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  1. He's got a face you just wanna stamp on.
  2. Just a statement of fact. Can't stand the red faced scouse c**t.
  3. Aldridge is a f**king w**ker.
  4. Get in Sutton Utd! Leeds up next. Sure there will be a few Chels faces showing up for that one.
  5. FFS These things should be banned from here.
  6. Manc c**ts v scouse c**ts= media c**ts meltdown and the usual boring comments from teletext supporters. All in all a complete borefest.
  7. They will fall over. Mentally weak the biggest bunch of c**ts going. f**k em.
  8. Bet the special prick wasn't complaining about the offside goal.
  9. And then dedicate the match to him.
  10. That's brilliant. Even his fellow fans think he's a c**t.
  11. Not your fans fault for how much money the club spend. City and Chelsea fans of old were there purely for the love of the club and not trophys. Just enjoy your new ownership and winning trophys you never thought you would see in your lifetime.
  12. They will disappear back into obscurity in a few years time. John Terry has always stated that he will end his days at Chelsea. I believe him when he stated that. Either way he could do a lot better than Bournemouth if he decided to continue.
  13. Those c**ts on that station just say anything to get people to phone in. They stir up people's emotions on purpose. They need people to call in and listen etc. All they do is w**k over the northern clubs and those mugs from N17. f**king boring to listen too. It's the same material over and over again. Once the fifteen minute adverts are over all they talk about is how pissed they got over the weekend/night before and how great the Manchester clubs are.
  14. Let's hope not. Want them to loose at all costs. Vermin c**ts.
  15. It's an insult for them to ask someone like JT to join their two bob organisation. He's way too good for them.