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  1. Brilliant. Hahahahaha. Thanks for the link. Keane just sits there and doesn't even acknowledge him. Hopefully more and more managers do that to him.
  2. I enjoyed football and following Chelsea a lot more when we 'were small'.
  3. Did he? Hahahahah. I'll have to look that up. Brilliant. Keane despises him. His constant moaning has worn thin with everyone outside united. more managers need to tell him to shove it. I think Mark Hughes shoved him away when he went to give him that patronising hand round the back of the head thing he does.
  4. Wenger may as well not have bothered with European football. All he wants to do is get knocked out. The miserable c**t has also been a failure in Europe.
  5. Wenger is a failure. Conte will easily surpass his achievements.
  6. Mourinho should be used to it. He has always said he wants to challenge on all fronts. Fixture congestion is something he has to live with if he wants to do that. Roy Keane made me chuckle. 'Maybe the club is too big for him.'
  7. He does look closer to a break down at every post match interview.
  8. True. Ok best game/massacre of the season.
  9. They ll get knocked out. Then they can spend the summer w**king over their Fergie years DVD's whilst wearing their replica tops.
  10. United fans are the most boring w**kers alive. They sing the same sh*t northern muggy songs and think they have the right to win everything and are the best fans alive blah blah blah. All the ones I know have NEVER been to Old Trafford and we're born and bred in London. Utter drippy bores.
  11. If there weren't any police around they would have all got put to sleep in two seconds by Millwall.
  12. Loved Conte giving it to the special melt. Man united supporters are the most boring c**ts in the world.
  13. What else would expect from that fixture?
  14. Our comeback against Napoli was better. A fair game with both sides hungry for it.