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  1. why do people suddenly think we are going to go 4 at the back? cant see it myself it will either be 3412 with pedro behind morata or giroud or the usual 343 with morats playing left of the 3
  2. Irony is obviously not your strongpoint.

  3. What a bellend doesn’t even know who did or did not play but hey ho will jump on the slag off bandwagon!
  4. turnyitb

    Marcos Alonso

    yes lol didn't you not watch yesterdays game?
  5. turnyitb

    Marcos Alonso

    I Think he gets more stick than he deserves. offers such a threat going forward, not afraid to shoot with his wand of a left foot or his swinger of a right and is decent in the air. yes he lacks a bit defensively and pace wise but is technically good and gives 100%effort every game and doesn’t hide when things aren’t going right like some. As someone said at times he looks tired, I’m not surprised with the amount of effort he puts in every game and the lack of back up. That’s a club problem by failing to signing suitable cover not his.
  6. turnyitb

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Turning out to be a great loan move for him, would love to see him in the position Bakayako played today. I like Baka but looks like Rubens could offer so much more in the position.
  7. easy question, without doubt de bruyne
  8. turnyitb

    Danny Drinkwater

    may I ask why you are comparing 2 players 16/17 stats with the other players 15/16 stats?
  9. turnyitb

    Romelu Lukaku

    matt le tissier a bang average footballer lmao do me a favour!
  10. if its dry and the sun is out then you cant beat the Green Man, nice big garden to sing in. I'm going to start at the Globe just outside Baker Street tube, fantastic feeling as you climb the exit stairs and see and hear the Chelsea singing and distributing celery at any Spurs fans driving by lol. Then jump the tube to Wembley for a couple more and a sing song at the Green Man before heading to the stadium. Be positive guys I think we are going to see something special from Eden tomorrow.