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  1. That was the second leg this is the first leg embarrassing stuff. On that evidence do you think them two teams are of any quality to be in the competition at this stage I certainly don't. Great game but embarrassing
  2. Great game but f**king embarrassing at the same time. Two sh*t teams and not champions league quality. Can't wait for us next season
  3. In regards Gerrard he actually missed controlled the ball then slipped while ba had the ball. I find it funny how the supposedly greatest midfielder of a generation can't control a short pass
  4. We are the Chelsea so f**k all the rest
  5. and millwall
  6. Showing respect I reckon
  7. Grace lol having a dig at fans that travelled all the way to sunderland yep that's graceful alright. The man is a w**ker. I still hate the thought of him as our manager.
  8. Chelsea will still be the first can't take that away from us
  9. I liked that one
  10. I love this guy
  11. Spurs always sh*t at anfield
  12. This one for me
  13. First keeper to wear jogging bottoms in a cup final. Nice bit of useless information for you.
  14. Kind of feel sorry for ty yesterday he's a clown but I think the Chelsea fans over done it yesterday.