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  1. In Friday's press conference Sarri mentioned that Ampadu would be out a couple of weeks, whereas CHO should be back after a few days. He also said Barkley would be out a few days at the time, and of course he ended up coming on as sub on Saturday. So I'd say there is a chance CHO will Thursday's squad.
  2. I read that there is still a decent chance Rudiger will play on Saturday. Lets hope so anyway.
  3. United had a great result against Newcastle to turn what looked like a disastrous default into a late win. Unfortunately that will give their squad some confidence. Nevertheless I suspect a lot of the issues behind the scenes are still there. If we can get on top early in the game hopefully we can put the doubts back in their heads and the cracks will appear. However if they successfully neutralize us they have the players to nick a goal or 2 on the counter and that could make things very difficult for us. As always I think the key is taking our chances. If Morata starts hopefully he can pick up where he left off against Southampton and get a run of goals going.
  4. Kepa is starting to settle in nicely. Made some decent saves tonight.
  5. I personally don't think Willian deserves some of the criticism leveled at him on here. But Zappa has been unimpressive in my opinion and not for the first time.
  6. There were plenty of players that got slated by our fans back then. There is always one who seems to get singled out as an easy target. Remember Alan Mayes?
  7. Lets hope that he can build on that and turn his form around. You have to start somewhere.
  8. Ampadu could do a job back there. Would be an interesting sub
  9. We would be home and dry if Morata knew where the goal was.
  10. Right. We need to play the small time Charlie's instead like Charlie Brown from the youth
  11. Don't they have VAR in the Europa?
  12. Not this season. I think he managed 1 or 2 in his early days with us.
  13. Being a bit harsh on Liverpool there ;)
  14. PAOK are 3 goals up against BATE already.