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  1. Sorry not conte. Mans a great example of a human being and class. Love conte.
  2. f**king Manc pricks. Let's see where moanio gets next season. f**king nowhere is my guess. Blokes a spent force. Antonio is a breath of fresh air. Moanio is yesterday's man. A has been.
  3. He's matured into a quality player. Really enjoy watching him.
  4. Whoever he gets he'll play non attacking football. Coupled with the fact he can no longer manage young players and has fallen out of love with the game will result in an early exit from Europe and a repeat of this years league form.
  5. Them united players couldn't give a toss about events that happened there. None of them have any connections up there and they were all thankful they were in their mansions etc the other night.
  6. Them and moanio deserve each other. Our future is ALOT brighter than theirs.
  7. They are the most pathetic cringeworthy try hard glory hunting pricks ever. Managed by a someone who could not give a f**k about the club or them.
  8. Stan f**king collymore should stick to giving advice to doggers and woman beaters. Robbie savage was a sh*t player and a equally sh*t pundit and Garth Crooks is just the most backward c**t in the world.
  9. Napoli were quite lively at the bridge when we played them last. Great game. One of my favourite memories down there.
  10. They just tend to spit venom for 90 minutes lol.
  11. I suppose we shouldn't be shocked or offended. Supporters are the least important aspect to a club. At the level Chelsea are at for every supporter they loose there will be a hundred waiting to buy a ticket. Tv, merchandise sales and public image come first.
  12. Looks great. Shame they didn't walk around. f**king sky, hate the way they've ruined football.
  13. Great send off. What a way to bow out JT. Sad day for the club. Our future is bright with Antonio at the helm. Up the CHELS. I do feel mobile phones should be banned for the team. Disrespectful going up to the podium sending texts and taking selfies. Lap up the moment and enjoy it.
  14. I think all the bookies differ. Heard city favourites with one us with another etc. Just depends on how they gauge it. Makes no sense United getting tipped though. They finished nowhere and it's hard to see them challenging.