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  1. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    He was popular with the Roma fans and its easy to see why. His injury set him back but he has a lot of potential and is still young. He should get a couple more starts now with Alonso suspended. This is a great chance for him to stake a claim for a regular start.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I would say Allegri is a good choice if we want to continue in a similar playing style to Conte. His sides are built around a solid defence, but I suspect he would also have a list of demands for new players. If we are going down the route of a manager who has no say in the players signed, and needs to incorporate the youth, Jardim would seem to be a better option. If we end up getting Enrique I predict he will be as disastrous as Big Phil Scolari. However if he ends up being the new boss I hope I am wrong.
  3. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Very sad news. I never met him but he always seemed like a top bloke, and looking at all the tributes he was universally liked. I was fortunate enough to see his last couple of seasons for us in the late 70's among my first visits to the Bridge. In fact I remember seeing him score a cracking goal against United which I think started the Big Match for a while. I always enjoyed watching him play and he even made QPR watchable ;). I had always hoped we would sign him back in the late 80's but it never happened sadly. Still I was delighted that he was able to return to us as a coach for a while. If only the club hadn't unnecessarily shown him the door maybe Carlo would have hung around longer too. Certainly Carlo wasn't the same after he left. I have no doubt Sunday's game will be extra emotional now. We've lost a Chelsea legend. Thanks for all the great memories, Ray!
  4. I don't disagree about the big 3 or 4 teams being much better than all the others. But then again many would have included City along with the likes of Barca before tonight. I just don't think managers like Conte are dinosaurs. Yes he has thrown the toys out of the pram this season and acted unprofessionally. But last season the same manager had largely the same team playing some great football and winning the league. I have no doubt he will do well if he moves on to PSG for example. At this point I am pretty resigned to Conte leaving so I am now focused on who will be next and what strategy the club plans for the next few seasons. Will they hire somebody to promote the talented youth team players into the first team? If so we need patience and to manage expectations. Alternatively if we expect a quick return to Champs League then we need another hugh profile coach backed with quality signings that they actually want. An interesting summer ahead no doubt.
  5. I'd like us to have a more attacking approach but I still think a good defense makes a huge difference. None of the Premier League teams in Europe have particularly good defenses at the moment and that is why I think ultimately they will fall short in the Champions League. Liverpool blitzed City tonight for at least the first half, but they were fortunate with 2 key decisions from the linesman that went their way. Not to mention the fact that the City team was probably still rattled after having their bus attacked on the way in. I'm not sure they will be so fortunate against Barca or Real.
  6. Any idea who the head of scouting is though? I tried looking it up but cannot find anything.
  7. Agreed. But who is fulfilling that role at present? As it doesn't seem to be Conte.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    None of us know exactly what has gone on behind the scenes, including which players Conte wanted, and which players the club foisted on him etc.. Neverthless it is pretty clear here that both sides are to blame. Conte signed an improved contract last summer, and has spent most of the season seemingly daring the club to fire him. If he was so unhappy with board, he could have walked and refused to sign the improved deal. Or he could have demanded that certain terms (e.g. involvement over player signings) be included in the contract before he signed it. As it is once he agreed to the new contract he should have at least kept a lot of his dissatisfaction behind closed doors with the board. The public complaining has definitely not helped the team and our results may well have been better without it. On the other hand the board must have known Conte's demands when they approached him the new contract last summer. He had already made some of his concerns known on several occasions last season so surely they knew that this pattern would continue. Presumably they were naive enough to think that they know best and could continue to make patchwork signings to the squad rather than actually looking to improve key positions. Our rivals improved their starting 11's while we stayed still (and I am being generous there). But ultimately even if we were trying to be more conscious of spending in the transfer market, there was still no excuse for signing so many squad players with existing injuries. Perhaps if we had signed fit players they would have been integrated into the first team rotation earlier in the season and we could avoided the burnout that we seem to be seeing now in certain key players. In my opinion that, combined with the numerous extra fixtures with the Champions League ultimately led to our current position.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    We have definitely been in an "Emenalo funk" since he left ;)
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Not a bad idea. Emenalo seemed to fulfil some of that role before he left. He was the buffer between manager and board. Now we have Marina? I would like to see a true technical director of football brought in but cannot see anything bar maybe a caretaker (if Conte is sacked) before the summer
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I'm surprised that so many seem to think that replacing Conte will solve the problems. Our current issues go way deeper than the manager.
  12. Slavisa Jokanovic

    Maybe he could also tempt Ryan Sessegnon to make the switch to the blue side of SW6?
  13. Slavisa Jokanovic

    Didn't he also do really well at Watford? I seem to remember he got them promoted and was then ousted in favor of Quique Flores.
  14. Thibaut Courtois

    I doubt Courtois or Hazard will sign new deals unless we offer them crazy money. You can certainly make a case for offering Hazard a significantly improved deal. Not so sure we should do the same for Courtois at this point. If he is willing to sign an extension under reasonable terms then fair enough.
  15. Willy has played in goal for the FA Cup games and deserves to keep his spot. I would also consider giving Ampadu a game as he has done well when given a chance in the FA Cup.