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  1. He strikes me as someone that would do just that. I really like what I've seen of Kante. No fuss never argues with the ref just gets on with being the best he can. Looks to be a very humble person. Very rare in the world he operates in.
  2. Wouldn't take any of their second rate players that have won f**k ALL. Mentally weak, and will never make the big time. Kane will amount to nothing.
  3. They're about as subtle as that Jermaine jenus.
  4. Obviously spurs c**ts that have opened accounts on here. Talking utter sh*t. Can't believe what I've read.
  5. They may as well just give us the cup. Those w**kers are even bigger melts than their n17 neighbours.
  6. Hahahahahahaha. Spurs you c**ts. Said it all along. They are f**king sh*t just like their two bob sh*t c**t supporters. UP THE CHELS!
  7. My sister and brother in law are banned from my house because they support those c**ts.
  8. Very sad to hear this. Last of the old guard and the last generation of players with guts and true mental strength when it matters. A winner through and through. Thanks for the memories J T. CAPTAIN, LEADER, LEGEND.
  9. I can see them loosing against Arsenal and Leicester. We're well clear. f**k knows why people are sh*tting themselves. f**k spurs.
  10. I think this may be why he has lost some of his man management skills. The youth of today throw their toys out of the pram as soon as things don't go their way.
  11. Brilliant. Hahahahaha. Thanks for the link. Keane just sits there and doesn't even acknowledge him. Hopefully more and more managers do that to him.
  12. I enjoyed football and following Chelsea a lot more when we 'were small'.
  13. Did he? Hahahahah. I'll have to look that up. Brilliant. Keane despises him. His constant moaning has worn thin with everyone outside united. more managers need to tell him to shove it. I think Mark Hughes shoved him away when he went to give him that patronising hand round the back of the head thing he does.