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  1. Telegraph are reporting that we're still confident in bringing in Alex Sandro Also says we want Candevra and Llorente
  2. Feel this guy is just waiting to explode onto the scene and announce himself. He has all the tools to be a world class striker, fast, powerful, technical, clinical. He has seriously impressive acceleration for a big guy I remember there were a few doubts about when Torres first signed for Liverpool, he was obviously talented but didn't have the great goal scoring record to back it up. In his two previous seasons at Athletico he manged 27 goals in 80 appearances. Goes to Liverpool and scores 33 goals in 46 games and announces himself as one of the elite forwards in the world Feel Morata is going to have a similar impact
  3. Like someone's already said, our attack will now be known as MPH! Think Morata will do great here, fast, powerful and technical. I feel Lukaku is more clinical but Morata is much more rounded and offers more as a whole. Link up between him, Hazard and Pedro will be great to see Now if we somehow managed to get Alex Sandro we would have had a very impressive window
  4. Not sure what's happening with the Danilo deal. Some reports are saying City have beat Chelsea to signing him other reports are saying we're close to getting him It really makes no sense City getting him after they've just splashed out 50 million on Walker who plays in the exact same position
  5. We've already ungraded CB and CM and spent almost 80 million. Big signings sometimes take a while as there's a f**k load of money involved but rest assured we are looking to spend big on a striker and I'm confident we'll bring in a world class talent Just think, it could be so much worse. We could be Spurs. After their impressive season last year you'd think they would have some intent to push on but they haven't signed anyone and are not really linked to anyone of note. So they have to stand by and watch all the teams around them spend big and improve
  6. Past his best? The guy scored 33 goals last season and would be an actual upgrade on Costa...Not many strikers would be Crazy how some people would be against this
  7. He could have done with more of a chance but in the minutes he did play for us he did look quite out of his depth, he didn't seem to be able to offer anything apart from pace. No doubt he's a good player but that's all he'll ever be IMO He did well in Italy and scored quite a few goals for Roma but so did Gervinho and Cuardrado. Let Liverpool have him
  8. Danilo was awesome at Porto but seemed to lose it way a bit at Madrid but so do a few players Would be very happy with him, Moses did great last season but Danilo is defiantly an upgrade. Ridiculously good going forward but a little bit suspect defensively. I'm sure Conte can whip his defensive side of his game into shape though He can be quite unpredictable going forward as well, he's got a decent left foot so sometimes he'd cut inside and shoot which totally takes the opposition defender by surprise
  9. Salah isn't fit to lace Pedro's boots Feel Pedro is quite underrated. He's no Hazard but he was a key player for us last season and was an important player for Barcelona also. Plus he works his absolute socks off
  10. Going to enjoy seeing this guy charge through opposition midfield's next season
  11. We would easily be able to blow AC Milan out of the water in terms of wages. The Premiership is way ahead of Serie A in terms of money and value To put it into perspective. Last season AC Milan's highest paid player was earning around 3.5 million per year. The likes of Hazard and Costa were earning over 10 million year
  12. Sign a striker from Liverpool who's around 26/27 and has a history of injuries while we have an Italian in charge of us.... I'm sure I've heard this before?
  13. Hello Football Agent, You say we won't break the 50 million barrier again and we're only likely to spend 30 million at most on players, i'm slightly confused Being a agent you must have obviously heard of Mino Raiola, you see back in the summer of 2015 he came out and said Chelsea made a late bid for Pogba which exceeded 60 million. Also, Alvaro Morata came out last summer and said we had made a bid for him that would have made him the most expensive Spanish player in football. Seriously, if your going to impersonate someone on a football forum and make claims you should probably do a bit of research first. Surely you must have something better to do on a warm sunny Friday? Damn, some people really do live sad lives
  14. It's ridiculous tbh I remember when Scolari was in charge and Drogba was off form, people were wanting him gone and said we should swap him for Adriano. Could you imagine if that had actually happened? We get rid of someone who would turn out to be one of our greatest ever players for Adriano of all people. Damn
  15. If your rich enough there's a way around most things tbh