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  1. Yep that's true. Good day. Shirts of for the Chelsea
  2. Have a few for me it's my birthday
  3. You better be changing your name soon mate.
  4. She'll type what she wants she'll type what she wants our beerqueen she'll type what she wants lol
  5. Welcome Alan and enjoy Thailand you lucky sod
  6. Leave them bitch and moan all they want. f**k em all. They should realise by them moaning makes it sweeter for us. I love the taste of rivals tears lol
  7. Just win it again next season shut them up. Bitter twats
  8. Looking at 4 years away from the bridge which worries me.
  9. Big f**k up last night from ye but that's life you either sink or swim. Personally I think moving into Wembley has come at a bad time for ye because you'll have to adjust if spurs played at the lane over the next couple of seasons you might have won a tittle. Moving into Wembley is going to be a difficult I feel and I hate the thought of us moving into Wembley when the bridge is being redeveloped but that's just the way it is.
  10. Don't know about that I was worried about spurs catching us after our defeat at old Trafford if I'm honest.
  11. Sorry to hear that spud good that things are back on track for you. I'm good as gold why wouldn't I be the double is on lol.
  12. Thought you were dead mate lol. Good seeing you back.
  13. Man utd European champions in town
  14. Chelsea v Bolton our last home game before our trip to Stockholm.
  15. American football also