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  1. It's typical spurs will only attack when they have an advantage . Hope the chap gets well. Spurs are cowards always were and always will be.
  2. Because he got money under the table
  3. People are assuming this is a picture taking in Africa but it's actually Tottenham high road.
  4. If he goes he goes no player is bigger then the club but I hope he stays
  5. As for as I'm aware roman is funding the project
  6. Fair point. I suppose if the boss in work lets you away with slacking of your going to do it. Maybe ozil is just a lazy player or maybe he needs a manager to push him more. From the outside looking in it seems like wenger for years has let he's players do what they want. Take gallas for example crying and moaning on the St Andrew's pitch he wouldn't have done that at Chelsea. Arsenal are weak on and off the pitch and also weak on the terraces.
  7. R. I. P
  8. How a Dutch man got the England job I will never know lol
  9. Terrible fans so embarrassing
  10. If anyone is having a sh*t day today watch this will cheer you up
  11. No cheating no comeback simple as that
  12. They must have a day off from practice
  13. The message is clear football is the only sport ( business ) in the world where cheaters get rewarded take athletics if you get caught cheating you'll be stripped of medals. Football hails you as a hero the game is not the beautiful game no way. I wonder how many champions leagues would Barcelona have without being aided by dodgy decisions
  14. Why give barca credit they cheated that's not sport. If we spent the night diving I'd be embarrassed. The game is in a bad way if people want to give praise and credit for cheating.