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  1. Considering the pressure on him to perform today........Ake MOM for me.
  2. Took the words out of my mouth. Misguided loyalty wont get us back up that table. Lets get behind the team ,and cheers the boys on today. This business has been a bloody horrible pill to swallow, but Chelsea MUST stay in the Premier League, end of. Crying over what could have been aint gonna help us acheive that. I love Chelsea, always have ,always will, with or without Mourhino.........Managers come and go, real fans dont. In a few months we wont care as we will be winning again. Lets look forward to a new year (it cant get any worse), and some new players.
  3. Still numb........lost my voice......every time I watch Drogba's penalty, I still get goosebups !!! I thought at 45 years of age I'd seen it all with Chelsea, but last night topped everything. Dont think it will be repeated , but thank you Chelsea for everything....nuff said !