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  1. Sexual Assult

    what an idiot he was for drink driving very sad state of affairs, being honest I forgot all about it, not sure I would have it in the same category as gang rape. You bringing up that information is really after making me feel sick, thanks for the reply.
  2. Sexual Assult

    Hi all I'm just looking for some opinions regarding my local football team Waterford FC, make a long story short they have gone and signed a player http://www.waterfordfc.ie/blues-swoop-premier-division-duo/ Ismahil Akinade pleaded guilty for being involved in gang raping a girl when he was 16, now 16 or not he's crime is still the lowest of the low and age should not play a factor, at 16 you should be well aware of right and wrong, The club knew the feelings of the fans especially when we were originally linked with him our supporters club social media page was not best please but nevertheless they still went on to sign him while all along advertising family friendly season ticket prices which if we are a family friendly club surely signing a player that's after having such a negative affect on a young girl and her family should be the last player we try sign. I've already got my season ticket but I'm tempted to ask for a refund and I know some of the fans wont be renewing their season tickets and will probably just do away games. My question to the shed end is how would you feel and what would you do if you found your local club brining in a player that gang raped a girl ? I have wrote a strongly worded letter to the football club but I doubt I'll get a reply. Personally I'm really pissed off over this. Thoughts please.
  3. New person from Poland.

    Welcome Matt.
  4. Kerry Dixon.

    Good hearing he is getting back on track. Looks like he is getting a carefree going in this picture.
  5. Jose is a w**ker he wears a w**kers hat, ever since he's left us he's become a bigger twat. What a win
  6. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Sad time for the club.
  7. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Chelsea v spurs 96/97
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Ruud v man city 95/96
  9. That says it all really , before the game CFC where in turmoil so after that performance surely the media would have realising what a great performance we put in. Just shows how clueless the media can be. f**k em all.
  10. Talk about taking the piss lol
  11. That's bang on they hoped and wished I reckon
  12. Jenas saying spurs played great lol what the f**k has he been smoking. Reduced to long shots and only scored via our striker and that's classed as a great performance, they hit the post so what so did we.... Love the taste of spurs fans tears . CFC pride of London
  13. Getting no credit as per usual on motd tonight.
  14. What a f**king win. Ref was shocking but who cares. Great win