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  1. Some far points but he was united fan as a boy I believe so I'm sure it was a dream move for him. Do you personally know him ? He's hardly blue through at through if he supported united is he? Maybe you should also check the facts. You say it was purely down to money why he went but like I said he's a united fan as a boy so dream come through for him, who wouldn't want to play for the team he supported as a boy. I must try find the programme he's questions and answers where in. I'm well aware he's nickname was butch and it wasn't a gay term not that it matters. My dad drank with him numerous times in the players lounge and said he was a nice enough guy but as a pundit he tries to hard to be a nice guy which I find quite boring.
  2. Thought he was a man united fan as a kid , nearly sure I saw that in a matchday programme from he's playing days with us. Didn't he leave at the first chance he got ? Not really Chelsea through and through. He's boring in my opinion and definitely tries hard to be Mr nice guy but fair play for being our youngest ever club captain.
  4. Not sure he can be replaced. Hopefully he acts professional and helps us win the league and come may if he still feels the same he can f**k off with another league winners medal in he's pocket
  5. Yeah I did it was cringe.
  6. This picture has me worried. Done deal I reckon. Lol
  7. Mary was nice always very welcoming. I challenged her to a sambuca shot race but she destroyed me lol
  8. My mate was actually talking with Mary yesterday over the phone she's keeping well he told me. The Lilly was great for a lock in.
  9. Ciao
  10. They had discos on a Friday night. Shame the pubs are so sh*t nowadays