4. As much as that new blue kit is neat n smart, not much imagination to a plain ol shirt, maybe that is the look they are trying to replicate?
  5. Absolutely spot on, but if we are going to lump a sh*t load of money on someone they think is gold, they are praying he can replicate his Everton form and plus some..
  6. lukaku has been excellent for Everton, with average players, common sense should say that with our class and service he might just excel, at this scoring lark.......
  7. Radiohead at Old trafford (cricket ground) in early July..
  8. Lil Pat, and Colin pates, And Butch with Chelsea of course..
  9. Joe cole making that fabulous manyoo defence look rank sh*te
  10. threads likethis cahill saga, it sort of brings out the best in people doesn't it,
  11. Exclamation, lol
  12. This is probably as excitable as it would be for Bayern to be linked to Hazard!
  13. Stop giving 100% categoric statements, its a 100% categoric opinion!!!
  14. Cahill scores far more, so wins far more, its just about opinions, you won't change my mind, i won't change others!!!
  15. Another beauty from a player i truly adored, even if his skillset had waned when with us