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  1. matt le tissier a bang average footballer lmao do me a favour!
  2. if its dry and the sun is out then you cant beat the Green Man, nice big garden to sing in. I'm going to start at the Globe just outside Baker Street tube, fantastic feeling as you climb the exit stairs and see and hear the Chelsea singing and distributing celery at any Spurs fans driving by lol. Then jump the tube to Wembley for a couple more and a sing song at the Green Man before heading to the stadium. Be positive guys I think we are going to see something special from Eden tomorrow.
  3. Am i the only one who thinks Ake could do a job in the middle of a 3 if Luiz was out?
  4. lol unbelievable! why didn't you watch and build your robot tomorrow ?
  5. I think Conte will want to do well in this comp and with that in mind I don't think there will be the wholesale changes predicted . It's not as if player need the rest at the moment personally I think 2 changes from Saturday's starting 11 terry in for luiz, Willian in for Pedro tibo dave terry cahill Moses kante matic alonso Willian Costa hazard id like to see Chalaboh in for one of the two in the middle and batman for Diego but the fact Diego didn't get a tactical booking Saturday and that he came off early makes me think Conte wants to start with Costa tonight.
  6. a steal at £20 million and exactly what we need.
  7. Why is it no advantage to us? It certainly no harm to us.
  8. Weird how this thread was never moved from the "rumours" section even though we signed him. Anyway he had a good day yesterday playing in the holding midfield role and scoring to boot in Readings FA cup win over Wba.
  9. Second half passed him by a bit not helped by being on the yellow.
  10. Love how composed he is. Still very raw but I think we have a player on our hands. We look a much better shape with him playing and his pace and crossing ability in a major plus going forward.
  11. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  12. As much as we will obviously miss him it could be a blessing in disguise at least we will be playing 2 full backs on their correct sides!
  13. Pre Roman I know but Brian Laudrup for me, what a player! Played just 7 times.
  14. Tibo Ivan Zouma terry Dave Mikel Matic Willian Fabregas hazard Remy I think that's what we will see but I'd personally much rather see baba in for Ivan
  15. How to contradict yourself in two sentences lol. Cahill is a passenger then Cahill is a great second option and we should keep him. Make your mind up